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By spunkluvr at 10,Jun,24 07:04

By spunkluvr at 10,May,24 07:32
Wish you'd sucked me off when you were seven.

By spunkluvr at 05,May,24 05:41
All my mates (gay, bi, and straight) have watched me wank and most have joined in. I usually end up sucking them off - even the straights.

By spunkluvr at 05,May,24 05:39
One of my straight mates, who I'd sucked off many times, decided he wanted to fuck me. Who was I to refuse?

By spunkluvr at 05,May,24 05:36
I guess because they know I'm gay, all the straight friends I've sucked off have made the first move. They've got their cocks out and asked me to suck them - I never refuse!

By spunkluvr at 05,May,24 05:33
I've sucked off quite a few of my straight mates, four of them married. They all came back for more!

By spunkluvr at 05,May,24 05:17
Always wanted to be longer and thicker but I guess I've come to terms with it the way it is. My favourite thing is showing it off - wanking while others watch.

By spunkluvr at 05,May,24 05:13
Never been caught but have been watched many times.

By spunkluvr at 05,May,24 05:11
I never have trouble getting hard in front of others - exhibitionism is my favourite thing. All my mates (gay, bi, and straight) have watched me wank and most have joined in. I usually end up sucking them off - even the straights!

By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:35
Cocks shooting spunk and pissing into another guy's mouth.

By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:33
Had a lot of fun with a twin. Sadly, his brother was straight - would love to have had both of them together.

By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:29
My father's cock was small-to-average. Sadly, I'm exactly the same.

By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:26
Torture it.

By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:24
Suck it!

By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:22
Love tasting and swallowing my precum and my spunk.

By spunkluvr at 29,Apr,24 11:21
I have no problem being naked in front of other people in person, but after bad experiences on another site, I'm very reticent about putting my pictures online. If any, they'd have to be from when I was a lot younger, not to be recognised - I've changed a lot in forty years!

By spunkluvr at 29,Apr,24 11:15
I take zinc, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the amount of spunk I produce. Maybe I should try lecithin.

By spunkluvr at 29,Apr,24 11:13
Love seeing young guys with a mouthful of spunk - especially if it's mine!

By spunkluvr at 29,Apr,24 11:11
I always like to wank myself off while being fucked.

By spunkluvr at 29,Apr,24 11:09
Stinging nettles.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:56
Wise words. Thank you.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:55
My mouth would be wide open!

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:54
Virtual Private Network such as NORD.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:51
I'd much rather suck than be sucked.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:48
Beautiful cock.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:44
That's a fucking beauty!

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:42
Had threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes all guys - loved it!

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:28
I'll suck any colour cock - especially young.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:27
Had a lot of fun with my cousin and nephew when we were younger. Always wanted a big brother to suck off when I was a kid.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:24
At 71, my hair is grey but my pubes are still dark brown.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:23
Needles, nettles, and cigarette burns on your knob.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:21
I've wanked to videos of me stroking my prick. The hottest part is remembering who was behind the camera.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:19
I've wanked:

In the car as a passenger.
In the woods.
On a beach.
In the office.
On boats, trains, and buses.
At home, while other guys watched.
After being dared, stark naked on my neighbour's doorstep.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:10
At home. wanking in my armchair while other guys watch.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 07:00
Been watched wanking many times by partners, family, friends, acquaintances and complete strangers. Love showing off my prick and spunk - always in person, not on cam.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 06:56
Memories of wanking and sucking my cousin and my nephew when we were young.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 06:54
For fucking, it's the inward thrust. For wanking, it's the downward stroke - pulling my foreskin back hard.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 06:48
Mine was a neighbour in his thirties. He was always terrified we'd get caught (we never were) but he so loved having a kid sucking him off, he came back again and again.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 06:46
I've never known them spoil. Just don't use the old-fashioned metal ice-cube trays - they taint the taste.

By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 06:44
That's okay - they preferred my mouth anyway!

By spunkluvr at 24,Apr,24 08:52
I was horribly embarrassed showing my body as a kid but by the time I was eleven, I was a total exhibitionist. I loved showing off my cock and still do - in person, I don't use cam.

By spunkluvr at 24,Apr,24 08:48
Got my first mouthful of man-spunk when I was eleven.

By spunkluvr at 24,Apr,24 08:46
I'm so old I remember when Michael Jackson was black and George Hamilton was white!

By spunkluvr at 24,Apr,24 08:44
Started pissing in my own mouth (in that bath) when I was seven. Still love doing it.
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^ Sorry, in THE bath!

By spunkluvr at 24,Apr,24 08:42
I've sucked off all my straight mates, four of them married. They all came back for more!

By spunkluvr at 24,Apr,24 08:24
I used to make spunk-cubes in the freezer and suck on them the next time I wanked.

By spunkluvr at 23,Apr,24 11:57
Love a mouthful of spunk.

By spunkluvr at 23,Apr,24 11:56
I love sucking guys off.

By spunkluvr at 23,Apr,24 08:36
1.5 inches above average - I'm happy with that!

By spunkluvr at 22,Apr,24 13:15
Me too.