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Dont know why but those words in context, give me the willies

By PSerect at 06,Sep,22 18:04
Beleive it or not, HIV is more difficult to catch than most other STI. Really, look it up. As long as you dont have open sores or bleeding gums and you inspect the cock you are about to suck for scrapes, lesions, etc and find none, then you should be ok. Keep in mind though that the most common STIs you can catch from sucking cock are Herpes, gonorrhea/chlamydia,and syphilis. Best way to minimize your risk is not to just judge the penis, but also take a close look at the life support system for that penis. Does he look like he takes care of himself? Is he clean? Are his clothes and hair clean? Does he talk in complete sentences? Understand what Im getting at? Everything has a risk to it. I always understood the risk and told myself it was an acceptable risk for the pleasure it brought me. After many years and literally thousands of penises, I have yet to contract and STIs.

By PSerect at 06,Sep,22 17:50
Edging. If you edge a couple of times before you finally cum, it will be more forceful, last longer and be way more intense

By PSerect at 06,Sep,22 17:44
First thing is make sure you have enough fiber in your diet. Thats the most important thing to getting clean quickly.
2nd, never try anal after a meal. Food makes your body push your waste down.
3rd make sure you allow enough time, especially whenyoure new at this. If possible, allow yorself a couple of hours before you plan any anal sex. Remember, you cant rush an asshole.
Using a water bottle or shower douche fill your ass with warm water as much as you can. If you feel a cramp, stop until the cramp goes away then fill some more if possible. Youll want to hold the water in as long as possible before releasing it. Never push the water out. Let the water flow out on its own. If you push, your asshole will get sore and you wont want to have anal sex and you wont be able to completely evacuate if you push. Repeat above until the water that comes out is clean.
Finally, relax. If you can concentrate on relaxing your ass muscles it will be much easier to clean out your hole.

By PSerect at 04,Aug,22 04:54
This has yto be the most unusual response to this question so far. Bravo!

By PSerect at 28,Jun,22 18:17
I dont think size matters so much. A suckable cock for me is one that has smooth silky looking skin with a nice mushroom head regardless of size.

By PSerect at 28,Jun,22 18:10
On vacation in Puerto Vallarta once I was in an upscale bar/restaurant flirting with a guy I met there when he suddenly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the mens room and into an empty stall and started sucking my cock. I had him jump up on the toilet so no one would see two sets of feet in the stall and started sucking him too. . Soon he was squatted over the toilet seat with me fucking him from behind. Suddenly the stall door was kicked open and there was his BF, a couple of his friends, the restaurant manager and anyone else that heard the commotion. Everyone was yelling and cursing and it was a big mess. I managed to slip away before they turned their attention to me. True Story.

By PSerect at 05,Jun,22 06:23
Ive taken dick and gave first time dick to some married guys and younger straight guys, and heres what I can tell you from my experience:
First, getting fucked is as much a mental process as it is phyical. You have to want it to start with and you need to learn how to relax your mind and body.
Your asshole has two ring muscles about 1-2 inches apart. An inner and an outer. The outer one is voluntary meaning you can control it and thats usually not a problem for getting fucked.
The inner one though is involuntary meaning you cannot control it, or do they say. Getting a dick past the first muscle is usually no problem, but the inner one can be a challenge. Your mind controls the inner one and when it senses pressure coming from the outside,it immediatly clenches shut as a defense response. Once it clenches shut it can be very difficult and painful to force it open.
Here is the easiest but foolproof way to fix this. WHen youre about to get fucked, try to concentrate in your mind and visualize those two ring muscle and imagine them opening paying attention to the inner one. if you visually can open it in your mind, your body will do the same..promise..just takes a little practice and you'll be the bottom whore you've always imagined yourself to be.

