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By mattyboy90 at 07,Jun,21 16:49
Can't relate so much anymore now that I live in a house, but when I was younger and living in an apartment, I had a couple next to me who fucked loud. Their bedroom was literally on the other side of the wall from my bed... the guy was a grunter, moaner, and pretty dominant. I could tell all of this by listening to him... I'd instantly start jerking off and cum very quickly. I had a fantasy that he was bisexual and would come take care of me, treat me like the bitch he had next door!

By mattyboy90 at 03,Jun,21 22:41
Oh okay. Yeah no way to tell that based on what you said lol...

By mattyboy90 at 03,Jun,21 12:54
You cannot "turn gay". There are two scenarios that stand out to me... A) the person is bisexual but has decided he likes men more B ) the person was never into females, was closeted and is now recognizing they prefer men.

Nobody can turn a straight person gay any more than they can turn a gay person straight. Just my 2 cents.

By mattyboy90 at 03,Jun,21 02:16
Why so judgy?? You're on a website/forum dedicated to sexuality.... maybe this isn't the site for you if you question other people's likes in the bedroom?
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That was directed to AngelofDeath...

By mattyboy90 at 02,Jun,21 12:11
I don't understand political topics on here. It should be all things sexuality, perhaps social issues if related. Not to offend anyone, but why would anyone on here care about someone else's beliefs? Otherwise I am open to whatever...

By mattyboy90 at 28,Apr,21 14:43
Married men (to a woman) have sex with other men because they are not 100% straight, and have enough of a desire for the same gender to go for it. Sexuality is and always has been a spectrum... men who are, say, 75% straight.... need that 25% curiosity met. It's just that simple really.

By mattyboy90 at 28,Apr,21 14:40
As a bottom boy, I think it's the most magical exchange between two people you can experience. I love receiving it down my throat and also deep inside me. It's to be cherished always, taking it in for me is almost spiritual...

By mattyboy90 at 19,Mar,21 17:20
Exactly! I love when he comes home from work and asks for sex while still dressed in his military uniform. He's a stud for sure... right now he's deployed and away, we are BOTH counting down the days.

By mattyboy90 at 19,Mar,21 00:55
no need to be sorry, we are happy you are providing actual info and not opinion.

By mattyboy90 at 19,Mar,21 00:53
I generally use lube, but not always. I leak a lot of precum... this evening I had a guy get me super excited in chat, so I headed to the bedroom and started doing my thing... was so horny I didn't need lube I was making my own (and enjoying eating it too!)

By mattyboy90 at 19,Mar,21 00:47
I mean, I don't plan on doing that... I like my men older haha but don't you always have to follow the laws of the land you are currently in? Confusing.

By mattyboy90 at 19,Mar,21 00:38
The simple answer is anything under 18 is a "minor". Even if this site was ran in a country that allowed under 18 pics, you have to follow your home countries laws (in your case, the USA). Unless you want the FBI knocking on your door

By mattyboy90 at 19,Mar,21 00:36
If the "American" is in the other country, I would think the laws in said country would apply while the American is visiting.

In the case of online websites, you must ab-hear to the rules of whatever country that website is hosted in. Also keeping in mind the laws of your own country.

By mattyboy90 at 19,Mar,21 00:33
This can be deleted I didn't need it posted twice basically, computer error.

By mattyboy90 at 16,Mar,21 16:34
Yes, I am here to check out pictures, send pics, flirt, sex talk, etc. After all, this is "showitoff"

By mattyboy90 at 16,Mar,21 15:04
Maybe 1.5 hours. But I usually j/o for about 30 mins daily. I've never had more free time for longer sessions...

By mattyboy90 at 16,Mar,21 15:02
I'm just here to flirt and talk with top guys who enjoy the idea of pounding my ass and getting sucked slowly and deeply...

Political talk on this otherwise fun page is such a boner killer ha

By mattyboy90 at 15,Mar,21 21:48
I'm not big on labels at all, but if you enjoy sucking cock, you aren't straight. You instead enjoy bisexuality... it's a spectrum. It would be like a gay man enjoying sex acts with a woman... is he gay at that point? No, he is bisexual. We need to teach our men (and women) that liking more than one gender is allowable and we'll move away from these silly labels.

By mattyboy90 at 14,Mar,21 03:46
It's okay to only be attracted to one sex or the other, no need to justify it. My only point is, the vast majority of people (specifically men) who say they would never let another guy go down on him say that because societal norms. Or religion, or the way they were taught to be a "man" by their family. I'm sure there could be a few that just get turned off by another man touching him, as yourself, but most are in denial IMO when they treat sexuality as if there is no gray in the spectrum. I appreciate this intelligent conversation!!

