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By CAT at 26,Sep,22 14:32
You think? 🤣🤣😈

By CAT at 25,Sep,22 20:54
I don't know nor do I care. Ask someone else. Obviously my opinions are not worth the bother.

By CAT at 25,Sep,22 18:03
The excitement meter (on your page) moves by visiting and voting for other members pics. The more you vote the closer you get to 1000 points. At that time, you get a price on your page ribbon, but, if you don't vote "I'm excited by this" just before you reach 1000, you don't get the price and you have to start all over again.

By CAT at 25,Sep,22 17:56
Only time will tell. I can only opine on what experts and people closer to it have to say.

By CAT at 25,Sep,22 17:53
The crime of secession is like being a war prisoner. No bail

By CAT at 25,Sep,22 13:28
But, don't you think that if you vote "HOT" on a pic it's assumed you are excited about it already?

By CAT at 25,Sep,22 10:55
It happened to me and many others

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 22:23
So you can't read English either. I'm supporting her.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 22:19
Learn English, wetback

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 22:19
It shows, motherfucker

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 17:35
Very true

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 17:05
Leave Kitty out of this. She's hot, no denying, but, we know what you do All the time. In no time you'll be going after her. You are no good and one day you'll slip and I'll be so glad to finally take you down.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:59
I've noticed several references to Lipsipsuckit recently. How long are you people going to put her down?

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:58
I just hope that these small victories gave him some release in what must have been a horrendous life.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:56
I've noticed several references to Lipsipsuckit recently. How long are you people going to put her down?

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:52
I can’t believe how brutal humanity can be. I don’t care what he did to end up there. This punishment is above and beyond the norms of society. 😥😥

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:47
Leo, you are so right.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:46
Deleting trash from trash like you is not cowardly, it's prevention from Cooties and STDs

OK PA-FREDDY, I’m not blacklisting you anymore. You want a fight, I’ll give you one.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:41


By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:41

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 16:39
Hey, Sir-Skittles, you are a moron

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 13:31
Sir-Skittles it looks like you've got bothered with my blogs and polls. 🤣

Keep those blogs coming. Members wonder how a BOTCHED ABORTION like you can even type.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 13:22
PA-FREDDY YOU ARE MESSING WITH THE WRONG ONE. STOP BEFORE THIS CRAZY ASS WOMAN GETS REALLY MAD. 😠😠😠--------------------------------------- added after 3 hoursYou know what I think of you, PA-FREDDY?


By CAT at 24,Sep,22 12:41
The reason Communism doesn't work

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 12:21
If you think that Biden's infirmities defines the United States, then you live in a very small world. If America's power is defined strictly by a change in leadership, then, it would have to re-assert itself every four years.
However, the world has been laughing at us, literally laughing at us, ever since Trump, the very worst President this country ever had, took office.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 12:11
I agree with you,Phart. Covid is still with us and I believe it's here to stay.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 12:09
Phart, "bad hygiene" doesn't mean you are dirty. First,let me give you my condolences. As we grow older we will experience these painful moments. Baby, it's Life's pound of flesh for giving you "the Joy of life"
Summertime is perfect for bringing up all those pesky skin problems to light. You work hard, building up a sweat, and BAM, there it goes. Don't wait so long next time.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 12:01
Agreed. A man has little to loose if Death is stalking him.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 11:57
This is a report found in
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on why the UK left the EU

