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By hornyoap at 11,Aug,22 18:44
So that it splatters all over the cervix giving the sperm a shorter distance to get into the uterus and to fertilize the egg if it's available.

By hornyoap at 11,Aug,22 18:42
My first fuck, she was a year younger than me but had a boyfriend and had been shagging for a couple of years, he was away in the army, she was horny, told a girkfriend who was my mates girlfriend and a date was arranged, she kicked things oof and was soon sucking my dick, I was amazed but very stimulated so I came quite quickly. She then got me hard again quickly with her hand, put on a condom and really worked me and herself over, I never looked back and wa soon fucking pretty well anything that cme my way. she was a very sexy girl.

By hornyoap at 11,Aug,22 18:36
My long time fuck buddy prefers foreplay to fucking and since she has a lovely tight little pussy I'm happy to stay with that because she also likes to suck dick and wank me off. less work for me at my age.

By hornyoap at 02,Aug,22 18:09
I had a friend, now sadly deceased who liked to watch me fuck his wife, she was really hot and it happened quite a few times, he never joined in just stood in a corner of the room, fully dressed, while we fucked and sucked each other senseless on the sofa. What happened after I had left I have no idea.

By hornyoap at 10,Jul,22 10:16
Female for me, they just seem to know exactly what to do with it and most of them want you to cum in their mouths unless they're really gagging for a dick in their pussy.

By hornyoap at 10,Jul,22 10:14
Innumerable times. mostly by women, but it is always miles better when someone else brings you off.

By hornyoap at 10,Jul,22 10:10

By hornyoap at 27,Jun,22 18:56
Stretch silk briefs for me when I'm out and about but at home commando every time.

By hornyoap at 27,Jun,22 18:54
I love that too, one on her own or two together, toching each other or not guaranteed big load for me.

By hornyoap at 21,Jun,22 15:25
i suspect that women masturbate themselves or another woman better than a man does, they know what is comfortable and what is not, likewise a man knows his cock well and is better than a woman at wanking it. I prefer a woman to be sucking me of but as long as someone is doing it then I don't really care. Playing and getting played with is so good anyway. Especially if it's mutual.

By hornyoap at 08,Jun,22 18:44
A lifelong friend and I sucked each other off about 20 years ago when on a guys weekend away, for booze at first but after a mutual wank on the first night watching a porn vid in the hotel room it became a suck and wank weekend every night, no porn needed. I have know a few women in my life who have sucked me off without being asked, sadly my wife only did if she fancied it, if I asked it was a form NO. My last one was with a long time female younger friend who prefers sucking to fucking, every time she leaves me legless and cums really hard when I suck and fondle her clit, she produces bucket loads of sweet love juice.

By hornyoap at 05,Jun,22 17:20
I think yes, but most of them don't like to admit it. i have a woman friend, unmarried but straight, who masturbates every day after work to relax.

By hornyoap at 05,Jun,22 17:18
I just like to cum.

By hornyoap at 05,Jun,22 17:16
A woman for sure, although I do like to see a dick shooting cum that I have masturbated, I've only done one though, but it was very memorable.

By hornyoap at 05,Jun,22 17:13
In the sea off the coast of a Greek island, you could walk a long way out and still be up to the chest, I was naked and got a huge hard on, only one thing to do, when I got back to the beach my wife asked me why I'd been out there so long, I didn't tell her but later back in the holiday apartment we had a fabulously long shagging session. On another holiday on Lanzarote, we used to go onto a nudist beach most days for the day. by midday it was incredibly hot so we would put up two umbrellas like an igloo and sit in there to eat our salad lunch with wine. Every time my wife would gaze out of the gap to make sure no-one was watching and give me a a long and slow handjob until I shot my load into the sand.

By hornyoap at 05,Jun,22 17:04
Really horny

By hornyoap at 02,Jun,22 19:27

By hornyoap at 02,Jun,22 19:23
I do, always have and I almost never need lube. If I'm making out with a woman and we're not yet naked it wets by underpants and then soaks through my jeans.

By hornyoap at 02,Jun,22 19:18
Especially exciting when it's with a woman

By hornyoap at 01,Jun,22 18:56
Me too now.

By hornyoap at 26,Apr,22 19:24
I would take a blow job first in a 69 so we both have fun, then dinner and off to bed for a looong fuck session.

By hornyoap at 22,Apr,22 18:37
I love it and to slip a well lubed finger into her ass hole really turns them on.

By hornyoap at 22,Apr,22 18:35
A well lubed finger makes me cum very fast and hard too.

By hornyoap at 03,Apr,22 18:20
I love to see and hear women cumming, I like cumshots, I like women pissing, I like men wanking. I am not into abuse of either men or women and hate ****philes with a vengeance.Men on men sucking is exciting but ass fucking does nothing for me.

By hornyoap at 07,Mar,22 20:11
I agree with you to pleasure a woman until she demands that you put your dick in her pussy is just the best.

By hornyoap at 07,Mar,22 20:01
Yes that's my technique with a Harry's razor too. I get quite a buzz from the feeling of shaving my balls.

