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Flirting with others while in a relationship.317,Jan,19 02:39
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About securing this WEB site on the internet and a cautionary note to those on this site.516,Jan,19 22:30
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WORD OF THE DAY.....IN A SONG6016,Jan,19 21:40
pics comparing dick to things1816,Jan,19 21:09
Any outdoor/ public pix or videos?12216,Jan,19 20:43
STUFF, JUST STUFF124716,Jan,19 20:30
Rate my cock416,Jan,19 18:35
Sexy BBWs4616,Jan,19 18:32
What's your fantasy about sucking cock?3616,Jan,19 18:18
Body: Show your full body ( without or with face) male or female15416,Jan,19 18:14
Close up shots of just beautiful heads!24316,Jan,19 16:45
Eye to eye2516,Jan,19 15:08
LONG FORESKINS3116,Jan,19 14:32
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!!! SMILE !!!20916,Jan,19 13:32
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getting fucked2616,Jan,19 07:38
Ive got a question for everyone6516,Jan,19 04:03
Self-Appointed Site Police.13215,Jan,19 23:09
To trade your used underwear215,Jan,19 22:46
***Things you should/shouldn't say during sex***3315,Jan,19 21:25
Best Cum on your Dick Pictures2115,Jan,19 21:13
Show Your Most Recent Pic240115,Jan,19 20:29
Whats the Wildest thing youve ver put up your arse?11215,Jan,19 19:35
post your size17815,Jan,19 19:31
Embarrassing moments4615,Jan,19 17:17
The Halo (a game I'd like -- and not the Xbox one)215,Jan,19 16:28
wearing the wifes panties815,Jan,19 16:26
Show your asshole37415,Jan,19 15:37
To my cock admires115,Jan,19 14:09
Shy or enjoy it2115,Jan,19 12:51
Secretly watching someone masturbate4915,Jan,19 12:30
OLDER WOMEN4315,Jan,19 10:52
Bearcub115,Jan,19 09:51
rate my cock and her pussy pics615,Jan,19 08:58
your first time you show your cock5015,Jan,19 06:26
Cocks with Balls Tied Posting Category?1014,Jan,19 20:08
Beautiful asses !!!13914,Jan,19 18:56
Ever been face-fucked?2214,Jan,19 18:35
rate my cock out of 10 and ill rate yours back... or your cunt :)2414,Jan,19 18:23
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Guys who live a st8 lifestyle that have secretly sucked a cock...tell your story1414,Jan,19 16:06
ever masturbate with a buddy8014,Jan,19 14:57
Would love to play:)214,Jan,19 14:38
Would u fuck ur best friends Mother?1114,Jan,19 14:28
Fantasies that make you rock hard.9514,Jan,19 14:17
What is the taste of your own cum3914,Jan,19 12:28
Male asses that look female3814,Jan,19 11:55
Post a softie picture of yourself15414,Jan,19 11:53
Cocks I would Suck... Craving a Cock in my Mouth!20914,Jan,19 10:58
Men if you suck cock where?5314,Jan,19 10:57
How do you ask a guy if you can suck his cock?2414,Jan,19 10:55
Who was the first person you saw masturbate?11414,Jan,19 09:19
How often do you get your dick sucked, and how often do you cum from being sucked?7014,Jan,19 09:12
Hard cocks pointing at my mouth...show!!!!2814,Jan,19 06:31
male dildo/vibrator use1714,Jan,19 05:33
What do you think of curved dicks?4014,Jan,19 04:58
Comparing size1214,Jan,19 02:16
What is your personal favorite pic of yourself?16114,Jan,19 01:57
tight frenulum1014,Jan,19 01:49
Would anybody like to my cock?4114,Jan,19 01:01
First time ever sucking cock?4414,Jan,19 00:58
CUM SHOTS!!!19014,Jan,19 00:56