By PSerect at 14,May,22 00:47
Thank you! Im glad you like it

By PSerect at 14,May,22 00:46
It is very hot while youre doing it

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About 3.5 small, 8.5 hard
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Thank You

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Ball shaving
[deleted image]

By PSerect at 08,Mar,22 05:26
I haven't found any yet but I can tell you a few tips that might help.

*Whether you use a hand razor or electric shaver, make sure you tighten the skin to make it smooth. That way you minimize the risk of getting nicked.

*Laying on your back while shaving your balls makes it easier too.

*If you have a mirror you can place so that you can see the underside of your balls while your shaving helps too.

*If you use an electric shaver, make sure its a foil shaver. The rotary ones, like Norelco, dont shave as close and are prone to biting.

*If you use an electric shaver, apply some silicone lube to your skin first and it will give you a much smoother shave. This applies to all body parts you wish to shave.

By PSerect at 08,Mar,22 05:06
I haven't found any yet but I can tell you a few tips that might help.

*Whether you use a hand razor or electric shaver, make sure you tighten the skin to make it smooth. That way you minimize the risk of getting nicked.

*Laying on your back while shaving your balls makes it easier too.

*If you have a mirror you can place so that you can see the underside of your balls while your shaving helps too.

*If you use an electric shaver, make sure its a foil shaver. The rotary ones, like Norelco, dont shave as close and are prone to biting.

*If you use an electric shaver, apply some silicone lube to your skin first and it will give you a much smoother shave. This applies to all body parts you wish to shave.

By PSerect at 06,Mar,22 05:07
Great recommendations from everyone! I watch videos of guys getting their cock and balls shaved with a disposable razors and I cringe at the thought of them getting cut. For my cock and balls, I only use one razor, the Braun 150-s. I first bought this shaver over 30 years ago and luckily I can find them on line once in a while when one goes bad. Thanks for all of the good input

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I'd been sucking and tugging on other boys cocks since I was 9. I dont remember how it started but once I started i couldnt stop. My first introduction to what i consider real sex came when I was 12. School had just started and I became quick friends with these two step brothers that were in my class. They soon invited me to a sleep over at one of their friends house that had a large playroom in the attic we could have to ourselves. I knew some older kids that were able to bet us beer and I had a couple of chunks of hash too. Soon after we got there and started drinking beer and smoking hash, everyone got naked. The kid whose house we were at was bigger than me and the brothers and had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I sucked off the brothers first then went after that giant cock. I was like a hungry little guppy and sucked that thing non stop until he grabbed my head and held it on his cock until he exploded with cum. I thought I was going to choke but somehow I managed to swallow it down and take a deep breath of air. Then the brothers took me to their side of the room and took turns fucking me all night. It was the first time I had a cock in my ass and I must admit, I was sore the next day. Grat memeories that ive jerked off to many times over the years

By PSerect at 06,Feb,22 06:47
Everyone has a sensitive asshole whether they admit it or not. Heres why: You have more nerve endings around your asshole than anywhere else on your body. Look it up and you'll see that Im right about this. That explains why your asshole feels sensitive. Ive tried to stimulate everyone of those nerve endings in my life, but I haven't gotten them all yet. Its a work in progress

By PSerect at 04,Feb,22 21:30
Yeah, that is hot. love that foreskin retracted hard

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By PSerect at 03,Feb,22 23:27
I know. Im glad to see others are getting interested too. A very thin line between pain and pleasure, but this is all pleasure

By PSerect at 03,Feb,22 06:20
Yes, I have always enjoyed a rough blowjob with biting, especially the head of my dick. Rough handjobs where my foreskin gets pulled all the way back are hot too

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I started going commando when I was 17. Im uncut with lots of foreskin when Im soft. The problem I had with underwear was that my pubic hair would get caught under my foreskin and it would itch and burn like crazy. Im totally smooth now with no pubic hair to worry about, but I still wear no underwear since its familiar to me and just feels comfortable. I do own 2 pair of underwear for times when I see my doctor.

