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By WOODY58 at 23,Feb,24 22:55
You spell what ever you want. Maybe, you’ll get lucky and say something worthwhile. Am I allowed to say, “I understand why she called you a dirty fucking Jew”? I hope so.

By WOODY58 at 23,Feb,24 16:42
The implications are there. How come you people accept Biden actions without proof but won’t take the opinions of a judge in a civil trial? Double standards?

By WOODY58 at 23,Feb,24 16:40
You must be SirFrog or something like that. That’s the only one she lost her temper with and the only one she said what she said to. I’m not harassing or stalking you. I’m just commenting on my wife. Being circumcised in the US doesn’t mean you are Jewish. Practically every American male is circumcised. She has been with circumcised males.
You, for some reason, get all riled up about what is obviously, your religious ancestry. Get off your high horse. Now me? I don’t care who or what you are, so, you can take a 20 foot walk on a 10 foot pier for all I care. She banned you so she won’t give you a second thought. That’s the end.

By WOODY58 at 22,Feb,24 20:39
Artificially? The cost is determined by what the market will bear. I’ve yet to see a businessman that will leave cash on the table. Not one will say, “I’ll keep prices down because my customers are good people.

By WOODY58 at 22,Feb,24 20:35
CAT is my wife and I’m pretty much into her stuff. She didn’t call you you a jerk. She even said so in this same thread:
“ I did not call you a jerk. I called Trump a jerk and, I think, I can just by bringing up ONE thing about him. He raped a woman. This is not conjecture. It’s true and ratified by a court of law. There’s many more “things” but, that’s enough. Are you going to refute that or are you going to exit stage left and counter with your usual platitudes?”—CAT
As far as Sir-Skittles is concerned, Trump is considered a very truthful person compared to him
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BTW, you are a racist and you can send any amount of trash gifts. I don’t care.

By WOODY58 at 22,Feb,24 20:25
Many areas are like that. The Florida Keys and most of Miami and Miami Beach are.

By WOODY58 at 22,Feb,24 20:23
And what’s wrong about raising the cost of goods? Or do you suggest that whatever your pay/hr is when you start a job should stay the same for as long as you work at that job?

By WOODY58 at 22,Feb,24 15:00
Mr Phart, I know you and CAT have been going back and forth on this. My question is this, “What national secrets do you think this Chinese national would be able to report to her Chinese handlers?”. The location of The Presidio? Fisherman’s Wharf? Haight-Ashbury Park?

By WOODY58 at 22,Feb,24 14:53
You are taking this argument out of context.
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First, bankruptcies, no matter what the quantities, are a minuscule amount compared to the population. Second, even though the numbers have gone up, they are about 50% of the totals during 2019, during the Trump administration. The economy is doing well.

By WOODY58 at 18,Feb,24 16:05
She’s not a Bronx cold water flat dweller like you.

By WOODY58 at 18,Feb,24 16:01
It is. I sent it there. It’s you two morons that keep bringing it back up.

By WOODY58 at 18,Feb,24 15:59
Concerned? Yes, but, it’s not my country and I wouldn’t the US to get involved like the CIA did in many countries during the Cold War.

By WOODY58 at 17,Feb,24 18:26
It doesn't matter what activity is happening in a country. Another country has no right to invade it. Putin is a murdering scum.

By WOODY58 at 17,Feb,24 18:24
Yes, it does work. Gerome and Mike raid my stash when they visit. My ass sure feels it. It works.

By WOODY58 at 17,Feb,24 18:22
It's not worth thinking about. I'll keep copying. It gets the message across.

By WOODY58 at 17,Feb,24 11:51

By WOODY58 at 16,Feb,24 18:02
I don't. I believe the man is doing as well as can be expected. That doesn't mean I would vote for him if there was a Democrat that's better and willing to run. I would also vote for a Republican if he met my criteria.
Honestly, the choices that look like will be available to us in November 2024 don't make me happy, but, I will vote for the lesser of two evils.
You sound like a smart person. Why would you want Trump to be President again?

By WOODY58 at 16,Feb,24 17:54
SITO court? Shit In, Trash Out?