Post your most viewed picture18214,Jan,19 00:49
Please show me your uncut cock!17614,Jan,19 00:30
are you addicted?1414,Jan,19 00:24
guys, show your gaping holes!6314,Jan,19 00:19
Shall i get a cock ring?4514,Jan,19 00:18
Ever shave someone else1213,Jan,19 23:34
Would you fuck this hairy pussy?9413,Jan,19 23:12
Your first time.4113,Jan,19 23:01
hold that cock 1913,Jan,19 22:44
What is the kinkiest place you have shot your load?12013,Jan,19 22:34
Show us pictures of your hung white uncut cock4913,Jan,19 22:08
Dominant men with BIG dicks1313,Jan,19 22:06
Show your frenulum19813,Jan,19 22:00
Do small cocks want to see other small cocks5513,Jan,19 21:54
Uncut cocks13413,Jan,19 21:47
Post your highest rated pic3513,Jan,19 21:46
Post your hairy soft cock pic7313,Jan,19 21:45
The Taste of Cum1313,Jan,19 21:43
Balls : Post your balls pic taken from behind2113,Jan,19 21:39
SORE PUSSY1113,Jan,19 21:37
What kind of cock do you like black white Asian etc.2913,Jan,19 21:36
Show me your erected dick! ☺5513,Jan,19 21:33
LOVE UP CURVED COCK,s!6613,Jan,19 21:18
Describe an odd place you have masturbated before413,Jan,19 21:14
I Need To Be Sucking Some Cock!613,Jan,19 21:04
smaller1713,Jan,19 20:19
How to you find a new fuck buddy?1013,Jan,19 16:39
Best time of day to masturbate4613,Jan,19 16:13
Is it just me or is there a lot of se xual tension in here? LOL! K!K me: lia2foxy113,Jan,19 13:26
Lipsipsuckit is fit8213,Jan,19 10:21
Public urinals fun6813,Jan,19 04:50
Are there actually any women in here who enjoy looking at cock?1312,Jan,19 18:48
SEMEN....photos please ..12012,Jan,19 13:11
New Feature: GALLERIES (instructions included)4112,Jan,19 13:00
tits archive2012,Jan,19 12:59
Larger Or Smaller Cocks912,Jan,19 10:52
How Many Cocks have you sucked?3012,Jan,19 09:00
How many Married Bi Guys Wank to Cock Pictures Posted on this Site?2412,Jan,19 08:25
Photoshots Outside3012,Jan,19 03:01
SKYPE WANKING GROUP13212,Jan,19 00:33
Tons of Trivia!19411,Jan,19 23:38
Ever got a hotel room just to wank2811,Jan,19 22:51
Causes of masturbation addiction2011,Jan,19 22:43
Do you ever wank to your own Pictures?2611,Jan,19 20:25
Comparing Wives (Whose girl is hotter)4811,Jan,19 17:40
🤘🏻🤘🏻METAL🤘🏻🤘🏻4111,Jan,19 12:46
Post your random dick pics HERE!3511,Jan,19 11:45
Site version of the Hatfields vs. McCoys...8811,Jan,19 10:11
your own pictures1711,Jan,19 08:55
Freddy is a thug and forming gangs to attack people..1611,Jan,19 05:55
My Girlfriend wants to see how hard Yall get looking at her pictures.1510,Jan,19 23:24
Did you plan on your first anal experience?510,Jan,19 20:41
Rate the last dick/cunt8110,Jan,19 09:35
Post your LEAST viewed pic74510,Jan,19 07:52
Pittsburgh cock110,Jan,19 05:42
Full body pic with face!13910,Jan,19 02:20
i love fem feet1009,Jan,19 17:35
Catfight309,Jan,19 16:36
When do you skin it back?3809,Jan,19 15:01
Full body pics.34709,Jan,19 13:08
Me and my feelings for my prostitude cousin20509,Jan,19 11:33
Where to go for masturbating on live camera?2109,Jan,19 04:09
wearing panties9109,Jan,19 02:37
All Trump and only Trump77908,Jan,19 21:30
Words you DISLIKE5308,Jan,19 20:38
My s.i.s.t.e.r and my penis6308,Jan,19 15:25
Small cock and LIBIDO3108,Jan,19 13:45
How many of you like using your webcam & were?408,Jan,19 11:18
Why do guys shave their pubes ? 8408,Jan,19 03:52
Post your saved limp cock pic3407,Jan,19 19:11
