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By Kinkysub at 08,May,23 22:00
When I was passed around by 4 guys with big cocks. They were rough and had me squealing. Without my cock being touched I came while getting raw fucked

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On my back legs spread wide apart feet in the air

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When nude I love riding toys and showing off

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Love looking sexy as I get fucked by guys

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Doing meth with a buddy once made us horny, I got turned on by his big curvy brown cock and let him face fuck me. On my back naked he slapped my little cock and balls, he called 2 of his buddies over and they got high too. They teased slapped chocked and spanked me roughly. I loved being naked as they roughly made me beg and sob.

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14, with a 16 yr old, loved his cock in my mouth and being teased for having a small cock.

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Being dominated by a guy or guys

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I was 16, my older step bro put his hand in my pants. My dick got hard and soon I rubbed his big curvy cock. Naked on my hands and knees I moaned loudly as he forced his huge dick in my boy pussy. It was sore but at the same time pleasurable, my little cock oozing cum without being touched

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My step dad smoked meth one evening and gave me some to try. While smoking he put his hand in my pants and squeezed my dick and balls. I loved rubbing his big curvy pink uncut cock. He took my pants off and teased my little willy while rubbing his big curvy cock in my face and on my cock.

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I was 13 and my step bro was 17. He showed me picture's of dicks and I got hard. He put his hand in my pants and squeezed my little smooth dick. I licked his thick long cock and sucked it till he came on my face

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surrounded by friends enjoying the motion.a

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Yea...when I wanna receive nudes on grinsr but guys wanna hookup...i get what i on about lol

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After wanking I tasted my cum and loved it. After that I used go aim for my mouth when shooting.

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By Kinkysub at 29,Aug,22 01:56
When my ex took nudes if me

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My older bro had a mate with him, i asked him to sit hes wierd

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My older cousins and broalways made me the patient. I liked how they had to chance it

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My buddies sis rubbed her cute toes on my cock

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My step bro, his bf n my cuz had me naked on my knees sucking. Slapped with cock and teased for havingba small dick
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I was 13 and my step bro 17. Alone At home he showed me his thick long curvy dick. I rubbed it, my little cock hard. He told me to suck, putting his cock in my mouth.

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Warching my older step bro and his buddy kiss and touch through the slightly open door one evening. I touched myself as they sucked each other's cocks. I bumped the door by mistake and they saw me. My step bro took My pants off snd used me

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5 men with big curvy dicks strip me naked in a hotel room and face fuck me before anal fucking.

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My step bro rubbed my cock, putting his hand down my pants. His gf rubbed my hard cock with her feet as my step bro took it out. He took his curvy thick long uncut cock out and rubbed our cocks together. Eventually I slid into his gfs pussy as he slid in mind. It was sore but pleasurable making me cum

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On grindr i hooked up with a black guy who was dominant and had a large cock

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To be locked in a room with 5 black men with enormous dicks. Stripped naked choked and teased by the strangers with large uncut sweaty cocks.

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When I was 17 i had a 19yr old buddy who was in college. One weekend he invited me to his house as his parents were away. In the living room he took out coke and made lines. After finishing the lines he put his gand in my pants and i loved it. Soon I was naked sucking his big dick. I moaned as he put his big hard uncut dick in my bussy. He fucked hard till cumming in me

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