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Anyone from canada?1507,Jun,18 20:26
What was the first bisexual thing you ever did?6007,Jun,18 15:22
DFW guy looking to play307,Jun,18 13:43
masturbating masturbating 1307,Jun,18 13:30
Any hung & totally smooth in Brooklyn only want str8 mouth to use?207,Jun,18 10:41
cock to cock tributes207,Jun,18 07:34
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Fantasies that make you rock hard.8206,Jun,18 19:29
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Watching a video and points cost.2706,Jun,18 00:45
Do guys with big cocks get erections past 45 degrees?4605,Jun,18 08:46
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Who the first person to see you masturbate?6002,Jun,18 12:50
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First threesome with wife advice201,Jun,18 01:10
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Should I get circumscribed?1731,May,18 22:56
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MEN'S BULGES20731,May,18 04:59
Do you enjoy anal sex?3530,May,18 09:04
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How to turn off recent event notifications?729,May,18 21:09
Best nipples contest official results829,May,18 15:00
Question about video chat.329,May,18 05:53
I Want to Suck Cock!629,May,18 00:29
Are the straight guys on this site offended by gay men complimenting them?19428,May,18 14:11
I'm already circumcised, but have a fantasy about getting more circumcised228,May,18 12:58
"Gay Stereotype"--revisited1428,May,18 11:24
drugs and sex/wanking2328,May,18 06:13
Selfsuck dreamer2727,May,18 15:55
Describe the first time you came with ejaculation, how old were you? Did it surprise you and did you wank or a friend wank you2327,May,18 09:09
Amount of sperm !927,May,18 09:01
Getting off looking at your own cock?1427,May,18 08:56
When a guy posts a Forum comment that says:727,May,18 04:04
Chicago anyone827,May,18 04:00
i love fem feet927,May,18 01:55
Do YOU have an order?1726,May,18 23:45
cock being milked326,May,18 07:55
Who's from Manitoba, Canada?425,May,18 23:44
Site Birthdays! 🎂8125,May,18 20:22
Prostate orgasm625,May,18 17:21
Here's why it's harder to pee with a boner--1425,May,18 14:49
Spencer Tunick - Melbourne725,May,18 13:31
Eating a Creampie2625,May,18 13:05
Have you met any porn stars?1325,May,18 13:01
Vacuum pump recomendations , looking for a good well built pump225,May,18 10:10
sex on nude beaches2525,May,18 06:07
premature ejaculation1425,May,18 05:56
Stupidest place you put it.625,May,18 01:15
I think my friend is bi but im not sure and i want to suck his cock. How do i do that?425,May,18 01:12
Fond of Showing my Dick in Public4524,May,18 23:21
Quality of sperm + photo4624,May,18 11:22
Who's horny and had a cock for my beautiful wife? We're new to sharing any tips?224,May,18 09:39
Sounding for beginners524,May,18 06:09
Happy 420 everyone!1424,May,18 05:12
Foot jobs824,May,18 04:49
How to tell girl/wife to do strap on124,May,18 00:44
Question for the straight guys10323,May,18 23:39
Nude Beach Experience6323,May,18 21:11
Jack off to ME??8423,May,18 16:14
I want so suck friends cock but i dont know how623,May,18 15:05
I want to live with a Man who loves sucking cock.... (Florida)923,May,18 13:25
MASTURBATION SITE!!1323,May,18 02:53
Shaved cock2823,May,18 02:11
Is there a way to clean up private uploads efficiently1022,May,18 23:19