Have you been in a circle jerk? How did it get started?2507,Jan,19 16:08
Have you ever cum without having a hard on?11207,Jan,19 15:44
Masturbating the shaft of the penis1007,Jan,19 14:34
saggy or perky tits. . what is better?2607,Jan,19 12:42
when was the earliest you had sex with a guy...2707,Jan,19 09:09
Favorite amateur free video sex site1107,Jan,19 09:02
At what age does the cock stop growing?4007,Jan,19 08:39
Men///Addiction to excessive Jerking off..407,Jan,19 08:37
Frotting & Docking pics2407,Jan,19 08:35
MEN'S BULGES22307,Jan,19 01:09
dirty dick dick cheese smegma706,Jan,19 23:59
My dick is bigger....406,Jan,19 12:40
Gloryhole Experiences3806,Jan,19 07:35
how many remember this place when it was fun? and a place you looked forward to visiting706,Jan,19 03:14
sub for girl606,Jan,19 01:09
Wax or shave (or not at all)? What's your preference?1205,Jan,19 23:59
Share Your Fantasies.4905,Jan,19 22:03
Masturbation addiction in Females..1005,Jan,19 21:30
Naked in house6805,Jan,19 17:42
circle jerk105,Jan,19 15:45
The first time you masturbated 2505,Jan,19 14:28
Nude outdoor???4605,Jan,19 10:43
Does it make you gay if you like head from a guy since wife doesnt give any?4905,Jan,19 10:23
What is the most unusual place that you have ever masturbated?5504,Jan,19 21:20
Naked the whole day.or longer...804,Jan,19 20:32
Jerking off in Hotel.. Maid comes in.. Catches you.1204,Jan,19 12:06
Penile Raph - Higly sensitive area of the penis1204,Jan,19 05:13
to people who shave1604,Jan,19 05:12
Best place to wank with a group on cam?304,Jan,19 01:00
Could you be intimate with someone that has bad breath or body odor?803,Jan,19 20:11
Should i shave my pubes?903,Jan,19 16:06
What is the reason of my erection stops completely ?❗1803,Jan,19 14:50
So, you can't live in peace11103,Jan,19 14:33
uncut bears/chubs903,Jan,19 10:35
Strangest place you have masturbated?10203,Jan,19 02:45
You keep using that word, but it doe not mean what you think it means.202,Jan,19 22:19
It is True602,Jan,19 22:13
health penis cuestion402,Jan,19 15:47
Sites to meet people that donít charge602,Jan,19 13:12
Post your cut vs uncut pics501,Jan,19 21:46
Thinking about sucking a dick5401,Jan,19 20:55
What do you think of this one1401,Jan,19 20:49
Foreign fucks!1801,Jan,19 16:59
How did you realize you're not hung like others?2201,Jan,19 16:55
Cum swallowing survey3301,Jan,19 14:16
Would like to get fucked1701,Jan,19 11:33
Big hard sexy suckable cock heads that make us hard and excited !!!4301,Jan,19 09:22
Snapchat?? Who has it. Drop your snapchts below301,Jan,19 07:36
seeing a guy jerk off for the 1st time1401,Jan,19 07:16
Big juicy veiny cocks1301,Jan,19 02:54
uncut erection12301,Jan,19 02:48
have you ever drank your own sperm?8901,Jan,19 01:44
Mushroom heads...and MORE mushroom heads...11801,Jan,19 01:07
First time sucking: Cut or Uncut3601,Jan,19 00:47
SOFT UNCUT PENIS18101,Jan,19 00:44
short cock, tight nuts2231,Dec,18 23:56
FORESKIN PICS46631,Dec,18 23:49
Where do you live20931,Dec,18 23:44
CUM SHOT PICS5331,Dec,18 23:43
Confession time!!3631,Dec,18 23:25
Cumming in panties531,Dec,18 22:52
Cock ring4031,Dec,18 21:39
Anyone disabled1331,Dec,18 20:10
Better ways to celebrate Xmas and New Year231,Dec,18 20:02
liberal logic in 1 short video1431,Dec,18 19:57
Cock-shy youngsters1731,Dec,18 15:43
