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By JackS at 08,May,21 09:46
Really nice!!

By JackS at 08,May,21 09:40
BLM, I want to support that, and I am not Racist, but when their "protest" goes onto freeways, and in major streets, and stops traffic, and stops emergency response, that crosses the line, from "peaceful" to "violations"!
Peaceful protest, does NOT infringe upon MY RIGHTS to use the freeways, streets and facilities that my taxes pay for!
When they obstruct freeways, and VIOLATE others rights, then FUCK THEM, and they lose my support!!
Peaceful Protest, is protected, as free speech, but not when it infringes, and violates MY RIGHTS!
Your 'rights' end, where mine begin, and I don't give a FCK, if you are "ANGRY" because burning buildings, and looting, IS NOT PEACEFUL PROTEST!!

By JackS at 06,May,21 06:27
@Bella, not "new" but have been on and off for a few years.
I'm not sure what would make it better! Before, I thought more women, and them posting, would help, but that, too, gets boring, after a while.
I don't know what it "should" be, but I have met some interesting people, here, and gone offline to chat, and that has been good.
It seems there are a lot of the same old things, being posted, like "look how big my dick is" and maybe that is just the point of the site!!
But some haters, and judging guys with smaller ones, and some political posts, are just a turn-off

By JackS at 06,May,21 06:10
It's hard to know, many times!! Some look older than they are!! They all have fake ID's now!!
I stay away from any "****" sht adverts or links!

By JackS at 06,May,21 05:51
Sometimes it's just free, and delightful, to have just shorts, and a T-shirt on, and walk to a near by lake, and then, at 2am, just take everything off, and just walk, free, in the early morning air, completely nude.

By JackS at 06,May,21 05:33
Some like that, and I go with it, then introduce them to "Doggie" and how I have my hands free to caress anything she wants, and bite her ears, for those that LOVE that!

By JackS at 02,May,21 07:26
If it ends, so what?? I don't get much of anything from it, except meeting an occasional one that shares some totally different interest.

By JackS at 02,May,21 07:24
It's boring, the same old shit!!
Oh, look how big my dick is! Oh, mine is small.
I like to fuck, and degrade women, or men. . .
SAME SHIT, all the time!

By JackS at 26,Apr,21 04:27
Like pussy lips?

By JackS at 26,Apr,21 04:23
@AussieMan187, Sorry, mate, that is a load of shit. The 3-D printed ones are not reliable, and anyone making those, then using them, risks losing that hand!! If you wank with that one, then don't take the chance!!

By JackS at 26,Apr,21 04:20
"Comquack?" Don't you mean "CUMSHOT" that they do, on you, after FCKING you, monthly, with their bill?

By JackS at 26,Apr,21 04:17
Why? Natural, and just hormones, and tiny balls, but small, cute tits, but she can get hard? It's like the best of both worlds, when the Wife or GF pisses you off, or kicks you out, or is doing the 'withholding sex' thing, to control you!

By JackS at 24,Apr,21 05:46
I know, right? Who are these idiots that say a circumcised guy can't feel anything?
Even totally soft, just the feeling of it rubbing against certain underwear can get me hard!

By JackS at 24,Apr,21 05:43
Yeah, and some opportunities at Friend gatherings, and drinking, and sometimes, a few drinks, and maybe you let some friend, that you know is totally gay and wanting to, just have his way, and suck you off! That doesn't 'make you gay' but maybe just letting a friend have some special joy?

By JackS at 24,Apr,21 05:13
@leopoldij Yeah, NO attraction to men, at all, but sometimes a girl, with a strap on, or fantasies for trannies that are so like women, but with a penis.

By JackS at 18,Apr,21 06:54
Yeah, didn't see any protests about that! I guess only Black Lives Matter now!
So just changing the RACISM from one to another, and making the problem worse!!

By JackS at 15,Apr,21 05:51
When she talks him into letting her peg him with a toy, and he loves it.

