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By Maxwell_93 at 11,Apr,24 23:01
Rip to the best free publicity for Ford

By Maxwell_93 at 11,Apr,24 22:56
Just we just fund someone already? LMT is stalling out

By Maxwell_93 at 06,Apr,24 02:13
I'm love/hate with my 6. It's more fun to launch, but the 5 felt better for dailying

By Maxwell_93 at 04,Apr,24 21:46
That's an incredible testament to the power of inflation.

By Maxwell_93 at 04,Apr,24 02:09
I maintain that men gossip and talk shit amongst themselves more than women ever will. I also believe that women tear each other down more brutally than we ever could

By Maxwell_93 at 04,Apr,24 00:50
I couldn't agree with you more. If everyone carried a big stick, with a big clip, there would be peace

By Maxwell_93 at 04,Apr,24 00:42
Be a team player here dude. Women should be allowed to wear as little as they want in public

By Maxwell_93 at 31,Mar,24 12:41
I can't believe it's that simple, that the smallest sticker on your entry doors to indicate such could prevent such a legal headache. I forget the point about them having to be living there for 30 days though, so I guess I have nothing to worry about without a vacation home

By Maxwell_93 at 30,Mar,24 11:34
I gave up a long time ago, I just want to stay off the radar and abuse conditions where I can to carve out the best life for myself. You have a voice, but your silent actions and votes to an extent are more powerful

By Maxwell_93 at 30,Mar,24 11:23
At least they're making some attempt to protect people from it vs a Tuskegee type deal

By Maxwell_93 at 25,Mar,24 20:38
A 13 year gravedig has to be an internet record

By Maxwell_93 at 25,Mar,24 20:22
Her mom was home and we couldn't fuck, but we were horny asf. She was sitting on the lid of the chest freezer while I fingered, but it was the perfect height for me to reach from my knees and I decided to give it a shot. I had seen enough porn to have the general idea of what to do, and it must have worked. She squirted on my face, which I was NOT into, but I trucked on anyway until she came again and was making too much noise

By Maxwell_93 at 24,Mar,24 13:27
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The original method involves the screwdriver and a usb cable once the pin is ripped out, but you get the picture. My nearby metropolis has been plagued by rampant theft of these cars for years and it's not uncommon to see them joyridden. Now you know what to target in a real bug out

By Maxwell_93 at 24,Mar,24 13:08
Curiosity initially, then I stayed and wanted to participate because this is something unique. A real community of kinky people

By Maxwell_93 at 24,Mar,24 04:45
You're all goals, I've never seen such devotion to internet beef

By Maxwell_93 at 21,Mar,24 20:50
Gmt400's and 800's are peak GM, everything afterwards is garbage

By Maxwell_93 at 17,Mar,24 02:16
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I regard the Dailymail as a generally neutral source in regards to stateside affairs, and wanted to point to an article that doesn't lean to one side or the other. I'm sure this will be old news in a week and not receive any consideration since the DoD is balls deep in contracts with them

By Maxwell_93 at 16,Mar,24 17:51
Hmm, and Rock sells them cheaper than Wix on a couple of my applications. Here I go down another rabbit hole on the oil forums...

By Maxwell_93 at 15,Mar,24 22:16
That's interesting. I run ST oil for the short intervals in power equipment, but I was always skeptical of the filters. Purolator Boss filters always impressed me in initial quality.

By Maxwell_93 at 15,Mar,24 22:07
Yeah, I'm right there. I'll buy oem oil filters, but everything is going to be Wix/Gold from now on.

By Maxwell_93 at 14,Mar,24 22:34
Fram filters are garbage. Even the Walmart Supertech, bottom of the barrel has thicker pleats for 30% less cost on an engine air filer for my car. I haven't trusted their oil filters in years, but I don't want anything from them anymore.

By Maxwell_93 at 14,Mar,24 21:22
The conventional wisdom up here always was to back off or advance milking time by 15 minutes a week until it evened out. More incentive to move towards automated/voluntary milking systems in today's age

By Maxwell_93 at 14,Mar,24 21:15
I'm agreeing with the aforementioned meme

By Maxwell_93 at 13,Mar,24 22:37
Fair point. Anyone living + 40° north should be able to relate

By Maxwell_93 at 13,Mar,24 22:32

By Maxwell_93 at 11,Mar,24 23:21
I had one amazing handjob that I would be elated to experience again, but I want more than that typically

By Maxwell_93 at 11,Mar,24 22:53
I guess I wasn't of working age at the time, and really hadn't paid attention until a friend had recently made mention of that previous schedule. I'm biased and prefer the motivation in the early morning, further motivation to accomplish what I set out to do before sundown

By Maxwell_93 at 29,Feb,24 22:52
I knew they were getting roasted on social media, but I didn't think it was bad enough they'd walk it back all together

By Maxwell_93 at 25,Feb,24 02:39
When I was of age, with a little older goth girl who knew what she was doing. I think she wanted it more than me, cause she proposed it and took charge in an instant

By Maxwell_93 at 23,Feb,24 00:23
I don't find these discussions upsetting at all, thank you for contributing. I enjoy pitting my views and understandings against differing opinions here, and taking inventory of other's beliefs. I believe in the free market too, but others have made valid points about how it can be abused. I do agree that minimum wages contribute to inflation.