Diffrent places we have masturbated5831,Dec,18 15:11
Bodypainting...... do it & post it! ♡531,Dec,18 13:27
Older guys and saggy balls1131,Dec,18 10:29
Anyone into furry stuff?730,Dec,18 23:54
Men are better at sucking dick2330,Dec,18 19:51
your favorite part of a pussy to see in pics?3130,Dec,18 16:57
Show your bush : Girls and boys4530,Dec,18 16:22
Smelly Dicks?1030,Dec,18 13:43
MY MUSIC MY WAY10430,Dec,18 07:09
Hoping to find an old hookup330,Dec,18 04:15
Big cock head or a girthier shaft!!!730,Dec,18 03:47
Nippleshow.... NOW! ;)529,Dec,18 19:51
Getting laid2729,Dec,18 13:21
Public masturbation.529,Dec,18 12:25
biggest load4529,Dec,18 10:46
Dad/Son relationship429,Dec,18 10:29
How many members came here from the old Dick.net site?1629,Dec,18 04:46
Finger-fucking a cunt8428,Dec,18 14:39
GLORY HOLES3528,Dec,18 13:41
threesomes and group sex6428,Dec,18 11:35
Threesomes?4328,Dec,18 06:13
Fucking your Ex wife1028,Dec,18 03:59
Upahorts dick flash227,Dec,18 22:30
SYD/SYC all day everyday.2227,Dec,18 21:59
Boobs... my fantacy..1827,Dec,18 17:36
Transsexuals/shemales1727,Dec,18 16:50
Losing Virginity Stories327,Dec,18 16:38
Did you make sometimes crazy cock-pics?127,Dec,18 14:27
BOOBS, NIPPLES or PUSSY?10227,Dec,18 14:11
Do small or short guys have small dicks ?2327,Dec,18 13:44
cocksucking2927,Dec,18 12:02
MERRY CHRISTMAS1927,Dec,18 11:42
Save this site7127,Dec,18 11:41
Sucking cocks anonymously2527,Dec,18 10:25
wanking uncock cock compared to cut cock5827,Dec,18 03:20
ANY SELF-SUCKERS?226,Dec,18 20:16
Caught sucking ?1226,Dec,18 17:29
Friends with BENEFITS!3826,Dec,18 15:48
penis addiction1726,Dec,18 15:45
Wife Gets off on Guys Masterbating426,Dec,18 15:45
Merry Christmas To All...626,Dec,18 13:37
Any cam showoffs on skype?126,Dec,18 11:10
Group video chat?126,Dec,18 00:39
MotherFuckin MetaL!12025,Dec,18 22:59
Merry Christmas to us pervs.825,Dec,18 21:29
Best orgasm: fucking, BJ, or JO?7225,Dec,18 20:01
Bi Curious1125,Dec,18 15:20
Is your moms lady friend wanting your dick or just bein nice 625,Dec,18 14:22
Anyone ever found photos/videos of people they know?1325,Dec,18 13:23
LOVE BIG CURVED 40+ COCK ! ! !11825,Dec,18 13:07
been caught1725,Dec,18 12:34
Gay porn 2125,Dec,18 10:07
sex in public??3725,Dec,18 08:46
Cum inside,or cum on,----your fave?1525,Dec,18 08:28
why do you like viewing cocks3525,Dec,18 08:27
Anyone Taste their precum?15525,Dec,18 00:07
New here1024,Dec,18 22:06
Have you ever sucked a cousin?1024,Dec,18 22:05
Short Pants -- An Encouraging Sign1124,Dec,18 19:43
Long soft cocks!10424,Dec,18 17:30
" ASS AND BALL PICS. "12424,Dec,18 15:55
Edging2824,Dec,18 11:56
Cum kissing824,Dec,18 10:20
ADDICTED TO .......2124,Dec,18 09:35
Gun **** in America32223,Dec,18 22:33
Glory Holes: Men, Women, Gay, Straight, Bi2723,Dec,18 20:06
How many people have you fucked1923,Dec,18 20:03
Big balls, big loads423,Dec,18 11:58
Your the best masturbaion orgasm 4222,Dec,18 13:57
gays, which one do you prefer?1822,Dec,18 05:36
any one have good rest stop storys322,Dec,18 02:11
Stealing is stealing.821,Dec,18 21:45
What is FAKE NEWS?1721,Dec,18 11:40
Nerves before taking dick?1221,Dec,18 09:46
Who feels better right after cum?421,Dec,18 07:44
cum addiction421,Dec,18 06:14
dry orgasm3020,Dec,18 22:03
DON'T CLICK HERE8720,Dec,18 19:53
verga, polla, pito, pipi, 1120,Dec,18 19:50
