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Yes +1.....we keep coming back to this.....orientation is not relevant....pilots like looking at planes, drivers like looking at cars, riders like looking at horses and (enthisiastic) cock users like looking at cocks.

.....It's sort of a professional interest!

By oldbugle at 01,Aug,21 09:12's always been a source of amazment to me just how much 'development' there can be in the right circumstances!....not to mention some women I can think of!

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I find condoms difficult due to long foreskin and curve, but you need to practice to solve the probs.....

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You're right that 'it's not weapons that kill people, it's people that kill people'.....

However, you might want to question what you read can't, thankfully, 3D print an AR15 that will successfully operate for more than a couple of shots.....3D printing as most people know it is something done in sheds using poor quality plastic and requires software and other skills to even look neat. 3D in industry is a marginal technique that demands extensive knowledge, equipement and space.

Additionally, it is fortunate that auto weapons require a supply of consistent ammunition to operate and even those capable of making viable firearms can't usually make the ammo in their sheds.....fortunately!

The whole 'plastic gun' scare is larfgely the product of media......but has been the source of fools trying to duplicate. So, not just "anybody" has all the requirements and facilities to make a machine gun and ammo....fortunately!

By oldbugle at 15,Apr,21 07:38
Something to bear in mind is that UK society is very 'layered' and this is played upon by a very aggresive media and press. The duke always resisited these devious twists by Uk media so he was inevitably a target. During the 60's and later it suited UK media to portray him in unfavourable terms,...just as it now suits them to portray him as a paragon of intelligence and good grace.....

The duke was a very intelligent man (contrary to media claims for much of his life) and a worthy combatant for freedom of speech, this he never wavered. As he himself said to a senior nurse in a tropical hospital;.....

"you're blighted by mosquitos,..I'm blighted by the press"

By oldbugle at 09,Apr,21 17:39
He was an ‘original’who has no current equal.....a surprisingly down to earth man who had the ‘common touch’ and could talk to anybody anywhere. He carried out no less than 22,000 formal engagements.

........During a visit to an ordinary family kitchen he asked for a piece of the apple pie and enjoyed it with great keenness telling his host “ I love home cooking but I don’t get it much where I live”.

By oldbugle at 22,Feb,21 08:30
I have a long foreskin which has always been a major part of my sexuality. I have a 'repertoire' of stimulations according to how I feel at the time etc.....usually I use a blend of several in any one session of pleasuring.

.......Western medical/sexual authorities think that they know all about sex, foreskin, pleasure and orgasm, but with the advent of the internet we can now see that they don't. It's quite common to see stuff on the web that is wrong and therer is much ignorance about the penis and the function of it's various parts especially the hood and glans.

By oldbugle at 18,Dec,20 09:42
That may be true, but many such organizations cannot be trusted due to their corruption by by outside forces and money ......sorting out the ones that CAN be trusted is the difficult part!

By oldbugle at 18,Dec,20 09:37
Excellent overview!

......It's worth remembering however, that while science itself can generally be trusted the same does NOT apply to many scientists (not to mention politicians)

By oldbugle at 05,Dec,20 09:53
bella,..that may be true but this is a specific site about genitalia etc., and, with respect, there are plenty of political comment and social comment sites on the web whereas, this site is more or less unique.......I've been here 11 years and during that time there has been a noticeable drop in the level of content by posters...I have to say, a drop in both intellect and seriousness.....

.....But, it has to be said, society in general is more superficial than it was 11 years ago too. Certainly, less politics and less trivia would do this site no harm in my view.

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You get conspiracy theories where there are major questions that don't get answered;

When a world famous fabulously rich and influencial pervert takes his own life in a prison cell and the people charged with keeping careful watch are asleep and the video footage gets 'lost'......

When the photos of the footprints in the moondust don't look genuine and NASA just laughs at the questions.....

When a princess has a fatal car 'accident' and lots of important people heave sighs of relief and the inquest avoids the evidence......

When terrorists crash planes into buildings but the bits turn out to have been from cruise missiles......

