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By whitebriefs at 13,Oct,21 22:17
Both of yours are amazing

By whitebriefs at 13,Oct,21 17:46
About 10-11 when I realised I was attracted to boys rather than girls. Fought those feelings for way too many years unfortunately!

By whitebriefs at 11,Oct,21 16:59
I love seeing cocks soft and hard, I find the fact we’re all so different such a turn on. I range from really small to a solid 5 1/2” erect.

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By whitebriefs at 11,Oct,21 16:54
Yours looks good both ways

By whitebriefs at 05,Oct,21 16:39
This thread just shows us that we all get pleasure from our cocks in our own favourite ways, either intact or circumcised. I pull my foreskin back and rub the bare head dry when I’m wanking, I don’t find it uncomfortable or rough at all, just incredibly pleasurable!

By whitebriefs at 05,Oct,21 16:37
Not many unfortunately, I’m the owner of one of those snug foreskins

By whitebriefs at 05,Oct,21 16:36
You have an amazing cock and balls

By whitebriefs at 28,Sep,21 17:28
Probably aged around 10 when looking at other boys seemed to give me a little boner. I found out definitely the next year when I started to play with my best friend after school

By whitebriefs at 28,Sep,21 17:27
I love my size

By whitebriefs at 21,Sep,21 05:58
About 30 minutes last night. Whilst enjoying some of my favourite pictures on here and chatting to a couple of guys on here

By whitebriefs at 16,Sep,21 16:41
I trim me pubes back to a 1 with the clippers as I prefer it.

By whitebriefs at 15,Sep,21 16:48
Same here. I was 5 1/2” when I was in my prime but I’m just over 5” now. My size doesn’t bother me, I’ve rarely had anything but good comments on it, and it still gets hard as a rock.
Yours is amazing BTW, right size and lovely looking

By whitebriefs at 14,Sep,21 06:00

By whitebriefs at 12,Sep,21 19:16
Thank you!

By whitebriefs at 11,Sep,21 11:34
Same as I have on today, I only own white briefs

By whitebriefs at 11,Sep,21 11:31
Not bad for 53

By whitebriefs at 08,Sep,21 20:27
I’ve had a lower hernia operation, but not a circumcision!

By whitebriefs at 08,Sep,21 20:24
Oh yes, love seeing a man naked with his penis fully erect. Such a turn on, seen it a few times on holiday

By whitebriefs at 06,Sep,21 05:58

By whitebriefs at 05,Sep,21 13:37
Mine this morning. 5” intact, curved with a big glans.
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By whitebriefs at 04,Sep,21 14:13
Mine this morning while looking at cocks on here

By whitebriefs at 03,Sep,21 19:31
I also love watching the different ways we all wank our cocks too

By whitebriefs at 03,Sep,21 17:11
The mere thought of putting a scalpel anywhere near my penis fills me with horror!

By whitebriefs at 03,Sep,21 17:09
Love it, one of my favourite things to watch when I’m wanking my own cock

By whitebriefs at 26,Aug,21 21:21

By whitebriefs at 25,Aug,21 10:37
All cocks are “clean” after a shower. The only dirty cock is an unwashed one, either cut or as nature intended

By whitebriefs at 19,Aug,21 22:57
A fully functioning uncircumcised cock should look exactly the same as a cut when erect!

By whitebriefs at 16,Aug,21 21:59
I had half a dozen in my early teens, one really embarrassingly in the front room when I fell asleep on the settee. My Mum and Dad were watching the telly!

By whitebriefs at 16,Aug,21 21:56
And it’s the perfect size too

By whitebriefs at 16,Aug,21 21:55
I’m a CI-6 soft and a CI-4 hard.

By whitebriefs at 11,Aug,21 16:39
Thank you Sir! It would be better rubbing up against yours

By whitebriefs at 10,Aug,21 17:03
I could help with that!

By whitebriefs at 03,Aug,21 21:28
When you pull your skin right back it’s the pink skin underneath.
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When you get a tight cut the scar line is right down the shaft leaving the inner skin exposed

By whitebriefs at 03,Aug,21 21:28
It did take lots of time and effort, I could have gone the route you took but decided to try the less painful way… I hate hospitals!

By whitebriefs at 03,Aug,21 16:47
No inner skin on show.

By whitebriefs at 03,Aug,21 16:46
I assume it takes some getting used to. Was it medical or just preference? I was advised to stretch my foreskin when I a teenager and it was tight, took a lot of effort but it paid off in the end!

By whitebriefs at 03,Aug,21 16:41

By whitebriefs at 03,Aug,21 16:38
About 9-10 with a foster sister who was older than me.

By whitebriefs at 01,Aug,21 10:14
Mine this morning

By whitebriefs at 01,Aug,21 10:13
My soft cock this fine Sunday morning

By whitebriefs at 31,Jul,21 21:36
I much prefer smaller cocks

By whitebriefs at 31,Jul,21 21:35
That is the perfect cock. For sucking and for frotting with too

By whitebriefs at 30,Jul,21 16:49
I’d love a jerk off buddy. Nothing better to do on a Friday evening after the pub than to bring a pal back, pull each other’s trousers and underwear down and stroke each other’s hard cocks. Pure male pleasure

By whitebriefs at 29,Jul,21 21:42
Gets much bigger though!

By whitebriefs at 28,Jul,21 17:01
You’ve got a lovely looking cock man!

By whitebriefs at 28,Jul,21 08:55
That really is the perfect cock to my eyes. Nice size, lovely shaped head, rock hard and curves up.

By whitebriefs at 28,Jul,21 08:54
As high up as mine points nowadays
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By whitebriefs at 28,Jul,21 08:29

By whitebriefs at 28,Jul,21 08:27
You have to own it! I’m small when soft but really don’t care and I’ll happily be naked on the beach every year. When I come out of the sea all I have on show is some wrinkled foreskin and my balls, but I don’t care!

By whitebriefs at 28,Jul,21 08:25
Looks perfect from here!