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By hornyoap at 06,Apr,21 14:24
I love it, tits bouncing ass banging on your balls, what's not to like.

By hornyoap at 06,Apr,21 14:22
I love it, mine or other people's

By hornyoap at 04,Apr,21 15:35
About right I guess, they look a bit like mine.

By hornyoap at 09,Mar,21 20:31
I will.

By hornyoap at 04,Mar,21 19:45
I have a friend, much younger than me, who likes to blow me and jerk me off, she confessed that she likes to bring herself off while a man jerks off in front of her, I tried it and it is fantastic watching her cum while I cum too is incredible, almost as good as fucking her very tight pussy. she has never married and never had kids so it is real tight.

By hornyoap at 22,Feb,21 19:40
I was about 12 I think when I started to get really hard erections and loads of precum, I was about 14 before I had a first cum shot orgasm although I had ones with no cum but loads of precum dripping not shooting. I have a friend who never ever produces it.

By hornyoap at 19,Jan,21 19:25
Your dick and balls look quite normal to me, I've always had some on my balls from puberty. No one male of female has ever commented on then and it they sure have never stopped anyone from enjoying my dick and balls. Enjoy what you've got to the full.

By hornyoap at 19,Jan,21 19:20
I pull halfway back and have no overhang when flaccid, the slit is always just visible.

By hornyoap at 19,Jan,21 19:18
Mine used to hover around 6.5" and thick when I was young. Now at 80 it gets to 6", is still as thick if not a bit thicker but is not quite as rigid as it used to be. Still works, gives pleasure to both and can recycle in 20 minutes if called on. I'm a lucky guy.

By hornyoap at 19,Jan,21 19:11
Yes lots of times, no special thrill, just a need to cum.

By hornyoap at 05,Jan,21 19:10
I think you're right, One of my old girl friends was a teacher and more often than not she tasted of pencil shavings, but if she had a curry, then I got curry as a starter.

By hornyoap at 04,Jan,21 19:21
That gets to my prostate too.

By hornyoap at 30,Nov,20 19:23
This is going back a long time to just after WW2. A family had been moved from London into a bungalow whose garden backed onto the end of ours. Corrine was older than me and her brother Michael about my age so i became friends with him, they went back to London soon after the war was over so I'm guessing we were all around 6-8 years old. My sister was three and a half years younger than me so I knew that girls had a slit but not much else. One day we were playing in the porch of their bungalow I think there were three boys and Corinne, the talk must have got to the 'what does yours look look like' stage and I think us boys were already flashing ours when Corrine dropped knickers, opened her legs and we all got to see this amazing thing close up, she then instructed us to look closer, took a hair grip from her hair and proceeded to slide it into her slit. We were gob smacked, she did it several times, I think we then pulled our foreskins back which seemed to impress her and then it was lunchtime. It never happened again but from then onwards my fixation with cunts has just got more and more. I fell in love then and I'm still in love with them now.

By hornyoap at 27,Nov,20 20:48
I started getting dry orgasms from about 10 onwards then later I started to get precum and a feeling of something about to come out so I used to squeeze my dick to stop it happening, I don't know why, then suddenly one day the whole world seemed to explode with cum and I was up and running. I had girl friends and have been married for 57 years and I'm still wanking and cumming in between.

By hornyoap at 27,Nov,20 20:42
It depends on the woman, I'm into whatever she's into, I just love to please a pussy that's how my dick gets pleased.

By hornyoap at 19,Nov,20 20:05
I don't but a long time ago lover called it her mole because it practically lived in her hole when we were together.

By hornyoap at 19,Nov,20 19:56
Silk briefs when I go out but around the house I go commando.

By hornyoap at 14,Nov,20 11:13
Pre cum often a full load sometimes, it tastes ok and I swallow if I taste, I usually slurp it straight out of my hand.

By hornyoap at 08,Nov,20 18:55
I've omnly sucked one dick , that of my oldest friend and I was surprised how much I liked the texture of it, the foreskin and the uncovered end. I realised than why women like to suck dick to as much as I like to tongue pussies.

By hornyoap at 07,Nov,20 20:41
Love it, it looks like it knows what it's for

By hornyoap at 03,Nov,20 19:06
Yes me too I used to when in my teens but since then never, I can't keep my hands off my dick long enough.

By hornyoap at 26,Oct,20 15:31
I think I'm average length but quite thick, seems to work for the women.

By hornyoap at 26,Oct,20 15:28
My school friend, we grew up together and compared docks when we both could get a hard on and after that we wanked together a lot until we got around to girls

By hornyoap at 24,Oct,20 13:03
Yes, I get hard thinking about it.