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By 0-00 at 12,Aug,21 19:32
I don't agree... I am uncut and can fuck my girls for hours. I sometimes don't cum at all.

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By 0-00 at 21,Mar,21 20:37
My lady friends prefer me hairless... They enjoy BJ and ball licking which is unpleasant for them if there is a bush down there. I have never had discomfort from shaving, even during regrowth so have no problem shaving for my friends if it makes them happy.
I prefer them hairless when going down on them too!

By 0-00 at 29,Dec,20 09:20
There is no rule of thumb in my experience. I've had younger women in their early 20's who put mature women to shame. Some of my best experiences were with younger women over the last few years. I've had disappointing times with both too, maturity does not necessarily equate to experience.

By 0-00 at 16,Dec,20 15:45
Saw these articles recently which reveal a few interesting things... penis size being one of them.

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only registered users can see external links

By 0-00 at 14,Dec,20 18:30
I prefer supporting my local coffee bean importers and roasters. We have four in my small town who supply a variety of roasted beans from around the world. My personal favourites are medium roasted East African and Central American varieties. I buy commercial brands from time to time but prefer supporting local. Nothing beats grinding your own beans and pulling a double shot of espresso for a full flavoured cup of coffee.

By 0-00 at 02,Nov,20 18:38
I enjoy brewing my own. Favourite so far is Kolsch, have 20 litres of the stuff going into bottles this week.
I am not much of a Weiss fan but had a dunkel weiss recently that was awesome, it will be my next brew and after that maybe an IPA.

By 0-00 at 20,Sep,20 18:56
I decided to act on my fantasy and it was as good as I imagined. She sadly does not stay in my town otherwise I would have enjoyed doing this more often...

By 0-00 at 30,Aug,20 20:25
No, just a BJ both ways. She is planning to visit my town again so will see what happens. She thinks I might be too thick but I have done anal with other girls with no problem.

By 0-00 at 31,Jul,20 16:30
I agree... prefer attention around the head more than deep throat. My girls have all enjoyed deep throating so I will never deny them the pleasure.

By 0-00 at 30,Jul,20 17:29
I keep mine permanently pulled back.

By 0-00 at 30,Jul,20 17:27
I have had fun with one and would definitely do it again... See the pic on my page.

By 0-00 at 21,Jun,20 20:38
Mine hasn't changed, maybe because he gets lots of exercise!

By 0-00 at 14,May,20 16:42
Very nice indeed! You know who to look for if you ever visit my country! I will be your guide...

By 0-00 at 10,May,20 21:07
Yes, I got your point... I was commenting on the strange experience I had when I looked at them. It was as if I was transported back in time and could smell those old books. But your point is well received. I recall with some amusement the images on the brothel walls at Pompeii depicting various services offered by the girls working there. Those images are more than 2000 years old! It is taboo largely because of religious censure in my opinion.

By 0-00 at 09,May,20 18:47
I followed the vintagecuties links you provided and damned if I didn't smell the smell of my old man's porn books. His books had pics similar to those in them, mostly black & white pics.

By 0-00 at 23,Apr,20 15:21
I regularly have fun with girls 30 to 36 years younger than myself, mostly university students living nearby. Don't be fooled by their age, some of the best fun I have had was with these girls. I treat them well and give them a good time so they always come back for more.

By 0-00 at 08,Apr,20 18:14
My page bears testimony to my fetishes... Black girls and feminine transgender girls.

By 0-00 at 16,Mar,20 19:12
I used to fantasise about them until I had my chance last year... I have a pic on my page showing the one I was fortunate enough to meet. I enjoyed my time with her and would do it again without thinking twice. Good fun!

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By 0-00 at 27,Feb,20 17:26
My sex toy doing what she does best! She tried many of my other toys as you can see but thought mine was best.

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Mine is a bit thicker than normal...

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By 0-00 at 05,Feb,20 20:24
You hit the nail on the head there... younger partners do tend to become emotionally attached. I manage to keep my distance but it is not always easy when the other develops feelings.