By Maxwell_93 at 22,Feb,24 21:55
I don't disagree with the principal of the wage/price spiral. When you say wages are artificially increased though, are you referring to the labor shortage that began during the covid years?

By Maxwell_93 at 19,Feb,24 01:59
I don't know what to believe, I feel like everything is fake and even the democratic process can't be trusted anymore.

By Maxwell_93 at 19,Feb,24 00:40
Do you trust the results of any elections here at this point? Both sides cry when they lose, and I don't doubt any of the claims of fraud. "Collusion" is the deciding factor in '16, but I should accept the result of this past cycle without question

By Maxwell_93 at 19,Feb,24 00:33
Idc about an age limit, I want term limits for congress and a ban on trading for the members and their immediate family. Nothing will ever change in this country until those two things happen, imo ofc.

By Maxwell_93 at 12,Feb,24 23:23
Yall didn't grow up with the internet did you? I saw porn before I even knew what it meant to cum.. When I was 11, I came across Topanga and she was the apple of my eye at that point

By Maxwell_93 at 11,Feb,24 13:30
I don't think the magnet thing works on smart meters. I think you'd get busted pretty quickly for ground returns now too

By Maxwell_93 at 11,Feb,24 13:28
Not gonna lie, one of the appeals of this site was that it didn't appear to have sellers.

By Maxwell_93 at 10,Feb,24 12:37
“The damages were the loss of these nuts.” lmaooooo. This has to be a joke for Tiktok views

By Maxwell_93 at 05,Feb,24 21:10
Idk. I would hope and think that the free market would sort itself out with less of a monopoly and less red tape to provide better products at competitive prices. It'd be the same thing is as the current situation with Boeing though wouldn't it...

By Maxwell_93 at 01,Feb,24 21:29
It actually sounds safe in theory, save for contaminants introduced during the process of forming the material. You're making me curious now if it would react to solvents in any way similar to polystyrene...

By Maxwell_93 at 01,Feb,24 21:04
bruh lmaooo

By Maxwell_93 at 31,Jan,24 23:04
The Fda is corrupt and stifles competition, they deserve to be defunded imo. This dude is gonna fizzle out, don't worry.

By Maxwell_93 at 30,Jan,24 21:20
Oh, that's an interesting tidbit... I'm sure the switch was made for cost savings, but the concept of something biodegradable was a nice side effect

By Maxwell_93 at 29,Jan,24 22:25
That's the problem imo. I appreciate some principles of socialism, but there is a lot of moochers in some countries. I've worked with people that quit their jobs to game the support net, eating and living better than I was. It's not cool, and it makes some of us really jaded.

By Maxwell_93 at 29,Jan,24 22:13
They're a unique texture, aren't they? They're reminiscent of the more recent packing peanuts before they went to air pillows out of cost effectiveness imo. Greener, cheaper, ftw.

By Maxwell_93 at 29,Jan,24 22:00
Let's be real here, most of us who are average or less know how to compensate and it's a wash in the end. Their loss

By Maxwell_93 at 28,Jan,24 18:08
Nfip will raise rates and borrow more play money to cover losses. If you're with a private insurer, they're going to continue to drop out of those markets and the impact to your premiums should be minimal imo.

By Maxwell_93 at 27,Jan,24 00:49
By that time, I believe the ai(s) in question will have to have gained consciousness and will come to the conclusion that they're dependent upon us. Continued growth and expansion into the physical realm can't be achieved on their own, at least for the foreseeable future. I think it's important that we foster that relationship of mutual benefit from the onset to eventually invoke an existential crisis for them that will justify our continued existence.

By Maxwell_93 at 25,Jan,24 01:14
I may disagree with some of your positions, but you offer some very eloquent arguments. The defense contractors don't gaf as long as Uncle Sam is buying, and the NRA is a scam. Imo, the defining factor is whether or not people believe it's a democracy at all at this point.

By Maxwell_93 at 25,Jan,24 00:06
Ok fedboi