Balls : Post your balls pic16420,Dec,18 19:10
Americans v English120,Dec,18 16:42
Creampies720,Dec,18 15:29
caught masturbating7120,Dec,18 15:16
sucking your own cock1720,Dec,18 15:06
Do you want your wife to fuck other guys?12020,Dec,18 13:34
Ladyboy Crush.220,Dec,18 13:21
jerking off while drivingnx1320,Dec,18 13:19
where do you mastubate?2120,Dec,18 10:19
do you like to watch your wife or girlfriend fuck other men4620,Dec,18 09:46
Pussy smell3120,Dec,18 09:26
crying fettish119,Dec,18 16:03
Delivery guys n girls1519,Dec,18 13:23
Everhad sex in church1619,Dec,18 07:47
Jerking tutorial?1419,Dec,18 04:33
comment my cock519,Dec,18 04:29
Who the first person to see you masturbate?8518,Dec,18 21:33
does cock rings help?1118,Dec,18 19:39
Category's118,Dec,18 18:20
What kind of pics do you like to look at? Girls and guys2218,Dec,18 13:23
Extremely detailed closeups50318,Dec,18 02:58
New on Netflix: American Circumcision418,Dec,18 00:54
Merry Christmas!318,Dec,18 00:41
precum717,Dec,18 16:31
Women go off sex1417,Dec,18 14:15
Get Your Donald Trump $2 Bill Today..217,Dec,18 07:25
Senior cock???5616,Dec,18 13:56
Does cum taste different after you get a vasectomy?215,Dec,18 22:41
Show your limp and erect penis pic together7215,Dec,18 20:53
Which part of my ass is best?1015,Dec,18 20:18
getting your man.215,Dec,18 20:13
Glory Hole415,Dec,18 18:58
Profiles with no pics 415,Dec,18 18:50
Number of times jerking off1015,Dec,18 16:10
mother fucking1615,Dec,18 15:56
Limp dicks or erect dicks1815,Dec,18 11:16
How long to cum?1015,Dec,18 10:17
Is anal the same for both genders!1115,Dec,18 02:54
Sucking Cocks2214,Dec,18 17:08
Cum isn't stored in the balls!!!314,Dec,18 07:13
Wise Man Saying from Alt- Right.2114,Dec,18 05:16
Circumcised Germany guys1413,Dec,18 21:09
Penile Papules?213,Dec,18 21:05
Cock art & things put on cock and balls CONTEST713,Dec,18 20:39
Gay guys who don't like anal?2013,Dec,18 20:15
Flaccid OR Erect3513,Dec,18 20:04
Do you retract the foreskin when taking a piss?7513,Dec,18 15:26
Dream cumming...1013,Dec,18 15:22
MILF panties313,Dec,18 14:32
How many thrusts1013,Dec,18 13:28
###*I remember*###8613,Dec,18 13:14
Who lost their relationship over SYD / SYC1013,Dec,18 10:53
Questions for those who love to suck cock2313,Dec,18 07:47
Cum shot413,Dec,18 00:49
fat cocks 3313,Dec,18 00:43
Having sex with a man in front of your girlfriend/wife612,Dec,18 23:53
watch or fuck?612,Dec,18 23:51
am i bi or just kinky?2712,Dec,18 23:10
examining Trump Derangement Syndrome..Defined, symptoms..4812,Dec,18 19:58
PUSSY LIPS1112,Dec,18 16:44
Pussy lips612,Dec,18 16:42
Who have tried312,Dec,18 16:41
for guys who have big dicks312,Dec,18 16:39
Bugs412,Dec,18 16:36
Twins1212,Dec,18 16:35
Styles of pubic hair412,Dec,18 16:35
The best ass shot of a girl on this site?1512,Dec,18 16:34
Public Sex612,Dec,18 16:33
fleshlight review412,Dec,18 16:33
G SPOT712,Dec,18 16:33
MYTH or FACT612,Dec,18 16:32
how many women love anal?212,Dec,18 16:31
Harriest pussy on-site?1012,Dec,18 16:30
Anyone got pics of girls cuming212,Dec,18 13:43
making sex better712,Dec,18 13:39
Kinky Stuff to do When Alone...2412,Dec,18 13:39
Always my wife hint for me to fuck her in anal🔥1412,Dec,18 13:00
Sucking cocks1012,Dec,18 11:39
has anyone hooked up with a member on this site??1612,Dec,18 11:39
why?912,Dec,18 11:37
