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By overeight at 14,Dec,22 01:23
Funny you say that recently I went to a swimming hole around here and I live in a big college town like 4 colleges. These 2 college girls when I got out the water I laid on my towel and overheard her talking about how nice my cock was and she hoped that wasnt sexist but damn its nice.
She said that and it started getting hard with her in like a tiny wet wiesel.
So I got pretty hard and started to roll over like at nudist spots and then she asked me not to so then they all sat around talking about my pulsating erection but it was fun

By overeight at 06,Nov,22 16:32

By overeight at 06,Nov,22 16:28

By overeight at 02,Nov,22 21:50
Do you ladies like,love or /23ajog0w197cpic.html my swimsuit

By overeight at 23,Apr,22 04:44
Hi I have a prominent one but cant load pic here I have them on my page but in not computer savvy

By overeight at 23,Mar,22 16:11
I'm a fan of gyms having one locker room that's coed to be honest with you I think that would be more appropriate for a gym. I mean why get your body tone if your not willing to share how it looks with others.

By overeight at 23,Mar,22 00:47
I would say by 16 I was full size and remember that because I would make out with girls and we all know what thsts like for us guys at 13-16 and how we all cant control our erections. Well I finally got this girl who had been after me for a year after I made out with her once. So at this girl from schools bday party she and I went to the lake and she gave me a bj and said oh your even bigger this year than last I think. But by then I was right around 8 1/4 so mow I'm around 8 3/8 so I guess then is when I'll say I was full size.

By overeight at 24,Feb,22 00:51
That goes down to the Democrats suing dept,of education claiming math and English is racist. However how are you supposed to balance your checkbook oh wait I forgot having a bank and an account is also racist so I guess that doesn't count. Anyway history taken out of school and now they want to remove english and math what are they going to learn in school why even have it.

By overeight at 23,Feb,22 22:44
That isnt true Cody however it is true most ladies arent visually stimulated like us men but point is they dont really like a naked man. But if for instance they see a man in a public situation and can openly see his junk they cant take their eyes off it. Or at least some can't. Trust me thsts exactly why I was asked to please wear shorts over my leggings in yoga. Women dont want to see a naked man no. But you put him out on the beach in a speedo or put him in the gym or a yoga class in pouch leggings or shorts and most ladies are going to be distracted. At least any sexually active one will. They dont want to see the skin or honestly only most of the package and yes it turns them on.

By overeight at 23,Feb,22 22:36
Actually it turns me on more if anything. A woman who will have a meaningful conversation while either or both of us are undressed or only one is would honestly be the lady I would most likely shower beside so the conversation could continue.

By overeight at 23,Feb,22 02:37
Oh I'm sure if I saw a fairly warm lady I would range from excited to fluffed but I would enjoy being able to see and be seen

By overeight at 21,Feb,22 17:01
Quite honestly almost every guy gets a little more fluffed when naked in any public environment. I dont see a bog deal with it but in the same I also dont want to see a guy stocking one out in a shower either. Just my personal opinion.

By overeight at 03,Dec,21 14:34
Well it's not like I get that excited everytime but it's been a couple of months since I had a massage so I'm sure I'll probably get pretty excited next time. Before when I told her how close I was she wasnt angry but she did tell me well if you do its because of your thoughts and not just my touch. I think I'm just going to ask her hey may I just relax and close my eyes and let my mind wonder and just let myself not worry about what happens and see how she answers. Shes a close friend and I really dont want to upset her. I know it wont piss her off bad or anything but I just dont want to infringe or make her uncomfortable.

