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By hugehole at 12,Oct,23 19:37
I pump my balls and butt hole, love balls to suck and someone behind me fucking my ass

By hugehole at 12,Oct,23 19:34
Love to suck balls

By hugehole at 11,Oct,23 17:17
Great fuck hole, you fist, me too

By hugehole at 11,Oct,23 16:58
I love fisting so I have a huge hole that I am very proud of

By hugehole at 11,Oct,23 16:55
Love to suck balls

By hugehole at 17,Sep,23 19:24
Cock and balls for me

By hugehole at 17,Sep,23 19:19
Grew up in different group homes so had to suck and fuck whoever whenever, was being fucked when I was 14 or so and dribbled out some cum, best feeling I ever had,into fisting now, love it

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:28
On my hands and knees or on my back with my legs tied back over my head, can not use my ass muscles so it is up to who is fisting me love it, I sure got a big hole and am proud of my hole size

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:23
Been fisted if I could only do one thing it would be fisting

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:19
Best orgasm ever

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:17
I always eat my cum would not waste it, drink my pee to but never the first pee of the day to salty and late in the day no taste or color just warm water 2,3,and4 pees are best

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:12
pe from any womane

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:09
Use some plastic wrap then you can even suck the whole thing into your mouth

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 21:52
Wish I knew how

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 18:05
Did not do that in the army that is why I joined thd day I turned 18 wanted out of those hell holes

By hugehole at 17,Aug,23 21:23
Grew up in an orphanage and can not rememberthe fist, second etc. but had to suck and fuck all the time, joined the Army the day I turned 18, wish I had a dime for everytime I had to suck or fuck which was a few times a day.

By hugehole at 16,Aug,23 02:58
I do not knowhow old I was lived in group homesus younger guys had to fuck and suck just seemed normal everyone was doing it what I remember most was guy who ran the places going to his office he had his pans down or took then down i do not remember exastly but he had the biggest penis head I ever saw and wanted to put it in my mouth to this day I remember this like it was yesterday it really hurt a little getting it in glad to go upstaris and just suck off the teens

By hugehole at 16,Aug,23 02:36
Grew up in group homes the older boys fucked us and made us younger boys suck their cocks all the time, lights out and you knew what was going to happen, suck, fuck, or get beat up everyone gave in and did what was wanted

By hugehole at 15,Aug,23 20:09
I use a machine to but would love a guy just will never fuck like my fuck machine. Would like to try an animal

By hugehole at 15,Aug,23 20:06
I use one and love, can not get a cock to pound me like the machine

By hugehole at 15,Aug,23 19:55
I grew up in group homes older guys fucked us and made us suck their cocks, can not remember when but I had more sex than you will ever have.

By hugehole at 15,Aug,23 17:54
Love your cock, wished mine looked as nice, would love to suck you

By hugehole at 15,Aug,23 00:37
Ialways eat my cum and drink my pee too

By hugehole at 14,Aug,23 21:23
nice hole some good times made that hole

By hugehole at 14,Aug,23 21:22
You have a beautiful asshole like mine

By hugehole at 14,Aug,23 21:21
I would like to but do not know how to go about this

By hugehole at 14,Aug,23 21:17
Nice big dildo that hits my prostate, I love to fist

By hugehole at 14,Aug,23 21:12
8 or 9 was in cubscouts the guy pulled out his cock I just grabbed it it had the biggest head I have ever seen even to this day, don'T know why I grabbed it just did he stuck it in my mouth and a second later squrted in me I did not suck him then but it happened again weeks later, I finally did suck him and did so for 2 years very big cock and bitter, have never sucked a cock since.

By hugehole at 14,Aug,23 20:33
Idrink my pee a couple times a day usually the second and third pee as the first is way to salty and the ones in the afternoon have no taste or color just warm water, done it for years can not ever see not drinkingmy pee or eating my cum

By hugehole at 09,Aug,23 13:41
My best orgasm is when my wife fists me, when it feels like I am cuming I am not then when I do cum it lasts and lasts, the cum drips out slowly but wow its a load, drip on a small plate and eat when done, pee tastes great afterward too.

By hugehole at 09,Aug,23 13:29
Love it when my wife squrts and pees in my mouth,drink it all down, she loves pee too, tastes good smell good, feels good

By hugehole at 09,Aug,23 13:24
I love cocks but would not one with a tattoo

By hugehole at 07,Nov,22 13:49
Getting fuck in my ass, have done 17 seperate guys one after another and all of them at least twice and several 3 times and 2 four times. Never dripped so much cum in my life, would like to get fucked till I just passed out.

By hugehole at 16,Oct,22 22:50
me too

By hugehole at 10,Oct,22 14:19
What ever you want to do to my fuck hole