By JackS at 15,Apr,21 05:45
Why do you call it "circ scars" when that is the natural, normal appearance of a circumcised penis? Using the term 'scar' seems to imply things. . .

By JackS at 15,Apr,21 05:41
Lyphose, you have the perfect sized penis for playing the sub, with all female players in a fantasy. Have you ever thought of writing your own fantasies, with details of what you would want? Just for yourself, maybe, at first, but maybe a role-playing sexual fantasy thing, later?

By JackS at 15,Apr,21 05:36
I think it takes a man that is confident in his sexuality, or one that just doesn't give a toss what anyone thinks!
Personally, I quite enjoy pictures of guys, hard, or soft in sheer pantyhose.

By JackS at 08,Apr,21 04:43
If that works for you, but what's in it? Is it safe for direct skin contact? Most electricians are wearing non-conductive gloves, so they don't get shocked, touching a hot lead.
Maybe 10 years from now your dick shrivels up and falls off from some chemical!!

By JackS at 08,Apr,21 04:40
I know, right? That's what cut guys sometimes can feel, just walking about, clothed, wearing the right underthings.

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:34
@Skittles So you are just kind of a "closet racist" blaming them for a virus, that NATURALLY CROSSED into the Human genome, to infect us!! It can happen ANYWHERE on the planet, when humans interact with animals, and undiscovered forests, and just NATURE Generally!!
The EXACT THING could have happened on any animal farm in the US, New Zealand, ANYWHERE!
Sometimes a bat is the transitional vector, other times a bat, bird, ants, fleas or who know what!
Maybe do a little reading, and stop posting RACIST CRAP!

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:28
You sound ANGRY, for some reason, about this! Why??
So what if a guy shaves? Is it because of porn, and "In Fashion" at the time, or because his partner likes that??
I have shaved, bare, for a Lady, because she asked me to, and found it fun, foreplay, to help me shave.
Yeah, it looks like a toddler's little one, but feels nice, and clean, and nothing is "Sticking" because she likes me to wear soft cotton panties for her!

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:21
Every lady I have been with says I have BIG BALLS!! WTF?? They don't seem that big to me!

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:19
@whitebriefs Why do you like the cut ones?
Doesn't seem 'weird' to me, as I love the cut ones!

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:17
Nicely cut, before I even knew, but wouldn't change it!!
Just looks nicer, and is cleaner.

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:16
It's not a mystery. KY or hand cream, and just play. . .

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:08
Why it is always about DICK SIZE, here?? Bigger isn't always better!
But Big Dicks Rule the site. . .
Every woman I have known, cares about dozens of things, more important to her, that his dick size!

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:06
Big surprise that so many, 'smaller' guys don't post with all the BIG COCK pic! Why would any man that is 'smaller' take the chance on being ridiculed and judged, here, by posting pics?

By JackS at 06,Apr,21 04:02
Having served on a Jury, and been given the Legal Definitions, and the POINTS, to agree, to give a Guilty verdict, I think that he will be acquitted, and then a week of riots and shooting, and more people killed.
Too many things with Floyd's drug use, and there is a 'Reasonable Doubt' with many points of the charges against him.
Yeah, I think he was an asshole, and was just abusing a black man, but I don't think that they will prove that what Chauvin did, killed him.

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 08:52
Start by not being so CRUDE, calling it "eating out"!
You want to sensually love, and appreciate her, discover how she feels, and what makes her aroused, and feel good.
It's not some TASK, or JOB, but something to enjoy, love, and share, together.

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 07:38
That is the cool thing about this site!! You can be YOU and post, and find others that are just like you!!
I feel totally straight, and don't want to ever suck dick or be with a guy, but sometimes, seeing some penises, on here, gets me SUPER HARD, and I don't know why!!
Sometimes I get off, looking at some of you guys, the small ones!
Fantasy, and Masturbation, is your own thing, and not for anyone to judge, or even know about!