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Not grumpy or celebate, but I do like to tweak someone when they come of as self inflated and make statements that are most likely opinions and state them as facts. Oh and I stand by my statement which is a fact BTW that you donr need to suck any dicks to be gay

By PSerect at 31,Dec,21 05:56
Even if sex is 1/3rd of sexuality, that means 2/3rds is not. 2/3rds is alot more than 1/3rd so I stand my my comment and I question your statement about one-third being EXACTLY sex. Ive never seen studies on human sexuality that have stated any aspect as being that exact. Sexuality is complex and refers to the type of person you are sexually attracted to, not the number of sexual partners you've had. It seems some people think being gay is all about sexand thats absolutely incorrect. My point was that whether you define yourself as gay or straight, there is much more about how a person lives their life than whom they choose to love or who their sex partners are. Do you think that people who live a celebate life dont identify themselves as gay, straight,bi, polymaourous, etc? Of course they do. They may not engage in sexual activities with others, but they still csn look at someone and feel an attraction. How rediculous to think your sexuality is only defined by how many sexual partners youve had. So im sorry to say that you couldnt be more wrong and stating something like one-third of your sexuality is sex is completely inaccurate. I challenge you to find any credible study that supports such an obsurd statement.

By PSerect at 29,Dec,21 23:10
none. Being gay is more than just having sex with the same sex, just as being straight is not defined by sex with the opposite sex. Sex is just one small part of persons sexuality

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My BF shaves my cock, balls, and ass almost every night. ALways gets me hard.

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Yeah good idea, Im in

By PSerect at 22,Dec,21 22:33
I only use sex toys madefor that purpose like dildos or butt plugs. Whatever you use should not be hardand rigid, but bendable and soft to the touch. Remember, your insides are smooth and flexible so look for that in a sex toy. Best lube in my opinion is slicone. It lasts much longer than waterbased lube and doesnt get sticky. As for what gets my horny is part physical and part mental. The physical is from the fact that you have more nerve endings around your asshole than anywher else on your body, thats why your asshole is so sensitive. Comine that with a very sensitive prostate and the feeling is fantastic. The mental part is something that brings you to another dimension.The thought of a cock pumping your ass is very erotic plus you'll need to use your nind to relax your hole or you wont have a good experience. If your ass is tense, it will probably be painful. If you concentrate on relaxing your ass muscles, and youre with an experienced top, it will be an awesome experience

By PSerect at 20,Dec,21 05:04
I have long orgasms too, especially if Im jerking my cock when I cum. I can usually cum as long as I keep stroking my cock, a couple of minutes sounds right. If someone else is stroking my cock, I can have orgasms that last longer but still under 5 minutes. Any longer than that and Id probably have a heart attack

By PSerect at 15,Dec,21 05:54
Hot. I love that too

By PSerect at 13,Dec,21 18:52
They do

By PSerect at 13,Dec,21 12:36
I hear you. Im the same way

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Chem sex is more intnse and tends to last longer (2-6 hours), makes you super horny, makes your skin so sensitive to the touch. Downside is youll probably feel like shit the next day, and you may have done things sexually that you normally would not. Not too bad if you're with your partner or GF/wife, but if you're with a hook up, it could be bad news if for insrance you didnt use protection

By PSerect at 12,Dec,21 06:41
Snug jeans with the outline of a large soft leaning to the left or right

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Im an excellent cock sucker as Ive been told numerous times,but my real talent is riding cock. I can ride and milk a cock so good, I can manage when he cums . And when he does cum, he cums so hard his whole famiy cums

By PSerect at 12,Dec,21 02:00
I like to see the fat base of a cock when the ret of it is buried in my ass

By PSerect at 12,Dec,21 01:58
Cock ring fo sure. I think you would do best with a rubber cock ring that stretches. It will get behind your balls and push the forward and make them look bigger. It will do the same thing for your cock

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I'd go looking for your brother in law to get drunk with and pass out hoping he'd do the same to me