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By whitebriefs at 11,May,21 19:53
I am uncut but like both. Some circumcised cocks do look amazing as they have the glans proudly on show, but a nice short or average foreskin is amazing too.

By whitebriefs at 10,May,21 21:53

By whitebriefs at 10,May,21 21:52
I can do up to about two hours before it becomes sore and aches, then I need to blow

By whitebriefs at 08,May,21 23:02
Totally agree, something so hot about a chubby guy, especially if theyíre hairy too

By whitebriefs at 08,May,21 23:00
Mine at its softest

By whitebriefs at 08,May,21 22:59
Between 1-2 minutes if I just want to empty out, up to two hours if Iím edging and looking at Cock online

By whitebriefs at 08,May,21 05:59
It really feels good shaving them all off

By whitebriefs at 07,May,21 22:56
I love and prefer chubby guys, they always get me rock hard

By whitebriefs at 07,May,21 20:38
Nice size and fantastic exposed glans

By whitebriefs at 07,May,21 06:02
Thatís made my underwear decision for me today

By whitebriefs at 06,May,21 21:12
Yep, like those ones

By whitebriefs at 06,May,21 20:36
Definitely. Iíve had a white briefs fetish since I was a pre-teenager. Jockey Hanes and FOTL white briefs for me, and I always seem to get hard when I see other guys wearing them

By whitebriefs at 05,May,21 21:32
Exactly the same here

By whitebriefs at 05,May,21 21:30
Iíve changed my technique over the last ten years. I used to wank with my foreskin forward using my left hand, a bit dull but still got to the good bit eventually. Now I wank with my right hand and pull my skin back with my left hand holding it tight at the base. I then jerk my exposed glans with my thumb and forefinger, and wow, that does feel good

By whitebriefs at 05,May,21 21:27
That picture is amazing

By whitebriefs at 05,May,21 16:52
Two or three times a week for me, but I take longer to jerk off and enjoy it more than when I was a youngster. In the old days Iíd wank as quickly as possible to get to the ejaculation, now I tend to spend an hour or so stroking the shaft and glans and getting more enjoyment from my penis. Then I blow my load!

By whitebriefs at 05,May,21 16:50
Oh I love pulling my foreskin back really tight. I thought I was the only guy with this fetish!

By whitebriefs at 04,May,21 17:18
I sometimes keep mine back if I have a flare up of balanitis, and sometimes just because it feels nice inside my briefs during the day. On the beach or in the sea itís always back as I think it looks better.
When I have a piss I always retract, and have done since my late 20ís. Saves any leakage going into my foreskin

By whitebriefs at 04,May,21 17:13
Theyíve got me instantly hard here

By whitebriefs at 04,May,21 17:12
My favourite thing. Especially if you get one the same length

By whitebriefs at 04,May,21 16:37
Iíd rate that as near perfect

By whitebriefs at 04,May,21 16:36
Although it was a long time ago I first masturbated to climax about age 12-13. Iíd played with mine and my friends when we were 11 but neither of us could spurt then.

By whitebriefs at 03,May,21 21:59
I clipper my pubes really short to a one, shave my balls and around the shaft of my cock. Keeps it neat and tidy and stops pubes getting caught in my foreskin

By whitebriefs at 26,Apr,21 19:44
Thank you

By whitebriefs at 26,Apr,21 17:01

By whitebriefs at 26,Apr,21 16:59
I only stretched my foreskin as it was tight when I was young. Took years but worked fine by mid twenties and hasnít given me any problems since.

By whitebriefs at 21,Apr,21 16:44
Same here

By whitebriefs at 19,Apr,21 21:17
Same here but when I was bit older. I was prescribed stretching and told it would work eventually. It took a few years but he was right, it works fine now

By whitebriefs at 19,Apr,21 20:26
Nowt wrong with tighty Whities, best underwear ever!

By whitebriefs at 19,Apr,21 16:33
Feels great doesnít it? I wish Iíd discovered that earlier, Iíd have worn my cock out

By whitebriefs at 18,Apr,21 17:51
My nice soft white Hanes today

By whitebriefs at 18,Apr,21 09:17
My favourite underwear too

By whitebriefs at 18,Apr,21 09:12
The underside ridge of my glans is by far my most sensitive part. I can (and do) cum just by rubbing that part, and itís always very intense.

By whitebriefs at 11,Apr,21 14:10
Mine is very thick and creamy yellowish coloured. Always has been since I was a teenager, I donít know why.

By whitebriefs at 11,Apr,21 14:09
Yes, I do love the smell of cum

By whitebriefs at 11,Apr,21 13:56
Iíve got a scar just above my penis on the left hand side where I had a very large hernia operation nearly 30 years, I still get a twinge there when I lift something heavy.
Iíve also got a scar on my glans from recurring balanitis when I was younger in my teens and twenties. Nobody else has noticed it but I still notice it when it comes out!

By whitebriefs at 11,Apr,21 13:36
What sort of school did you go to in the UK. In my middle school I was in a class of 30 boys and only one of us was circumcised. I was always really intrigued by it and he actually showed me, which was great

By whitebriefs at 11,Apr,21 12:22
Up and to the left here

By whitebriefs at 11,Apr,21 12:03
Theyíd need to do more than remove a boys foreskin to stop him learning to masturbate! Iím uncircumcised but I tend to wank the ďcircumcised wayĒ and I never use lube, prefer the feel when I jerk dry

By whitebriefs at 09,Apr,21 23:29
I sometimes practice retraction and mine just stays retracted naturally as I have a large ridged glans. Iíve never noticed any swelling on my foreskin when I do this though, just the glans drying out after a few days.

By whitebriefs at 09,Apr,21 20:24

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By whitebriefs at 06,Apr,21 05:58
Probably because my favourite bit of a penis is the big fat red glans and seeing it proudly on show gets me hard. I do appreciate what my foreskin does though, but when itís cold it doesnít look good!

By whitebriefs at 04,Apr,21 10:56
To my eyes you have the perfect cock

By whitebriefs at 04,Apr,21 01:19
In a local park when I was about 14. I was really horny and had shiny white Adidas shorts on so i went behind a tree and tugged my little hard cock!

By whitebriefs at 03,Apr,21 16:54
Looks great to w

By whitebriefs at 03,Apr,21 15:42
I bet thatís great fun. Iíd love to try it but mines just too tight

By whitebriefs at 03,Apr,21 14:01
One of each type, youíd have to have a go!

By whitebriefs at 03,Apr,21 08:20
A bit bigger than normal. Iíve also got quite big balls, my soft dick hides in between them

By whitebriefs at 03,Apr,21 08:19
A lot of circumcised guys seem to want to try it. I regularly get told by cut guys online theyíd like to dock with me when they see Iím uncut, I think they want to try wanking with a foreskin. What most donít realise though is that itís very few men that can actually dock anyway!

By whitebriefs at 03,Apr,21 08:17
Guys jerking / wanking either alone or with other guys really gets me going. Penises just get me leaking, I love small dicks, circumcised dicks, chubby guys, hairy guys, and guys who wear traditional white briefs too. Thatís what I usually drift towards when Iím on then usual porn sites or chaturbate / Skype. I have no interests in guys arseholes though, I donít want to see their nipsy!