Question regarding “Notes” on members page.522,May,18 22:33
Photo contests1322,May,18 21:47
Men wearing lingerie2222,May,18 14:10
wanking videos2022,May,18 08:31
Post your favorite cock videos!1522,May,18 08:26
Small shaven cock in panties.1422,May,18 01:27
What is the biggest dick you have sucked?3821,May,18 20:14
do men like to see other men wearing womens lingerie15621,May,18 16:03
VERY THICK SPERM ?821,May,18 13:53
Masturbating buddy1820,May,18 22:53
Masturbation???3620,May,18 19:09
Dildo or butt plug?4920,May,18 18:54
Gay men sucking my cock5120,May,18 18:48
sniffing panties2320,May,18 17:51
Where do you guys that like panties get them?1520,May,18 17:50
Sucking cock1720,May,18 16:52
** What Are You Thankful For In This Life?? **4120,May,18 16:48
Are you a 'slut'?4920,May,18 13:10
small but very very hard1720,May,18 06:02
salt lake city220,May,18 04:53
National Hike Naked Day!420,May,18 04:16
Jacking with a buddy. . . 1919,May,18 21:07
Ever get off on Watching Yourself?2219,May,18 20:27
Some Times819,May,18 20:23
Great Mushroom Head6819,May,18 11:29
Chaturbate1219,May,18 01:33
JACKIE TRENT R.I.P.319,May,18 01:17
You In Your Briefs!4618,May,18 21:35
Does a dick get shorter with age?3118,May,18 17:49
When do you skin it back?3618,May,18 16:47
THE EARTH IS FLAT!29318,May,18 14:00
King of the Mountain game rigged??818,May,18 12:11
On wich pages do you post your naughty pics?1218,May,18 10:03
Curious in watching..1618,May,18 06:23
pictures of very hard cocks10718,May,18 05:26
I have been thinking of quitting.817,May,18 18:34
wearing panties6917,May,18 17:26
PANTY WEARING MEN?7117,May,18 16:46
do you enjoy anal & why?1017,May,18 15:54
Video uploads417,May,18 15:41
Post your LEAST viewed pic72917,May,18 07:12
Your own cum1317,May,18 02:01
White socks or bare feet416,May,18 20:22
Straight and interested in men and women?1316,May,18 18:20
Fantasy come true?216,May,18 09:54
Sexy, skimpy underwear on guys - YEA or NAY?2016,May,18 05:57
Post a funny video.115,May,18 23:50
Experience with Craigslist Personals:)2215,May,18 11:43
Abuse panel1515,May,18 11:28
Nude Beaches & Resorts - Who among us is a nudest?7015,May,18 08:05
hairy pussy615,May,18 07:13
Convertio to shower114,May,18 16:38
what is the strangest way to masturbate that you've tried?2914,May,18 14:52
Toronto Circle Jerk Group114,May,18 14:27
Anybody Had A Forced Gay Experience?2614,May,18 14:16
Busted my 17-day load!813,May,18 21:46
Happy Mother’s Day513,May,18 14:02
Show me a close-up of your mushroom head with precum!12213,May,18 11:10
Ideas and opinions needed.313,May,18 07:29
"Straight" guys checking out other guys pages4313,May,18 05:43
Underwear6013,May,18 05:31
pegging/strapon1013,May,18 05:08
Post your straight guys ass1213,May,18 05:02
Do all straight guys have gay fantasies?3513,May,18 03:04
Too much porn?!513,May,18 02:44
Anyone Anal Play With yourself6713,May,18 01:54
hav you ever been caught masturbating3113,May,18 01:40
Lithuania group113,May,18 01:27
Not many seem to chat.1313,May,18 01:08
ADIÓS.1213,May,18 00:08
Post a funny/silly pic of yourself712,May,18 20:20
public flashing - exhibitionism4212,May,18 19:39
Not all is dead.612,May,18 17:29
Question for gay or bisexual men.1612,May,18 13:27
Miscellaneous...3112,May,18 11:05
Free personals???211,May,18 19:06
uncut penis glans vs cut penis glans5211,May,18 17:28
Glans shapes7511,May,18 12:44
