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Sounds similar to excuses a **** drums up.

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I would be equally excited knowing you were watching,

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Well shiver me timbers

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5in dick here

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I do maybe more than big ones and look more in proportion on the body even better with forewskin

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List your income and expendature making cuts where you can.
Often surpising what you can do without that is often wasted anyhow.
Keep alesrt with you your ear to the ground for better paid work plus listing what your interest are and can be an aid to become self employed

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"uncut penises look so gross" where lies one of the reason many parents opt to have it done to the ****. Other reasons are religion and ideology. Sadlky custom adhereance involves non medical trained attempts resulting in death through shock and pain. Other than medical grounds there in no need to have it done which is quite different to wanting it done.

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Strange things happen at sea

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WelI Ille be damned

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Hope the move went smoothly if that is at all possible

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So much alike you could say say its the same dick

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Sorry 5in

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Great rear view with your cunt showing

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Shades of Midsummer Nights Dream methinks

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It seems he is now in off mode

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Ah so now she has a choice or maybe both of you

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She could like you

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Not sure how you can be so precise as it still has flexibility when stiff. I cant be so definitive with mine that seems the same. It does take more time to get stiff and nothing like as stiff.

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Go ahead and wear them hardly matters if your dick and balls hang out.
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Few pics of mine with my gear hanging out

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Gosh doesn't time fly

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Have a great trip nothing like travel to expand the mind prompting questions

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Agreed Bella it was just to freshen up the pages that may help me to spend more time on here as it has become less.

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Just spotted and see I have 0. The trick maybe is to keep posting new and delete old stuff

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No stopping her now, anything goes

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With your fine dick attracting prolged should be more than welcome

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Every second counts

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Short foreskin without a doubt

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5in [deleted image]

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