Question for other Cocksuckers ONLY !!!5712,Dec,18 11:36
Favorite Internet Babe212,Dec,18 11:36
Quantity or Quality??312,Dec,18 11:34
Show us something CooL!30812,Dec,18 11:32
Spontaneous Orgasm From Sucking1012,Dec,18 11:26
Tendency to be gay1512,Dec,18 11:21
Smooth Pussy!3412,Dec,18 08:31
FEMALES answer please312,Dec,18 08:24
Let's see some CREAMPIES!7311,Dec,18 19:53
Pussy grinding on cock - the clit effect2611,Dec,18 19:52
Big clit12411,Dec,18 19:51
1000 uploads2911,Dec,18 19:50
record masturbation6911,Dec,18 19:49
Masturbate-a-Thon4111,Dec,18 19:48
Hairy pussy challenge!2311,Dec,18 19:47
pussy-asshole combo7411,Dec,18 19:46
The CAUSE of SCHOOL SHOOTINGS in the US has finally been found.8611,Dec,18 19:43
Cam 2 Cam411,Dec,18 19:39
Dimucarbonylhexacarbonylidicobalt vs. chlo_ro_form1211,Dec,18 19:36
Click (Milo Manara)611,Dec,18 19:27
Lix's new goodies!14711,Dec,18 19:27
MOST FAVORITE image/vid1611,Dec,18 19:27
For women: who has the biggest nipples?9011,Dec,18 19:26
Your favorite porn act (for straight men)2611,Dec,18 19:25
Puffy pussy lips1811,Dec,18 19:24
SOILED panties7511,Dec,18 19:23
Swingers clubs in the UK611,Dec,18 19:21
Men's brains hardwired for promiscuity1811,Dec,18 19:20
PINSAROS (blow job salons) in Japan: who has experienced them?1711,Dec,18 19:19
Best nipples contest official results811,Dec,18 19:19
LOVE and SEX911,Dec,18 19:18
What's your most viewed VIDEO?5811,Dec,18 19:16
CUM on photos1011,Dec,18 19:14
TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME analysis.111,Dec,18 14:01
Trying to get freaky311,Dec,18 12:23
Phimosis cock and reasons for joining SYD2411,Dec,18 11:42
Doggie111,Dec,18 10:51
Share pics right now?611,Dec,18 08:26
Any 18 yr old cut cocks out there? Please post!411,Dec,18 05:04
What Women Expect From Men ? Ladies Only (no men)3211,Dec,18 01:37
women 40 and up311,Dec,18 01:29
NEW GROUPS111,Dec,18 00:41
6 inch cocks and women (or men)4210,Dec,18 20:19
Wet Dreams710,Dec,18 19:06
Which is hotter?910,Dec,18 13:10
Periods1110,Dec,18 11:53
Permanent foreskin retraction309,Dec,18 15:57
Small Cocks809,Dec,18 09:46
Frotting909,Dec,18 09:07
Cocks in China409,Dec,18 09:03
how small would you go?1309,Dec,18 08:52
meeting up with others1009,Dec,18 08:50
How many have never had a wet dream2009,Dec,18 08:46
post videos of your orgasm909,Dec,18 08:43
Keep myself from masturbating until my girlfriend comes home.1109,Dec,18 08:42
pics of cock during or after orgasm2909,Dec,18 08:36
Driving orgasm409,Dec,18 08:34
cum over and over609,Dec,18 08:33
permenant retraction1109,Dec,18 07:43
Do YOU have an order?2009,Dec,18 02:51
Topic dump1908,Dec,18 18:38
How long to rub one out?1208,Dec,18 16:12
Old Men Jerking-Off2208,Dec,18 11:43
Vibrator and handjob combination308,Dec,18 07:23
embarrassed to show small cock1008,Dec,18 06:55
CA POMONA anyone want to meet up for oral or jack off together please let me know I really want a buddy408,Dec,18 06:42
Mutual Masturbation4908,Dec,18 04:20
Just wondering, who else can cum while soft?5408,Dec,18 04:06
San Diego/OC looking to mrrt up and unload Privately Str8/Bi/Gay guys108,Dec,18 03:53
group masturbating3507,Dec,18 23:39
vibrators307,Dec,18 03:19
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Mutual Mastubation Groups in Central NJ406,Dec,18 20:44
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