does your penis reach your belly button?4111,May,18 02:05
Craigslist personals everywhere in the world closed now?2511,May,18 02:01
Masturbate-a-Thon4110,May,18 19:18
First time with a man2210,May,18 18:04
Does your wife know you wear lingerie and hose?2110,May,18 18:01
erectile dysfunction310,May,18 14:03
Tell Us A Joke44110,May,18 11:37
Looking to suck my 1st cock in the Denver area210,May,18 10:25
any straight guys who love to suck cock7810,May,18 10:22
Over 60 Bi Curious--??--Why now??610,May,18 02:10
Masterpiece guitar solo's!3110,May,18 00:30
Uncut guys in Mississippi109,May,18 23:22
New section - custom contests1309,May,18 22:45
Show your asshole34209,May,18 21:54
Surrey guy like to suck some dick.109,May,18 20:01
Who has been circumcised as an adult?709,May,18 19:52
Shaved or not shaved2709,May,18 01:21
Hook up and hang out in Effingham il108,May,18 17:45
Three somes3208,May,18 13:21
Hook up in the Bay Area108,May,18 12:55
My Wife Still Talks about Ex during Sex and Wants Fuck208,May,18 09:06
do you like cocks with big heads?3708,May,18 08:02
Rate my cock? Comment ill reply and rate you!1908,May,18 07:12
Small or big? What is the discussion?407,May,18 23:39
Sucking cock807,May,18 13:28
foreskin1007,May,18 01:37
New member. Check out my profile :)406,May,18 22:53
when was the earliest you had sex with a guy...706,May,18 10:36
What would you CHANGE about your dick?6706,May,18 03:35
your first time you show your cock3206,May,18 00:04
Personal hygiene question3205,May,18 23:58
Big black cock turn on2105,May,18 23:50
post your area code8705,May,18 18:03
caught masturbating5105,May,18 09:11
Prominant Circumcision Scar Lines? Post your pics1505,May,18 09:08
GAME: Say something good about the previous posters picture705,May,18 06:07
LOVE and SEX605,May,18 05:58
Cock photo contest !9004,May,18 23:25
Show your bush : Girls and boys2704,May,18 22:56
Hung Scot, seeking female company. No lads please.104,May,18 10:43
Big balls4204,May,18 06:15
Erotic comments for my asshole1503,May,18 18:45
Luv Cock?403,May,18 18:31
Silent, moaning,screaming...703,May,18 14:09
One Word To Describe You?9603,May,18 13:42
Driving bottomless....anyone else ever done this?8003,May,18 04:49
what do all of you at home nudist do if someone knocks at your door?5103,May,18 02:34
First Gay Experience?12403,May,18 02:16
Guys Has anyone ever paid you to let them suck ur cock.?1603,May,18 01:31
Ball size and ball flapping1902,May,18 21:03
who has the best full body naked pics9502,May,18 09:29
Girls and anal1202,May,18 07:28
Show me some soft cocks!24901,May,18 23:30
Alternative sites301,May,18 19:58
Swimming Pool - Nude Swiming1601,May,18 19:44
Ever been face-fucked?1201,May,18 19:34
Are You A Grower or A Shower!4601,May,18 17:23
First Anal Sex experience 2701,May,18 05:35
"Play Ball "330,Apr,18 22:09
I'm into piss,shit,farts fetish530,Apr,18 20:27
ever masturbate with a buddy3430,Apr,18 15:18
Best way to remove hair1430,Apr,18 12:25
How did you find out430,Apr,18 11:57
Anyone in SoCal?530,Apr,18 11:48
age of first gay experience 16530,Apr,18 03:55
How Many women have you slept with in a week?7430,Apr,18 01:55
Masturbated by a Girl2530,Apr,18 00:29
partying naked!Dare games and freak time!!!229,Apr,18 21:54
If i was sucking your cock...1529,Apr,18 18:55
pubes or no pubes?5329,Apr,18 11:38
Has anyone ever used a vacuum cleaner to suck your dick when you were younger2329,Apr,18 11:17