When a president gets shot and the inqiry published two million pages but ignores people who were there,...and they all die soon after......

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Always prefered briefs......well fitting for movement and action, and poorly fitting for relaxation like this;

By oldbugle at 16,Nov,20 15:57
That's the big message of this site.....the 'bi' people can't get used to the idea that there are straight people here....or, actually, anywhere!

I don't really see how a person can be a 'bit' bi....if you have ANY arousal about your own sex then perhaps you should be proud to be bi or gay......

I like looking here, and very ocaisionally I see a handsome specimen!...but they don't turn me on in any way. I have some good friends who I know are gay/bi but I have no wish to engage intimately with them, because...well, I'm straight! I resent this idea that, actually, I'm a closet gay or bi or whatever. It's the worst bit about this site for us straight men who are dick enthusiasts and only come here to look and display.

By oldbugle at 30,Oct,20 08:17
....Don't know if I'd call it "beautiful" but I have quite a nice one.....

By oldbugle at 29,Oct,20 11:45
Providing it's a 'nice' fetish that enhances rather than damages your sexual relationship there is no need to worry!....It's the weird stuff you have to be concerned about. I saw an item on TV about a man who could only get aroused by being 'bubblepacked' in plastic sheet using a vacuum pump!?! On the same prog was a man with female foot fetish who carried around a rubber foot in his jacket pocket for quick feels during the day!.....he described how, when having sex the womns feet were how he reached orgasm...when he had had enough he pulled her foot up to his face and just came!!

By oldbugle at 12,Oct,20 14:33

By oldbugle at 10,Oct,20 08:33
Much of this is similar to my own experience,..see here;


By oldbugle at 10,Oct,20 08:28
I think it's genetic,'s mine 'relaxed' it still covers the glans when I'm stiff......

There's more about foreskin in one of my blog entries.

By oldbugle at 21,Sep,20 14:47
young or old it really depends on the woman it's attached to....

By oldbugle at 30,Aug,20 07:37
Well I'm NOT a political "nerd" and I have come to look at the left & right parties as a source of worry and, frankly, evil. the trouble is that societies (in the US and here in the UK) have become so damaged and fragmented by decades of poor management and bad judgements, not to mention flagrant exploitation, that it's going to take a lot more than pathetic party politics to repair society...... We can see this very graphically and both the arrival of the Trump era and the Brexit vote evaluation in the UK has shown these huge diversities in attitudes over short distances (or even just across the street!)

....Lots of things that politicos thought would be 'nice little earners' 30 or 40 years back have turned out to be nightmares waiting to there has to be some reckonings.

A final thought for you....It's only another 7 years until Spanish becomes the main language (by numbers) of the USA.

By oldbugle at 31,Jul,20 07:11
Well maybe he should not have parked next to another car for something intimate.....he could have worked out that the other car people would be back....

.......I was walking along a forest road with a group of friends including two women and we passed a car parked on the side of the lane,...a young couple were on the back seat with the boy laying back and the girl kneeling on the floor between his legs...they were fully dressed but she had his fly open and was just getting his foreskin back.....his penis was short but massively thick and her fingers could not reach around it!...Both the women saw as we walked by the car, one saying to the other that it "looked useful", the other laughing and replying that she "had not seen a nice big helmet for a long time"...

By oldbugle at 22,Jul,20 15:10
I greatly dislike condoms!.....I have all the wrong equipement to use them as my shaft is basically conical in much thicker at the base than at the head, and with a very long foreskin that covers the glans when I'm stiff.

If I pull the hood right back and put the condom on then the normal action of the foreskin inside the vagina means that the condom also rolls on and off the shaft..... The best way for me is to pull back the hood and roll on the condom half way, then push the hood forward so that the condom is inside the hood and then complete the roll-on. It's not that comfortable but once you get into the thrusting you forget the mechanics and it feels much better than the whole thing sliding back and forth.

....Now, about the rubber ring on the base end that cuts like hell.....I HATE the bloddy ring it hurts!