By mattyboy90 at 14,Mar,21 03:17
I love the detail of thought you have, its nice to see people spend time to think about stuff like this!!

By mattyboy90 at 14,Mar,21 03:06
As a male, trust me, guys like head... they will let another guy suck them off if they are horny enough. Does that make them gay? No. Does it make them straight? No. That is my point... we love to label people in this society, especially in America. The reality is, it is a big spectrum.

By mattyboy90 at 14,Mar,21 02:50
Yes, absolutely. Sexuality is a spectrum, not black and white... same with masculinity and femininity. There are many exclusively gay men who only find feminine men attractive. You wouldn't wonder if they are straight, would you?

I myself am 100% gay, and I am smooth, submissive, and find myself attracted mostly to "straight looking"/acting men. So, we all have types.

By mattyboy90 at 14,Mar,21 01:47
So does "liking pussy" define one as 100% hetero? I had a "straight" friend who is now married and has children, but back in college I sucked him off on a regular basis. He loved it... said I sucked him better than any girl ever had. Yet he wanted nothing to do with penetrative sex with me. Which was fine. Still, i don't think anyone is 100% anything... that itself is bowing to PC culture. Men are taught to like, date, marry, have sex, have babies, with the opposite sex. To go against that is as rare as people going against the religion they were also taught. Just my 2 cents.

By mattyboy90 at 14,Mar,21 01:41
is there anything to look at?? For real. I like to see submissive asian twinks getting owned by american tops, but that's about it. They are sooooo small lol

By mattyboy90 at 11,Mar,21 13:00
Well, you sound fun... *sigh*

By mattyboy90 at 11,Mar,21 03:33
A waste?! Not if you know how to deep throat....

By mattyboy90 at 11,Mar,21 03:30
If you have to ask if something is cheating, it is. lol... and I think you know this. Instead of asking us, maybe talk to your partner about how it makes you feel and express your sexual needs to them?

By mattyboy90 at 11,Mar,21 03:28
When people reference "force" they don't mean ****, etc. They are talking about a mutual understanding that one partner has more sexual control/dominance than the other so the receiver does what he has to to satisfy his dom. I am married and this is how it is in my relationship, I absolutely love it... but that said, as soon as the sex is over, we have 50/50 say.
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the **** was r@pe

By mattyboy90 at 11,Mar,21 03:25
I can't say I have to be forced either, as I love it, but my husband who is is a US Marine loves being dominant in the bedroom and he loves "forcing" cum down my throat in the morning before he goes off to work. I kind of find it hot, him not giving me the option to spit... right when he cums he usually goes really deep. I have to swallow or I gag on it, so swallow it is!

By mattyboy90 at 11,Mar,21 03:22
I guess I'm the odd one out, but I grew up in a two story farm style house... parents bedroom was downstairs, kids all had their own rooms upstairs. So I think the only person to see me jerk off was someone I was having sex with?? sorry its boring ha

By mattyboy90 at 09,Mar,21 04:17
I did when I was young and dumb. I wouldn't do that in my 30s, today. I value my health... but since I do love cum and the raw feeling inside of me, I just get more selective. I like long term FWBs and relationships for that reason. Never had an STD and don't want one!

By mattyboy90 at 09,Mar,21 04:15
Yes I love the taste of precum... I leak like crazy when I'm excited watching porn. It tastes so good on my tongue while I imagine a beefy top guy plowing me.

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 23:25
First, trimming pubes make your dick look way bigger. Second, nobody I know wants to give head and get long hairs caught in their mouth. Third, I am a clean cut guy and I don't enjoy tons of hair all over. Personal preference...

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 21:41
Well, the difference is, the homos aren't afraid of the opposite sex. They still like boobies, will kiss girls, etc. I was more referring to straight guys who seem to have a hang up with admitting they are even 1% homo.

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 05:21
As a bottom gay guy, I am always shy at urinals. I get as close to it as I can and do my business and leave. I have always wanted to peek at another guy peeing but the wrong guy could cause violence so I dont bother

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 04:17
that's exactly why you aren't a zero. And drinking just allows you to free yourself of the hangups you were taught growing up.

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 04:16
Anyone who says 0 is just boring... and afraid of sexuality. Personally, I don't believe anyone is exclusively hetero. Maybe as much as 95%, but never 100%. Heterosexuality is taught to you by your parents, religion, and society norms... again, boring.

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 04:12
I love the homemade/amateur stuff. And I am gay so I prefer gay content (daddy/son, twink with big men, etc.). But I find straight porn hot too if it is a gangbang, friendly fire, dp, etc.

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 04:10
So I guess I'll ask... how do you all know who is cut/uncut in your family? I've seen my Dad as a kid. I *believe* he is cut but I was a kid so I don't know. I know I'm cut, that's about it haha