Cockrings8929,Apr,18 06:12
Favourite Cock Type1329,Apr,18 05:00
Slang Names For Pussy1329,Apr,18 04:02
Does your cock size vary from time to time?1429,Apr,18 02:20
How did you realize you're not hung like others?1428,Apr,18 22:56
Am I the only one who...3528,Apr,18 16:37
How many guys have you really slept with?728,Apr,18 15:45
First experience with oral sex3428,Apr,18 11:13
At what age did you have your first gay experience ?2828,Apr,18 11:08
Taking Photo's1928,Apr,18 05:02
Do younger men like sex with older women?3828,Apr,18 04:25
Head too big for anal?1428,Apr,18 04:01
Cocks In Jeans29527,Apr,18 19:45
Barebacking1727,Apr,18 12:45
How many ladies really enjoy the taste of semen1426,Apr,18 22:37
Gay Guys Suck!1726,Apr,18 11:41
Pretty Penises28226,Apr,18 11:40
Balls!26326,Apr,18 07:13
If the Title says girls.. answer.. Gay guys DONT FUCKING ANSWER...2326,Apr,18 04:12
Who would travel to meet folks they get to know on this site?3326,Apr,18 04:00
ABS hookups526,Apr,18 03:22
The first time you masturbated 1025,Apr,18 22:56
The New "Normal" Penis Size Has Been Announced After Lengthy Study6625,Apr,18 22:48
Peeking at others at rhe urinal÷1625,Apr,18 11:53
OMG just saw my niece online naked, shes to young to be on there, shit I'm freakin out1225,Apr,18 10:30
circumcision scars2625,Apr,18 05:06
What's your favourite type of cock1924,Apr,18 18:36
Who jerks off at work?4024,Apr,18 16:00
Does my age limit me for WOMEN on this site?324,Apr,18 15:59
first time asking to suck cock2624,Apr,18 09:24
Morning wood - How often?4924,Apr,18 05:12
Dick size vs. Shoe size12123,Apr,18 22:26
"Young Bushy Pubic Hair"2823,Apr,18 21:29
Gay guys... Answering questions for women..523,Apr,18 11:31
Who would like to Throat Fuck me!!523,Apr,18 07:00
Cum swallowing survey1923,Apr,18 04:19
I've become an expert oral cock-worshipper, here's some tips for giving amazing head1023,Apr,18 04:02
Deep throat cum question.2023,Apr,18 02:10
Masturbate before sex2922,Apr,18 21:28
Anybody who dye their pubic hair?2022,Apr,18 20:33
Size concern422,Apr,18 15:53
Bathroom sex1422,Apr,18 13:38
male dildo/vibrator use1122,Apr,18 10:23
KIK GF Pic Trade/Wanks222,Apr,18 05:37
Fucking virgin2621,Apr,18 21:42
Doctor Fantasies521,Apr,18 09:50
Bi-curious and my fantasies4621,Apr,18 04:32
i like foreskin!!!!12321,Apr,18 01:32
Rude Bitches (and Sons of Bitches)1921,Apr,18 00:47
Anzac Day 2015620,Apr,18 11:13
RIP Craigslist Personals4319,Apr,18 22:46
How many have seen you masturbate?13119,Apr,18 14:43
Which way does your penis's curve1719,Apr,18 12:34
Puffy pussy lips1819,Apr,18 12:29
For the gay guys618,Apr,18 22:14
Circumcised penis cum pics please! ;)5618,Apr,18 16:56
Strangest place you have masturbated?9418,Apr,18 15:57
What is the most unusual place that you have ever masturbated?3718,Apr,18 15:49
GROWER OR SHOWER15018,Apr,18 06:16
Pissing in public4318,Apr,18 05:00
hotel room517,Apr,18 20:39
Young, Skinny Guys with Small Cocks1217,Apr,18 20:35
Any straight guys here...2717,Apr,18 19:49
Does your size vary with situation ?817,Apr,18 14:55
Opinions of redheads/ gingers/ carrot tops etc2017,Apr,18 14:37
Here's why your boner bends:2417,Apr,18 14:18
Relation between male neipple and penis erection817,Apr,18 13:36
under age on this site1017,Apr,18 11:37
Beautiful tits of mila317,Apr,18 10:52
Something inside your Penis ???2117,Apr,18 10:47
Gloryholes217,Apr,18 03:17
Age for pubic hair ?10017,Apr,18 03:09
