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By Jamie at 21,Feb,24 18:32
I hope they weren't as a Thanksgiving dinner of both.

By Jamie at 19,Feb,24 17:24
Oh the stories

By Jamie at 18,Feb,24 22:30

By Jamie at 13,Feb,24 22:30
Tomorrow sad day. it daughters birthday. Wish she was alive.

By Jamie at 13,Feb,24 21:34
My bill was 65 dollars this month

By Jamie at 13,Feb,24 17:02
Thank you.

By Jamie at 13,Feb,24 04:25

By Jamie at 11,Feb,24 17:32
Not here

By Jamie at 11,Feb,24 15:34
I know a few people use to drill a little hole in the miter to hold the sliding wheel from tuning. It save you money. When meter man comes to check they took it off.

By Jamie at 09,Feb,24 20:06

By Jamie at 05,Feb,24 23:00
only registered users can see external links our groundhog is cute

By Jamie at 03,Feb,24 20:32
Same to me

By Jamie at 03,Feb,24 20:31
15 when I got a job at a small theater showing prom . The cobs would come by to fine the owner for showing pron they would take the real of tape. We switched to cartoon sometimes they couldn't fine us

By Jamie at 24,Jan,24 22:40

By Jamie at 24,Jan,24 11:50
Just cause she wasn't good enough for photo contest..

By Jamie at 21,Jan,24 23:37
A older man when I was 15

By Jamie at 18,Jan,24 12:43
They look good

By Jamie at 18,Jan,24 12:42
Not many about 5

By Jamie at 16,Jan,24 16:40
I was told to shave cause sometimes I leave hairs in the toilet should I?

By Jamie at 14,Jan,24 22:04
I'm watching a program on TV about sinkholes do you all are cover by insurance? only registered users can see external links.
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Are you all cover by insurance?

By Jamie at 14,Jan,24 20:09
I agree

By Jamie at 12,Jan,24 18:01
funny how you look

By Jamie at 12,Jan,24 17:54
Your a sexy girl

By Jamie at 12,Jan,24 17:50
6 inches hard about 2 inches soft

By Jamie at 10,Jan,24 18:18
Only 205

By Jamie at 09,Jan,24 17:05

By Jamie at 27,Dec,23 01:27
Cook a brisket on my smoker it was very good

By Jamie at 22,Dec,23 20:00
I thought it was to feed there pets (alligators)

By Jamie at 19,Dec,23 15:21
Oh my

By Jamie at 19,Dec,23 15:05
I thought I was in that group

By Jamie at 18,Dec,23 02:28
She's exactly like pitbull blames someone to blacklist her..

By Jamie at 18,Dec,23 01:15
Well she did. When my profile was Jame1 there was another person with the name Jamie he blacklist her some how he deleted so I took his name since it was my original name before I deleted. Uca once post on the chatroom that I had blacklisted her. She did again the other day so this time I blacklisted her..

By Jamie at 17,Dec,23 21:39
Hope it was uca

By Jamie at 17,Dec,23 00:05
No beach here close to me or else I would.

By Jamie at 16,Dec,23 17:03
Yes but she got dead

By Jamie at 16,Dec,23 04:56
Don't get caught only registered users can see external links

By Jamie at 12,Dec,23 17:12
Looks like Sir-Skittles loves your ass

By Jamie at 10,Dec,23 03:20

By Jamie at 09,Dec,23 22:50
She got to me,so I had to get her poof..

By Jamie at 01,Dec,23 23:27
I noticed she's back as a man /member.php?w=706114 her blog question /blogs/56018.html
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By Jamie at 28,Nov,23 02:36
Question for dgraff and phart since you two are machines where to buy control arms for a truck . Is it cheaper to replace the bushing and ball joints..?

By Jamie at 25,Nov,23 00:15
lolthis why she didn't like some answers on her poll /polls/4622.html

By Jamie at 24,Nov,23 23:18

By Jamie at 24,Nov,23 20:30
/polls/4622.html mwber don't exist

By Jamie at 23,Nov,23 17:48
Happy Thanksgiving every one..

By Jamie at 22,Nov,23 02:32
I year ago I end up at the hospital. My blood sugar way way high cause I caught covid . I was there for a week.

By Jamie at 21,Nov,23 19:52
Why not why you wear them.

By Jamie at 20,Nov,23 00:39

By Jamie at 19,Nov,23 18:57
It work for me . Nice pink color

By Jamie at 18,Nov,23 20:08