When I was using condoms a lot I came to like the female condom as it's very comfortable for me. There's the big drama about gettingn it properly inserted in the vagina, but I discovered that I had the perfect implement to get it up around the cervix........

By oldbugle at 22,Jul,20 14:52
It is known that, despite hormonal flows, sex is largely a learned set of responses, so we learned at a young age that display of gentialia is a 'sexual event'. Thus, it's not really surprising that seeing another mans genitals, especially aroused, is such an event. This has nothing to do with polarity so it applies to many men whether straight , gay or bi.

.........All sorts of stuff gets me 'turned on', some of it a complete mystery to me! Then, there's other stuff that turns me off......

By oldbugle at 17,Jul,20 08:03
I used to have a pronounced bend to the left and a former partner deemed it to be "deformed". In some anguish I used to pull it and bend it the other way in the shower every day. To my great surprise it did become much less 'bent' and the otehr bonus was considerable increase in thickness at the base!

By oldbugle at 17,Jul,20 07:57
I don't really do this anymore as I am older now and enjoy one longer session, often without any ejaculation. however when I was in my 30's I trained myself to re-erect after orgasm....I cam to the conclusion that it's largely a matter of mindset and the right stimulation. Rather than assume that you will have a long recovery time, just continue some gentle stimulation by squeezing and stretching your penis,..or getting a partner to do it. If you take you mind away from 'trying' to re-erect you will soon just unjoy the stimulation and tehn you will find that it starts to stiffen and swell. Quite soon you can re-erect in a few minutes. I found that the next orgasm was not so urgently thrilling as the first one but longer and more emotional.

By oldbugle at 14,Jul,20 12:33

......Always points up, always has!

By oldbugle at 13,Jul,20 15:30
I have always wondered why there is so much variation in size and shape.....The 18th century cartoonist and artist Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) portraid the glans as long and conical in shape. Presumably he had such a member as he always showed the same shape.

...Here is mine, somewhat more 'blunt' and rounded;

In classical Chinese texts the glans is translated as 'turtles head'.

There has been some modern research into the shape and function of the glans.....some authorities suggest that the rim around the head (sulcus) is to hold lubricant...others suggest it might be to act like a syringe to 'suck' out another mans semen from the woman..the implication being that women will let anyone shag them when aroused the more the merrier!..I can't/won't comment!

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By oldbugle at 12,Jul,20 08:13
I am reliably informed that there was an area of Paris during the late 19th century that was given over to prostitution and was apparently famous for the use of mirrors so that the clients could watch themselves in action with the girls.....

Some years back I had some friends who bought a suburband house which had a mirrored ceiling in the main bedroom, much to their amusement and that of friends and family. I never heard if they enjoyed watching themselves en flagrante because a short time later they came home from work an discovered that the mirror had fallen during the day. It turned out to have been made of plate glass half and inch thick and weighing about a metric tonne! When it fell it brought down the entire plastered ceiling and the shards of glass smashed their bed to matchwood!....a very lucky escape!

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By oldbugle at 16,May,20 22:28
interesting subject, about which I have long pondered and wondered.....It's a key subject, too long egnored by social scientists and historians, that might enable us to work out many issues of our present era.

You're correct that the Victorian era was very prudish, to the point of absurdity, in public but very licentous in private. The English aristocracy enjoyed weekend house parties in which discrete wife swapping was very common, along with 'threesomes' The future King Edward VII was an enthusiastic womaniser and sexpot who had a special chair made and kept in Paris so that he could pleasure two women at the same time, although exactly how is a matter of dispute to enquiring minds!

In this era the great sexologist, Sir Richard Burton delved deeply into the Kama Sutra and oriental sex publishing his findings in several volumes such as 'The Perfumed Garden' although on his death his widow made a big deal of burning all his private papers and written research in an apparent attack of the vapours!

