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rate my horse cock please

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Started by #164265 at 22,Jul,11 12:18
what you think of my horse cock. makes them all gasp and pass out when its rammed up them girls

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New Comment

By Kingbbc at 27,Jul,19 16:54 other posts of Kingbbc 
Here’s a horse cock check it out

By Subthrt at 31,May,19 22:48 other posts of Subthrt 
You have a horse dick without a doubt. I'm a born cocksucker; I think my opinion is one that qualifies.
By Scorpio69 at 01,Jun,19 03:31 other posts of Scorpio69 
How the fuck do you know if he had a "horse dick" or not?

You keep digging up all these old ass threads up, and YOU'RE responding to the authors as if they are still here.

THIS thread has been dead since 2013, and started in 2011, HELLLO!! It's 2019 he's been gone since at least 2013 and you didn't even see his horse dick. Get a fuckin clue would you! 😠😠😠
By JustWill at 01,Jun,19 07:41 other posts of JustWill 
Perhaps he is psychic and can see horse cocks on the astral plane.
By Scorpio69 at 01,Jun,19 19:58 other posts of Scorpio69 
Perhaps! 🤔 Perhaps he may just simply be an idiot, too? Just never know these days. But, he said it with such conviction, I'm assuming the latter.

By Subthrt at 02,Jun,19 02:02 other posts of Subthrt 
I've seen a few. 1. Compare the girth to his wrist 2. Compare the length to his forearm or how far up his trunk it lies 3. FYI, there isn't a man alive who has a horse dick, but he has something a horse would be proud of.

By Guy at 13,Sep,13 14:10 other posts of Guy 

By Guy at 13,Sep,13 06:50 other posts of Guy 

By BorisTopo at 13,Sep,13 02:20 other posts of BorisTopo 

By #68656 at 28,Feb,13 13:25
So now we know where the horsemeat in the hamburgers in the UK came from.
By #147052 at 12,Sep,13 10:17

By Leo037 at 10,Sep,13 19:58 other posts of Leo037 

By bigone21 at 10,Sep,13 17:52 other posts of bigone21 
Your "horsecock" is smaller than mine... I'm not impressed..!

By bigone21 at 28,Feb,13 13:14 other posts of bigone21 

You shouldn't d r u g and have sex with u n d e r a g e girls!!

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