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 07:31
It's not like you will be posting something that nobody has seen! Nudity is wonderful, and I love seeing all these BEAUTIFUL penises, though I wish there were more women, showing their delicious curves!!
It's anonymous, so be NAKED, and LOVE THAT!!

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 07:24
I usually like cute girls, and cheerleaders, and upskirt kinds of things.
Sometimes, and I don't know why, I like coming here and just looking at all the BEAUTIFUL Penises!!
I think I am straight, and LOVE women, but sometimes, I just like a HARD PENIS, or even soft ones, or just talking about penises!

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 07:19
Yeah, and let him, as a friend, because he wanted to!

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 07:08
Most guy pretend not to look, but just checking SIZE!!LOL!!
Not a big deal, and I don't care at all if someone looks!!

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 06:58
I didn't even know about this, until this question! Saw some videos on Porn Hub, and I am straight, but this looks like something fun, to try!!

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 06:44
Shave all that Saschautch, Big-Foot Hair off, and find your balls!! They are probably quite nice, if not hidden in the JUNGLE!!

By JackS at 03,Apr,21 06:03
Nicely shaved, clean, and in some kind of panties just showing off. A link, to more, privately, and maybe a chat?

By JackS at 27,Mar,21 07:45
Trans, like Bailey Jay, Ashley George(perfect penis!) and Hazel Tucker!!

By JackS at 27,Mar,21 07:41
DEFINITEY! Nicely circumcised is beautiful!

By JackS at 27,Mar,21 07:36
As for the ones that burned, and destroyed businesses, in their neighborhoods, I would say, they need to be prosecuted, if they were not shot!
During the Rodney King, Riots, in LA, the only places that didn't get looted and burned, were the ones with the KOREAN Americans, and AR-15s, Civilian, single shot, NOT "ASSAULT RIFLES!!"

By JackS at 27,Mar,21 04:28
They NEVER pull your pants down! But if it's your fantasy, then go with that!
Hernia check, from young teen, for sports, and sometimes a female doc, so what?
Prostrate exam, and the female docs seem to take more time, and are more "thorough" with that. Often, they have a Nurse, 'witness' for some BS insurance reason!

By JackS at 27,Mar,21 04:06
What if they are "Nudists"? That is seen as protected under the 1st Amendment, and there are legal nude pictures, of under-aged children Nudists, online.
But they are being portrayed in 'typical' daily activities, and nothing sexual, in any way!

By JackS at 11,Feb,21 06:59
Sometimes I just get this mood, and I just want to see beautiful penises, and maybe chat, or see penises in panties, hard or soft.
Penises are beautiful!! It's not gay to love your penis, as like seeing others!
I LOVE women, and sex, with women, but sometimes, you know, they just piss you off, and maybe some nice dicks makes you feel better!?

By JackS at 11,Feb,21 06:40
Dream it, fantasize about it, maybe look at all the wonderful penises here and jerk off! It can be just fantasy, and a sexual urge, but if you want to actually do it, and suck someone's penis, then go for it!!
It's OK to just look, and get REALLY HARD, and then get off!!

By JackS at 16,Nov,20 06:32
Exactly! What's wrong with just looking, and smiling!!
I have a two gay friends, trying to 'turn me' that send random 'dick pics' but they are beautiful! I am NOT going to play with them, but I love seeing them!
Another, a married guy, sends me random dick pics, and he has the most beautiful penis!! Saying that as a straight guy, but if I was a little too drunk, maybe. . .

By JackS at 16,Nov,20 06:27
Dude, we all have dicks, and love them! What's so wrong about being straight, and liking seeing other penises that look really nice!?
It's not a 'gay' thing in any way, but just loving seeing other's penises, and how beautiful they are!

By JackS at 12,Nov,20 05:41
Never a real penis, never with a man! Not sure I want/need that?
I LOVE women, and if she can do that with a toy, I'm pretty satisfied with that.
What does a real penis have to offer, to a hetero guy, that a loving GF, and a strap-on toy, doesn't do??