By 0-00 at 04,Feb,20 19:35
I addition to my post below...
I have had a few and every time the "No Strings Attached" idea falls flat. Making love to someone regularly always seems to lead to an emotional connection and the longer you meet with them the stronger that connection becomes. The stronger the connection the better the sex and so it snowballed. Most of my
FWB's were from the local university so the arrangement had a finite term coinciding with the academic year end. All of them are still good friends and look me up whenever they are in town.

By 0-00 at 17,Jan,20 03:38
I have been fortunate to have had FFM a few times and have shared a few pics on my page. I met a lovely new bisexual lady friend who is keen on FFM so looking forward to another opportunity this year.

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By 0-00 at 23,Dec,19 20:51
Yes a few. All can be seen on my page.
Fantasised about playing with a pre-op transgender woman and that happened... it exceeded my expectations. Fantasised about an FFM 3some, that happened and was good fun. Fantasised about black ladies and they are now my favourite. Blacks are 80% of our population so a logical conclusion.
There are a few more...

By 0-00 at 20,Nov,19 16:30
He is not alone! That horrible sentence gets mine in a knot too!

By 0-00 at 14,Nov,19 17:22
Challenge accepted!
How about Celery relish?

By 0-00 at 06,Nov,19 18:33
A synonym for cinnamon is a cinnamon synonym

By 0-00 at 27,Oct,19 05:07
58 years old, about 37 women and 1 transgender. Most of these, about 30, in the last 4 years.

By 0-00 at 23,Oct,19 15:56
There are 293 ways to make a change for a dollar. Go figure...

By 0-00 at 27,Aug,19 20:14
March 8, 2010. Was here once or twice before that date. The date you joined is at the bottom of your page.

By 0-00 at 06,Aug,19 20:17
It is mind boggling... Consider also that we have about 1/6 of your population which puts an entirely different spin on it...

By 0-00 at 05,Aug,19 18:34
Come to good old SA where we have an average 52 murders a day, every day for 365 days a year... nearly 20,000 a year. Most of them will never lead to an arrest or conviction. I don't hear anyone trashing the SA government about these stats because this is Africa, no one gives a shit. What is interesting, even with our horrendous stats, is that we do not experience mass shootings like we often hear of over there.
SA=South Africa.

By 0-00 at 10,Jun,19 18:45
I love shaved pussy... so much nicer to go down on than a mouth full of hair.

By 0-00 at 10,Jun,19 18:43
I enjoy them too and have had the good luck of having my fantasy come true...

By 0-00 at 08,Jun,19 19:12
My fantasy came true and I enjoyed every minute...

By 0-00 at 03,Jun,19 17:51
Second that! Black girls are great! See the evidence on my page...

By 0-00 at 22,May,19 15:44
A pleasure! Glad you enjoyed them.

By 0-00 at 21,May,19 18:13
Another pic you can zoom into nicely...

By 0-00 at 21,May,19 18:12
You can zoom in nicely with this pic...

By 0-00 at 27,Apr,19 16:23
Well blow me over... I met another squirter on Thursday evening. She is very tight and I could not fit inside (she did warn me she is like a virgin) so I played with fingers and tongue until she squirted (she warned me too). I can only imagine what will happen when we get it right.

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By 0-00 at 17,Apr,19 16:11
Yes I have, three different girls. The girl I am currently seeing most weekends is a squirter. I had to buy a waterproof mattress protector for her visits. I have another not so regular visitor who squirts too...
It is not thick cocks that makes it happen, it happens when thay are really worked up. You can do that with oral or just foreplay in my experience. Most women are scared to let go and hold back because it feels like they want to pee and mess the bed. I encourage them to let go and enjoy the moment...what a difference!

By 0-00 at 03,Apr,19 15:44
I have often wondered about this. I have no way of knowing until I am confronted with such a situation but do not fantasise about this. I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with a sexy transgender and it felt completely natural for me, possibly because I saw her like any other woman. I am not so sure about a normal guy, I think if I was in an MMF 3some it may happen but not otherwise.