Membership of the European Union wasn’t delivering
The data showed that there had been enormous variations in attitudes towards the European Union over the last decade. The big picture is that people supported membership if they felt that it was delivering what they wanted – a prosperous economy, protection against crime and terrorism, control over immigration and efficient public services. If they did not feel that membership helped to deliver these things, or worse still prevented the British government from delivering them they opposed membership. Many of the latter felt ‘left behind’ by changes in society and the economy.
Britain’s failure to effectively recover from the worst recession for over 70 years (200 coloured the whole backdrop of the referendum, leaving many people feeling discontented and unrepresented.
The collapse of power in the Middle East The protests, demonstrations, riots, coups and civil wars that began in 2010 across the Middle East and North Africa and have become known as the Arab Spring, created new waves of immigration into Europe.
Many voters concluded that not only had successive UK governments mishandled the issue of immigration but so had the European Commission. When "Angela Merkel threw open Germany’s borders, doing so broke a number of EU regulations. This only served to harden views on immigration across the rest of the EU and Britain. People felt they’d lost control of it, and fear and anxiety crept in as a consequence.” Currently there are two forms of immigration into the UK; uncontrolled immigration from the EU and controlled immigration from outside.
At the same time,In managing the economy, the EU opted for austerity – resulting in significant problems for countries including Greece and Italy. and delayed economic recovery both in Europe and Britain. before the referendum, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, issued extremely dour predictions for the effect of Brexit on the economy. These predictions went all the way to 2030. The models used to make them are just not capable of forecasting that far ahead.”

The fragmentation of British politics. Elections results used to be based around the electorate’s strong allegiance to a particular party. But now this is fragmenting and the party system is fragmenting as weakening party attachments produce large scale volatility in electoral behaviour. "The party system is coming unglued. This is important because a fragmented system makes it harder to govern and makes policymaking and planning much more difficult – and therein lies the serious consequences of populism, something there is still significant problem for in the UK,” he said.

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 11:29
Don't forget that the warmer the water the better for tropical storms to develop and strengthen

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 11:28
Not a bad idea. If I remember correctly, for every mature tree that gets cut down, two saplings should be planted. Don't forget TIME . Time for saplings to grow

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 00:05

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 00:02
It could

By CAT at 24,Sep,22 00:01
I guess I don't. So be it

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 20:27

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 19:06
Give it up, Mountain Man. That's as untrue as masturbating leads to blindness in men. WAIT, YOU CAN SEE, RIGHT?

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 19:01
They are waiting on approval of their asylum status. For now they are legal but if denied asylum, back they go

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 18:59
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By CAT at 23,Sep,22 18:46
And that's good because?

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 16:51
That imbecile Cat loves to cut and past things into debate, but she cannot even understand what she posts... A total moron.

Sir-Skittles, it's cut and PASTE, You MORON. ALL THESE ARGUMENTS you've posted are old. They, at best, show singular events and opinions of the right based on keeping corporate America from having to spend some of it's obscene profits.

Stop making your brown ring around your collar your cry of triumph.

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 16:44
Major crime is much lower than in the 1990s but, it's been going up since 2016

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 16:40
Okay, lets play the "Joy" game. Suppose the Republicans win back the House by a simple majority, and, let's say they win the Senate with a simple majority (this is the Republicans prediction). What then? Please tell the site what it would mean for your ideas.

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 16:36
Sarcasm Phart?🤣🤣😈

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 16:35
Phart, ever been in the Southwest, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma? I have and it's natural that they bear the brunt of illegals. That's where they come in. All those areas have immigration check point every few miles. Now, think about this: most of the illegals entering through our southern border are Latin. Most speak Spanish only. Where do you think they want to end up? Almost anywhere in the Southwest they stick up like a sore thumb. They want to go to New York, Union City, LA, Miami,.
You will never stop illegal entry into the country. Perhaps, your country is not taking care of you like you would want. The drain that it takes to handle this problem is a infinitesimal fraction of what this country has to take care of it's people.

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 13:42
If that's what you think then November 8 will be a Joy for you.

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 13:40
That's not proof. All those things you post is the same with rightwingers.

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 12:58
What's your point? Mother Nature does as it pleases. So what?

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 12:56
You are denying facts. Gays exist. Transgenders exist. Covid exists. You said it, " people in power". Not the law of the land.

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 12:50
Yeah. Let's forget 9/11. Let's forget 12/7/41.

By CAT at 23,Sep,22 12:49
Trump Can Declassify Documents By "Thinking About It"
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