By hornyoap at 06,Mar,22 19:05
I have masturbated since I was about 12, my dick seems to look much like anybody else's. A few years ago when my then sex partner told me she like hairless ball I have shaved my shaft, ball and ass, I'm now addicted to it and so is she, she shaves her pussy and ass but leaves a landing strip. Although she doesn't do anal she loves her hairless and sweet little ass hole teased while I lick her pussy. If she's riding then the does like a small penetration of that tight ass hole by a very wet finger, almost instant orgasm for us both.

By hornyoap at 06,Mar,22 18:57
Yes I heard that once long ago from a sexual partner. she loved hers to be licked.

By hornyoap at 06,Mar,22 18:55
Lucky the man or woman you're meeting with.

By hornyoap at 06,Mar,22 18:51
Almost every day but I don't cum loads anymore, if I can make myself wait a couple of days I get an initial really good squirt and then a few more smaller ones but I still get the pumping feeling up to nine times.

By hornyoap at 16,Feb,22 14:43
Yes, I fucked my wife both times she was pregnant and a close friend who's husband got her pregnant on purpose because he found out she was fucking me on the side. She wanted me to fuck her so that she could pretend it was mine. After she'd had the baby she liked me to finger fuck her while I sucked her breast milk.

By hornyoap at 16,Feb,22 14:39
Yes and yes, if someone masturbates over my pics it's a compliment and a turn on.

By hornyoap at 04,Feb,22 21:07
Foreskin pulled back hard and slightly twisted too is hot, biting I'm not keen on.

By hornyoap at 04,Feb,22 21:06
yes, I had a friend a long time ago who would have an orgasm just from having her nipples kissed and played with. she was very slim and had quite small tits but her nipples were mega sensitive. She reckoned that she had a direct nerve running from her nipples to her clit. And she was also a great fuck.

By hornyoap at 28,Jan,22 15:20
I have since I left home. when we married mt wife became a convert too.

By hornyoap at 23,Jan,22 13:21

By hornyoap at 22,Jan,22 20:12
Never had a dick in my ass, I can imagine that you would feel it sweeling and jerking when it cums, but do you really feel the cum shooting in?

By hornyoap at 22,Jan,22 20:02
My wife used to moan quietly then when she kicked off woulld groan loudly and long while her body was jerking and gripping my dick, when she'd calmed down she always wanted to hit me, though she never did, why, because she hated losing control of herself. Women are just the best and the weirdest things on Earth

By hornyoap at 22,Jan,22 19:54
Mine is, I love to have it teased and then just a little insertion of a finger when I'm being blown by my female friend, she likes hers teased the same way when she's riding but neither of us are into full anal sex.

By hornyoap at 22,Jan,22 19:50
81, I can remember all 31 of them, one of them is my wife, only two before i married in the early 60s when suddenly everyone seemed to be available I never fucked anyone for the sake of it. I still get to fuck a woman I used to work with every so often when she comes to visit, she's now in her early 50s and has never been married or had kids, it's like having a virgin cunt to go at.

By hornyoap at 22,Jan,22 19:44
Yes, more often with my tongue less often with my fingers but lots of times with my dick, it's around 6" long and nearly 6" round and as I've got older i can last very much longer thank goodness. I often get them to the eyes rolling back in the head stage with lots of sound effects. getting old isn't all bad.

By hornyoap at 12,Dec,21 18:57
I fucking love it.

By hornyoap at 12,Nov,21 14:52
I guess mine is average in length but thicker than average, once I discovered that most women came back for more once I'd fucked them the first time I ceased to worry.

When I was much younger, in my twenties, I fucked the woman over the road, she must have told her friend my next door neighbor and so on at once stage I was screwing five of my near neighbors and another woman in the next street plus my wife. Oh the joys of youth.

By hornyoap at 11,Nov,21 20:02
From about the age of 15 I used to get hands free erections, from about the age of 60 they got less and sadly nowadays I can no longer self start, I do, as they say, need a hand.

By hornyoap at 11,Nov,21 19:58
Yes, usually next to my wife if she wasn't in the mood and had gone to sleep, but a few times next to her when she asked me to, she like me to cum on her lovely tits and them massaged my cum in. She won't ever masturbate in front of me, won't admit to ever having done it and doesn't really like wanking me off. I have an occasional fuck buddy who like to masturbate herself while I do the same. That really makes me cum good, she is also gives a great blowjob as well as being a fantastic fuck. The truth is that she loves cocks as much as I love cunts.

By hornyoap at 10,Nov,21 20:16
In my garden shed, I had been mowing the lawns, went into the shed to get the edging shears and had the big desire to wank, I did but had to keep an eye out in case my wife came to look for me, it was a good wank though. In my school days I got a hard on half way round the cross country course and had to pop in the bushes for a quickie too.

By hornyoap at 10,Nov,21 20:13
Remember the old saying,' long and thin goes right in, short and stout makes them shout' I think I'm about average 6.52long and 6" round, they have always come back for more.

By hornyoap at 10,Nov,21 19:42
I'm 81 I masturbate at least once a day sometimes twice. I do try to leave it for a few days because a good load is much more enjoyable, but mostly I fail when I wake up in the night with a hard on.

By hornyoap at 31,Oct,21 13:34
I can imagine with a dildo up her ass it would be good. I only experienced once me being in her cunt and my mate being up his wife's ass but it sure was great, strange he joined in he usually just watched and listened.

By hornyoap at 19,Oct,21 19:16
I do sometimes and the taste does change with diet as does the taste of a woman's pussy.