sauna716,Apr,18 23:43
Always Commando2116,Apr,18 23:08
Nude Beach/Jerking off1316,Apr,18 22:53
Study of More than 15,000 Penises Done to Determine Average Size2516,Apr,18 20:46
Penis shape/outline at the Swimming Pool3116,Apr,18 20:32
MOST FAVORITE image/vid1416,Apr,18 20:01
Commando4816,Apr,18 19:27
Foreskin caught in zipper616,Apr,18 18:15
masturbating for the first time (guys)6516,Apr,18 18:11
small hands1716,Apr,18 14:53
flaccid penis size7316,Apr,18 13:22
Cock honesty - smallest / normal flaccid size5516,Apr,18 12:48
How old were you when you started jacking off? 6516,Apr,18 10:51
Full body pics. including face1716,Apr,18 10:07
what is your favorite liquor?6116,Apr,18 03:11
Decribe what your first ejaculation was like and did you cum yourself or did someone do it for you mutualy2815,Apr,18 23:15
if you love to watch cumshots415,Apr,18 22:52
At what age does the cock stop growing?1715,Apr,18 22:08
do u prefer cut or uncut?7115,Apr,18 21:46
Have you ever taken dick pics of someone else?1715,Apr,18 21:42
Tell your story about the first time you posed & posted your genital pics2615,Apr,18 21:38
Dicks poking out of boxers and briefs17915,Apr,18 21:17
Naked for long periods of time.5715,Apr,18 21:08
Shaving your cock2815,Apr,18 20:59
Big hard sexy suckable cock heads that make us hard and excited !!!2715,Apr,18 20:55
fake profiles3115,Apr,18 20:47
What is the longest you have gonna without cumming?3615,Apr,18 20:23
Anyone ever done stuff with their dad/stepdad/uncle or grandad? Just wondered4815,Apr,18 20:18
Extremely detailed closeups42715,Apr,18 19:13
phone sex615,Apr,18 19:08
Circumcision when did you discover?2115,Apr,18 17:27
most times you orgasmed/came in a single day2715,Apr,18 16:23
Most times you've come in one day815,Apr,18 15:58
HOW MANY TIMES A DAY?715,Apr,18 15:46
post your most viewed profile pic.21415,Apr,18 13:33
turned on while trying on clothes1415,Apr,18 12:25
East Indian Cock715,Apr,18 08:42
Going commando in Jeans ?715,Apr,18 07:13
Tight footy shorts1015,Apr,18 05:44
Cut guys-Do you have much frenulum left?2615,Apr,18 05:09
Foreskin size1215,Apr,18 03:11
Show your frenulum14315,Apr,18 02:30
smooth pics1315,Apr,18 02:09
Naked home work915,Apr,18 02:06
Best orgasm: fucking, BJ, or JO?5915,Apr,18 01:59
What is the quickest you have ever made yourself cum7515,Apr,18 01:48
How did u know a masturbation?1615,Apr,18 01:18
Frenulum orgasm1015,Apr,18 01:09
Nude Sleeping15415,Apr,18 00:50
Underpants/Boxers/Or Nothing ?1315,Apr,18 00:21
Mutual Masturbation4314,Apr,18 22:05
Women and naked men714,Apr,18 21:47
Nice shaved cocks1614,Apr,18 19:34
Shaved dick vs Unshaved dicks...2514,Apr,18 17:33
Gloryholes1114,Apr,18 17:11
Older/younger314,Apr,18 14:27
Top or bottom?1714,Apr,18 13:20
Being fucked properly114,Apr,18 10:47
Whats the correct category of this picture?614,Apr,18 09:46
The very moment of truth (humilating or sexy as hell?)414,Apr,18 06:09
Curious guys?2114,Apr,18 01:47
Show your dick, not show your bum hole2214,Apr,18 00:13
Naked Handyman1413,Apr,18 20:44
Naked at home?9013,Apr,18 19:35
Male Multiple Orgasm2413,Apr,18 19:04
Have you ever cum without having a hard on?9513,Apr,18 18:53
"6 Inch Penises"1713,Apr,18 16:43
Public sex613,Apr,18 16:12
Urinals2113,Apr,18 13:52
First Orgasm - First Sperm5213,Apr,18 10:05
how tight is your circumcision?5113,Apr,18 09:49

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