By overeight at 03,Dec,21 10:32
You may want to read the post I'm not talking about sex I'm talking about a massage

By overeight at 03,Dec,21 05:27
Yes she is and she is well aware of my situation

By overeight at 03,Dec,21 01:58
Well ladies claim penis size isnt that important to them but I honestly know differently. No I'm not claiming women seek only big or small guys according to their taste but the size either very large or small does matter to them.
Then according to a few lady friends of mine they like around my size on the larger thicker side but not much bigger (majorly). But some ladies I'm just to large for their taste because some ladies just aren't that into larger guys.
As an example I once rented this friend a room and she came home drunk one night and started showing me pictures of her in the nude of her ass( she had a very nice ass) she teased and teased me with her pics and I told her a few times (she was 26 years younger than I am) I told her look you dont really want to get me started so if you show me those pictures anymore I'm going to show you a thing or two.
So being drunk she then pulled her tight ass yoga pants down to flash me in my face and fell back on the couch laughing. So I stood up stripped my pants to the floor and stuck my vovk in her face and stroked it till I got hard and her eyes got huge.
She said oh my freaking god. I did not know your cock was that damn big oh my god no way could I take that entire thing at all. I told her too late hun you woke the dragon time to pay up. She agreed to suck me a bit and stroke me one out but later the next day she thanked me for not just taking her and fucking her like the slut she was veing.
She told me I honestly didnt think you were that big (I know I'm not very very big but her words) she said I have been with a guy about your size before and I couldnt enjoy it because my thing is tiny and I keep continuously cumming with a dick that size and I love it once and awhile but I couldnt dare ve in a relationship with a guy and take that on a regular basis.
So to some ladies it's just your personality and other stuff but for some they arent into big or into small but just a uniform size range or a from too chart they go by.
I will say this though I get waxed and I get massaged on occasion and my waxer once I kept getting half hard and she asked me why I kept getting half hard and soft again.
So I said well I'm sorry I'm just very very horny today for some reason so she said let it go come on let me see it at full staff I've never seen you hard before. She kinda cheered me on until I got fully there and she said dammit boy that's pretty nice there very nice and then she went back to waxing.
Another my masseuse she told me when she saw I was up and down a couple of times she then bent down and whispered it's ok I've seen lots of guys get erections before it's ok if you let it go and if you get hard then your just hard so I let it go and she tried not to let me see but she did lift the sheet and take a look and then about half volume said damn.
Later she told me just out of the blue goodness you got hard the other day and I peeked and damn your pretty nice there you and my husband are in a pretty tight similar sizes. I like them that size I hope it ok that I looked but I had to get a peek.
I told her I dont care hell I wish you wouldnt even cover me at all. She said well I have to at least cover your cock and balls it can be lightly but it has to be covered unless I'm doing an area of muscles very close to it and then I only partially uncover it and put it back once I'm done there.
So two ladies that give me services both said they liked mine so it made an old guy feel good.

By overeight at 03,Dec,21 01:23
I think being nude out in the open is fine say at a beach or somewhere swimming can be done. Now some folks here posted not around children and things about kids.
Well in my experience at family friendly nudist spots children are used to it dont see it as sexual they simply see it as nude. It also gives them a better idea of what is sexual and what isnt. And it is a standing rule that if you get an erection at a family nude place you roll over on it until it subsides.
If you dont or if you only get excited around kids you go on the not allowed again list so that children are safe and around people who just want to be naked but not there to perv chicks or kids.

By overeight at 30,Nov,21 01:20
I just go get waxed once a month and let a hot lady wax mine away. It's fun and its clean and it opens me to a more sensitive endowment and ladies arent strangled with hair.

By overeight at 28,Apr,21 08:24
You know that's a very good point you made. It brought to mind that ince in a yoga class while I was alone with this very beautiful instructor. She asked what I needed or what problem did I have. I told her I'm sexually repressed for one so she made me do some sacral work. Then she made me stand and I was pretty hard then had me lay on a bolster on my back cock in the air. She then watched me as I meditated. After we stopped she asked how I felt and I said very very horny but relaxed. She said good that's what that's supposed to do. I had to rush home to rub one out. It really turned me on beyond belief oddly. Just having a beautiful woman just staring at my cock while shes directing my energy around. It wasnt sexual but felt so erotic and interesting. I told her I hope you dont mind I had an erection I'm sorry I got that and she said I'm not sorry you got it did you enjoy it. I said oh I enjoyed it alot possibly too much,she smiled and said well I'm not sorry at all you got it dont be ashamed or think anything is wrong with it,those exercises are designed to boost your erections so it wasnt only that your horny. I thought you could use that to calm down after you get home.

