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And for Halloween.......
Why don't witches wear panties?
So they don't slip off their broomsticks

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Why are there no Indians in Star Trek?
Even in the future they won't work

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Why don't Rabbis charge for circumcisions?
Because they get to keep the tips

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I didn't know it then but when I was around 8. My best friend taught me what happens when you climb a pole and keep trying when you're at the top. I was having orgasms as often as I could climb the pole. I guess it was a form of masturbation.

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This years oddest place was sitting on my lawn tractor while cutting the lawn. I got that "feeling" and stopped in the shade of a tree. Pulled down my shorts and masturbated. I could see the highway but I don't think what I was doing could be seen. Pulled up my shorts when I was finished and carried on cutting the grass, wet cum and all!

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Will work on some new pictures as this is one of my favourite ways to expose myself

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This is sort of one of my favourite ways to masturbate. I enjoy being all plumped up and long but not erect. Holding myself lengthwise with my glans in my palm and my thumb and a few fingers kneading my shaft. The longer I stay in this state the better. I have, on occasion ejaculated this way before getting nice and hard!

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My old 64yo boner

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1st time I tasted cum was from a used condom I found in a parking lot