England before the 19th century was very bawdy indeed...the great sexual sagas such as 'Fanny Hill' were written then and Hogarth was at the height of his rude career. There were streets and alleys in London known for sex and prostitution with very earthy names like 'open cunt lane'. These were all changed in the Victorian era due to the need to suddenly protect public decency, along with a sudden need to put skirts on table legs and other false prudity.

Is there, I wonder, a connection with the politics of the era? this era workers revolted successfully and European crowns looked insecure. More importantly, 'The Church' became trully powerful for the first time as it turned into a global business in all but name. The church has always feared sex because it offers a sublime experience that priests can only hope to emulate and never can.

By oldbugle at 13,May,20 07:30
I had dry orgasms for at least a couple of years starting about age 10 or 11. I discovered orgasm by accident and without any idea of what it was about....I had always had erections but found I could not retract my foreskin when hard. However, when I was about 10 I found that stretching the tight hood around the glans was strangely 'thrilling' although painful. One night this thrilling feeling suddenly overloaded into the most wonderful climax and I was hooked for life.

....I couple of years later I ejaculated quite suddenly....nothing one night and a big load the next. By that time I knew what things were all about. Looking back, I did have pre-cum for a few months before.

I dont know if it was this 'dry practice' but when I did start to shoot I had amazing power with the jets often going over my head and had to be extra vigilant in hiding the evidence!

What does interest me is that these dry orgasms were just pure was only when I went thru puberty proper a couple of years later that I associated womens bodies with the orgasm and pleasure.

By oldbugle at 10,May,20 07:18

Actually, sexual "taboo" is quite a recent thing and mainly the product of the Church when it realised that it was mainly a financially motivated business......The only real ompetition to 'the church' is sexual pleasure and priests understand that sex offers the sublime experience that they wish they had available......Actually 'God' is closer to you when you orgasm than in most churches......

Not long ago there was no "sexual taboo" it was just part of normal (and communal) life....only two days ago I watched a video about Icelandic village life which only ended 60 or so years ago...the farm building were all interlocked and communal and everyone slept, coupled, gave birth and died in the large central room. Clearly, sex, life and death could not have been the hidden mysteries that they now are.

It has been estimated that upwards of 60% of women have sexual difficulties of one kind or another and there are plenty of men with sex problems.....disccusion and better coverage (or perhaps 'uncoverage') would be a much more healthy attitude, but it would not make money, fill up newspapers andn websites like sexual prudishness can do.....

By oldbugle at 20,Apr,20 12:15
The best thing that happened to me is that the c0mments of other members helped me to see that I was normal and had an adequate penis......

I only began to 'display' because of the comments of a former partner (woman) who made various remarks during our intimate moments to the effect that It would have bee nmuch better for us if I had not been "deformed"

I came to this site after hearing about it in an overheard conversation and immediately wanted to see if other men had 'normal' was a cathartic experience that essentially freed my personality, such was the stress that I had become unwitingly prone to.

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By oldbugle at 10,Dec,19 20:11
This is premature ejaculation...and the ability to just keep going is one of the best benefits of youth!

By oldbugle at 10,Dec,19 20:09
yes, I had this problem with a particular woman......It's a psychological probelm where, however much you want to have sex, your sub-concious mind knows that the woman is the wrong one to be in bed with and the outcome will be bad for you...your sub-concious picks up on very slight give aways...perhaps she is hoping to get pregnant or use the coupling against you later...perhaps she is a potential blackmailer.....perhaps she is looking for a husband....perhaps she will not be discrete and tell another woman that you actually like better.....there's lots of reasons

By oldbugle at 13,Oct,19 12:53
That pic was made 8 years ago, and I'm now does take longer to get hard as one ages, generally, however, for me it's all about psychological stimulation as much as anything and even now it can get hard quite quckly......if the situation is right!

.....Then again there were times when I was in my 30's when it took a long time to get hard and then not very hard, but they were bad years for me and the mental stimulus was completely missing.

By oldbugle at 29,Jul,19 11:34
I trim mine because it gets caught inn my underpants at the worst time, like driving the car or in public places and it feel SO uncomfortable!