By overeight at 28,Apr,21 08:09
My fantasy would be to be naked at a hen party tied down so I cant resist and have like ten ladies all have a turn at my cock for whatever they want to do within reason. I just want to lay there and see how dirty they get.

By overeight at 22,Apr,21 00:00
I love a woman on top but only if she knows how to slow stroke and take her time. I like to watch her bob up and down and if she can stand and squat even better. So to correctly answer that I need to know first if she likes taking a slow approach. If she goes slow and I finally reach full arousal then she is in for a ride. Then she can get as fast as she wants and I'll just lay there and watch her,possibly suck on her tits,grab her ass and squeeze it,try to get balls deep

By overeight at 22,Jan,21 00:21
I just built up my underwear collection. I started and since I'm now single I've been taking the opinion of my waxer and massuse to tell me if they think my choices are sexy or not. I know it sounds a little odd but hey they are the only ladies who see me either in them or less and I trust they are fashionable women of taste and they give an honest opinion. I built my collection out of different Ergowear items in different colors and styles.

By overeight at 22,Jan,21 00:08
Biden eradicated the Trump law that makes it legal to retain ivory from a paid hunt in Africa of an elephant. The law was designed to drop the price of ivory from 2 1/2 times the value of gold. So basically overeight ISIS regained 1.6 billion dollars and can now afford to commit terrorist acts.

By overeight at 27,Sep,20 23:35
Chock full o nuts and 1850

By overeight at 18,Sep,20 15:32
Yes she is. Can you believe that body has had two kids and she still looks like that. On her Instagram she has a full gym at her house and she is married to some big movie star guy. But she posted pics of her workout and whoa very intense.

By overeight at 15,Sep,20 03:21
Helmut Norpoth predicted Trump 362 to Biden 176 votes. They have only been off by no more than two votes in the last 24 out of 26 predictions on elections. That's the poll the media refuses to acknowledge even exist. They predicted 2016 exactly as it came out but Hillary laughed at them a week before the election and said there was no way in hell they had one clue. Just so you know

By overeight at 15,Sep,20 03:15
Trump all the way🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

By overeight at 29,Aug,20 22:11
No a mask is not required at a nude beach but it is required you take off your bathing suit and put it on your face. Hahahaha

By overeight at 29,Aug,20 01:06
I enjoy when I notice a lady checking it out. I dont wear real tight pants but my mushroom head certainly shows right thru my Jean's so there is absolutely no question how big the head is or how long it is. Sometimes ladies eyes get a little big and they get a little grin when they notice they can clearly see the head defined through my Jean's. That's when I really enjoy that they looked.

By overeight at 28,Aug,20 18:46
No man lingerie but I have looked into underwear for endowed men. For some reason the majority of it is designed for gay men. I just want a simple trunk that's plain one color that has an actual pouch in it.

By overeight at 25,Aug,20 16:24
Blonde bartender has the best most artistic pics I've seen on here

By overeight at 24,Aug,20 02:33
Can I take her for a test drive like a used truck. You know some look great but they have a problem with its drivetrain hahaha

By overeight at 24,Aug,20 02:25
Speaking of bootylicious did anyone watch the grand ole opry last night. The singer of the band Runaway June has probably the greatest ass I think I have seen in years. Damn that little native girl is hot. Wow turned me on and she was in Jean's that looked like a skin substitute.
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Look this chick up her name is Naomi Cooke so hot damn

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 22:10
I dont care about little underwear anymore. I used to wear bikinis way back years ago but because I dont like stuff on my leg. And I used to wear speedos when I went to go swimming but now I like trunks. I'm a little older and I like wearing something that isnt briefs or less I like having a little coverage now. Used to though when I wore speedos the ladies did look and not only look but stare because my cock stretched the fabric out enough after I cut the lining out so they could see skin through them. I had a few ladies brave enough to just say you may as well be naked I can see your whole cock in those. Then I would tell them I bet if I take it out you see more. They usually said I dare you to. And then they would see how tight speedos compressed it.

