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By Levig21 at 26,Feb,22 22:41

By Levig21 at 23,Feb,22 13:16

Mine is looking for an eager mouth.

By Levig21 at 23,Feb,22 12:57
It’s actually what brought me to this site. I like showing my cock to people and jerking off to what they talk to me about. I mostly try to get people to talk about sucking it.
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By Levig21 at 25,Nov,21 04:46
I get the pleasing torture from pussy or handjobs. The mouth is always pure pleasure for me, though.

By Levig21 at 18,Nov,21 01:28
Spit also physically feels better than lube.

By Levig21 at 17,Nov,21 19:06
It’s fun.

By Levig21 at 09,Nov,21 18:00
Lube is great, too. I just get more turned on by spit. The bottles of lube are annoying.

By Levig21 at 09,Nov,21 17:58

By Levig21 at 05,Nov,21 23:34
Hopefully loudly.

By Levig21 at 05,Nov,21 23:32
Reading this gave me an erection.

By Levig21 at 05,Nov,21 18:24
Your moans are appreciated.

By Levig21 at 04,Nov,21 19:39
I do. Sometimes 2-3 times. I don’t like being backed up.

By Levig21 at 31,Oct,21 13:59
That’s hot.

By Levig21 at 30,Oct,21 17:36
I would wish for a woman that’s obsessed with sucking my cock. Not many women are like that.

By Levig21 at 30,Oct,21 13:47
I suppose I am attracted to sexually submissive types.

By Levig21 at 30,Oct,21 03:13
I’d like to get someone to wear a collar and leash. I want to pull on the leash and/or collar during.

By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 15:50
I don’t reciprocate. I love grabbing the back of whomever’s head and forcing it in a little deeper from time to time. Especially when I’m about to cum. In that case, I shove it all the way in and maintain eye contact.

By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 15:32
I like having mine worshiped.
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By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 14:17
My favorite kind of sex is when someone becomes obsessed with pleasing my cock. Especially if they prefer sucking it.

By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 14:08
There’s nothing I enjoy more than cumming inside someone’s mouth and maintaining eye contact as they keep sucking and swallow.
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By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 05:49
I just enjoy being sucked. Not really interested in anything else going on around me. I just really enjoy cumming in enthusiastic mouths.

By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 05:45
I only have wet dreams when I’m backed up. Wet dreams are awesome, but it’s not healthy for you to be backed up often. You should probably jerk off more often.

By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 05:41
I’m circumcised. I don’t need lube. I use it as a treat, though. Lube feels better and makes my dick pics better, but I usually don’t have the patience for it.

By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 05:32
I’m really depends on what I want. Some days I want it to last a while. Other days, I want to do it in a hurry. I can make it take over an hour or just take a few minutes. I prefer taking my time whenever I can.
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*It really depends
Damn autocorrect doesn’t know what it’s doing.

By Levig21 at 28,Oct,21 05:28
In this case, older. I’m not looking for **** pussy. Other than that, I’m not put off by the age. As long as they’re an adult, anyway. Everyone is pretty to me when I’m in their mouth.

By Levig21 at 25,Oct,21 16:23

By Levig21 at 22,Oct,21 21:37
I mean no offense to anyone, but please don’t have drama on my replies section. I’m just here because I’m horny. I would rather not be involved in anything like that.

By Levig21 at 22,Oct,21 13:05
I used to have a collection of porn that had a lot of winking. Sadly, the site I had it on, changed.

By Levig21 at 22,Oct,21 06:27
I think you replied to me with this by mistake.

By Levig21 at 22,Oct,21 06:21
What are you talking about?

By Levig21 at 22,Oct,21 06:12
Eye contact is always appreciated. It shows that you really want to serve the cock.

By Levig21 at 21,Oct,21 21:55
You should try it. It always makes me cum a little bit harder.

By Levig21 at 21,Oct,21 18:07
Doesn’t really matter to me. Anyone is pretty to me when they have me in their mouth. Probably kinda wrong, but I’m usually too horny to consider stopping.

By Levig21 at 21,Oct,21 17:51
What about average length, but girthy?
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By Levig21 at 21,Oct,21 17:41
I like going down on women. I don’t like doing it in a reciprocating way, though. It makes it feel less sincere both ways. Part of giving and receiving that makes it enjoyable, is sincerity for me.

By Levig21 at 21,Oct,21 17:36
Do you swallow at glory holes?

By Levig21 at 21,Oct,21 17:26
I enjoy staying shaved. It’s more comfortable throughout the day and makes sex feel better. I prefer whomever I’m with to be shaved as well. It just feels more hygienic as well as aesthetically pleasing.
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By Levig21 at 21,Oct,21 17:21
I’m obsessed with being sucked and cumming in mouths. Doesn’t really matter who. My fantasy is someone aggressively sucking me immediately without asking permission. I like to be woken up by being sucked, too. I’m selfish about it. I have no interest in reciprocating. I especially enjoy being sucked while flaccid. I get hard pretty quick, so that’s actually a bit of an accomplishment to get me in your mouth before I’m throbbingly erect. Eye contact with a woman that isn’t the one sucking is pretty thrilling, too. When I cum, I enjoy looking into the eyes of the person that’s sucking me and not warning them when I cum. That’s the tricky part. I want consent for that, but finding someone willing to be surprised and ready to swallow is challenging. On this site, I’m trying to find someone to chat with who will role play this sort of thing with as I jerk off.

By Levig21 at 20,Oct,21 20:27
If anyone that reads my comment would like to talk about their love of sucking cock, Feel free to message me privately.

By Levig21 at 20,Oct,21 17:41
I’m always in the mood to be sucked. With me, I would prefer you didn’t ask and just put my cock in your mouth. Bonus points if you manage to get in a few powerful sucks before I’m fully erect. That’s a different sensation.

By Levig21 at 18,Aug,21 18:43
I’d like to tribute to your tongue.

By Levig21 at 01,Jul,21 23:18
I prefer it when whomever is sucking me is naked for sure.

By Levig21 at 01,Jul,21 23:05
The best pussy has a tongue. Haha.

By Levig21 at 05,Jun,21 13:19

By Levig21 at 02,Jun,21 11:37
That makes you a saint in my opinion.

By Levig21 at 01,Jun,21 18:27
I think I’m medium with slightly large girth.

By Levig21 at 01,Jun,21 18:24
Cumming inside of any hole is amazing. However, my favorite is the mouth. Especially if the person I’m with is enough of a saint to keep sucking and swallow. Not only is it a mental turn on but it physically feels amazing.

By Levig21 at 18,May,21 18:47
I only moan when the person I’m with is into it. If I’m jerking off by myself, I don’t make any sound. I love making other people moan with my cock, though.

By Levig21 at 16,Mar,21 02:55
That’s exactly what I want.

By Levig21 at 15,Mar,21 17:28
That’s hot.