By WOODY58 at 16,Feb,24 17:51

By WOODY58 at 15,Feb,24 13:52
Over 50% of the people of this country disagree with Putin.

By WOODY58 at 15,Feb,24 13:48

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By WOODY58 at 15,Feb,24 13:38
I voted here


By WOODY58 at 15,Feb,24 13:33
I hope it's Turkish or Sumatran.

By WOODY58 at 14,Feb,24 19:03
I agree with #3 only.

By WOODY58 at 14,Feb,24 19:02
My doctor tries very hard

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By WOODY58 at 12,Feb,24 17:51
Mr. Tecsan,Mr Phart, I don't know about you, but, we libs like a home, enough money to buy food, pay for housing and utilities, have a car and some extra for a few luxuries. This country has given me all of that and much, much, more. I can't, in all honesty, say that this country needs to be Made Great again. I was born in a third word country, but, one that has almost all that's available to us, here.
Let me tell you, I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world. I know, there's always room for improvement, but, you, MAGA people, have no cause to complain so loudly. You should be proud of what you have and not what you already do.
Just saying.

By WOODY58 at 12,Feb,24 17:39
We, all, are.

By WOODY58 at 12,Feb,24 17:38
Good game.

By WOODY58 at 12,Feb,24 14:04
Eat mine

By WOODY58 at 12,Feb,24 12:03
Aren’t property taxes mostly state taxes where you live?

By WOODY58 at 11,Feb,24 13:48
Eat Trump’s ass.


By WOODY58 at 11,Feb,24 13:46
So, you are saying that once you establish yourself in a location, it’s very hard to pick up and move? That must be why people stay where they are even if they get hit by disasters every so often.

By WOODY58 at 11,Feb,24 13:42
If she’s the site queen then you must be the Amazon of the fake profiles.

By WOODY58 at 11,Feb,24 13:38
Why don’t you move to another state?

By WOODY58 at 11,Feb,24 13:36
No. Windmills k*ll bald eagles.

By WOODY58 at 11,Feb,24 13:30
I'm back. Mind you, I'm like an '85 Chevy p/u. The body is all dinged up, the speed is "slow" and "slower", and it sounds like there where beans in the gas.

By WOODY58 at 11,Feb,24 13:26
I was a site tech. I was the housewives best friend.

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:59
two? You poor man.

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:57
And today in Florida.

A wayward kangaroo was corralled safely by sheriff's deputies Thursday after it was spotted hopping around the pool area of a Florida apartment complex.Watch video of the kangaroo in the player above.The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office released video and still photos of the kangaroo, including some footage shot ...

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:53
The Bellamy Brothers— If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me

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By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:45
CAT, I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had last night at the Rickenbacker Causeway watching the submarine races. It sure brought back some HOT, HOT, times, Baby. I know we had to “improvise” some, but, Gorgeous, you made it sooooo good. Love you, darling. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance. Encore, encore, how about at Virginia Beach?

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:36
Does it really matter? Both candidates should take their “DEPENDS” home and let some youngsters play. I’m 75 and I sure couldn’t remember if I pushed the on button on the coffee maker or accidentally nuked Venezuela.
Go home, guys. Your deodorant doesn’t cover up your musty, smelly, BO.

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:31
Just my educated tongue 😋

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:28
My favorite is Patsy Cline

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:27
The Bellamy Brothers, Hank Williams, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Ray Price.

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:21
There’s a few possible reasons:
1) You changed from gas to electric.
2) You now have a woman living with you.
3) You stopped carry out food and started cooking at home.
4) You now have a woman living with you.
5) The magnet you placed on the electric meter fell off.
6) You now have a woman living with you.
7) Your neighbor is running a long, long, extension cord from one of your outside plugs to his house.
8 )You now have a woman living with you.

And last but not least, and this is a good one.
9) You have a woman living with you.

By WOODY58 at 10,Feb,24 23:10

By WOODY58 at 08,Feb,24 16:24
I get it. My car “bounces” as I drive down the road.

By WOODY58 at 08,Feb,24 16:22
Too expensive. My insurance doesn’t cover the $35K for a penile implant.

By WOODY58 at 07,Feb,24 03:53
Well, he was good looking.