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 15:30
Well it's tough for a straight guy to choose a gh I would love the experience but would like to be reassured it's a woman on the giving side.

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 15:26
I think that works both ways Phart with low and high IQ. Just an opinion though

By overeight at 23,Aug,20 15:21
I dont look at other bulges but do pay attention to my own because I'm straight. But I have noticed that some ladies look at mine when I wear this one pair of very soft Jean's that let's ladies see the cut of my mushroom. I also sometimes wear compression pants to go exercise and when I wear those they are pretty much like wearing vacuum packed spandex.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 16:30
Well just to be honest I am pretty long but my cock was skinny. So i started pumping and now my cock is as long as the pump it reaches the end when i pump but i have gained some girth. I'm looking now at a pump that allows the head to expand. You order the shaft whatever length your cock is to your head and the top of the cylinder is 3 inches in diameter and four inches long so that your head gets a good expansion. That can cause your head to. E super sensitive too. I cant wait to get the bucks together to order mine. Making my cock thicker made it so my head isnt as prominent as it was.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 16:16
Hun I've probably jacked off to your pi s more than any other woman here just because you constantly add hot pics and your incredibly hot.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 16:11
I love southern ladies I grew up just south of the Georgia line only 8 miles from Georgia. Yes the ladies are horny and yes they love cock but you have to be nice and considerate to get there. It takes manners and gentlemanly respect to get them hot.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 16:04
Well I wont post the number that I was given when I got tested at 7yo because my teacher suggested to my mother I have a test because my thought process was different. The next year I was placed into a class with only 7 students and was the gifted program and I hated it. I had to learn a different set of subject than my friends and I had to be in a class with so few student. It was awful and practically torture to be quite honest.

By overeight at 22,Aug,20 15:59
I've recently watched a few videos of lingam massages and would love a woman to give me one so sensual and slow. I'm not really crazy about just getting jerked off so much but a nice slow sexy sensual penis massage I could really get into.

By overeight at 19,Aug,20 03:43
Tell you this if she was on my patio like that I would just have to poke it I really do like her ass and I'm an ass man

By overeight at 19,Aug,20 03:41
She has a very nice ass but most women do think theirs is to big

By overeight at 19,Aug,20 03:30
I just found a place to buy penis pumps that make your head big. The place is Thickwall cylinders mushroom head enlargement cylinder. They make penis pumps custom sized for men. You have to give them certain measurements and they make and send you a pump. Check it out guys it's a cool pump.

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 21:47
I dont know how to post here but your welcome to look at my page

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 21:45
Well one popular site is youporn

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 21:36
I have actually only had a few wet dreams. However I have in recent years had precum quite a few times. Once I was at a coffee shop and two super hot college girls came and sat at the table next to me and I couldnt help but stare at their practically see thru clothes with no undergarments on. I got so erect I was pulsating and my pants even got pretty wet from the precum. And yes the girls definitely noticed I had a very very hard cock and were all smiles and looks. I think they actually enjoyed it as much as I did.

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 01:57
Ok first yes my cock has been so hard it hurts and pulsates. I was getting waxed once this pretty hot young lady was waxing me and telling me how much she liked my cock. I got so hard I even had precum oozing out until I finally shot off and she loved it. She cleaned me up. I think she intended to do it but she didnt have to touch me much just her words got me so excited. Another time I was at a coffee shop after a walk and these hot girls in yoga pants so tight I could see practically thru them. No panties and I'm sitting there hard as hell enjoying the view. Well I got so excited I got my compression pants wet and had a wet spot at the end of my cock in public with an obvious hard was very exciting.

By overeight at 17,Aug,20 01:18
I like wearing full back underwear but I've found jockstrap hold my package better and I wear bamboo ones so that way my mushroom head shows thru them