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Sniffing dirty panties

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Started by #6437 at 12,Aug,09 12:48
Does anyone like to sniff a pair of wifes or gf's dirty panties while sucking a nice hard cock? MMMMMMMMMMMMMm I love to sniff panties while sucking cock and licking asshole. I like to wipe my mouth off after i swallow a nice hot load of cock cum with them, and sniff them later when it dries!

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By #566722 at 08,Sep,18 08:34
One time I found my ****'s wife panties in the laundry box.I picked them and saw this white sticky goo all over , when her pussy was.I sniffed that white thing and it got me hard somehow, knowing this came out of her pussy.I even licked there and it was salty and it turned me on even more, knowing I am so close, where her pussy was.So I jerked my hard cock, while her dirty panties was in my face, her pussy smell in my nose all the time, until I came and blew such a huge load.

By #78978 at 30,Sep,11 18:02
My sister in law caught me sniffing a dirty pair of hers when I thought she was still out shopping I was wanking as well .she gives me a dirty pair every week
By supablack at 30,Sep,11 20:10 other posts of supablack 
Nice, did she watch you cum or help

By #30896 at 10,Oct,09 00:40
i love sniffing panties. ive sniffesmy wifes twin sister panties all the time. she doesnt know and that makes it exiting
By #173706 at 29,Sep,11 18:48
do they smell like your wives?
By cravecock at 30,Sep,11 15:38 other posts of cravecock 
I sniff my wifes sisters panties and yes her panties smell alot like my wifes! she leaves a little more crust in hers though!

By supablack at 12,Aug,09 13:42 other posts of supablack 
I like to sniff panties, not while sucking cock, but like to sniff panties
By #6437 at 12,Aug,09 13:43
I love dirty panties from the hamper. whos do yo sniff?
By supablack at 12,Aug,09 13:53 other posts of supablack 
From a hamper, my wife, friends panties when i get access to them, it depends, I was house sitting for a couple who are friends of ours and got into her hamper, what was left in there,

By #20664 at 13,Aug,09 02:43
Every pair I see. Used to smell my moms, sisters, friends wives and girlfriends yes I hamper dive every chance I get. I even smell guys now that I discovered the extreme bisexual inside me, and they really smell nasty. The best pair I ever found was my stepbrothers wife right after he fucked her with them on, at a very wild party they were throwing. She squirted out his huge cum load with a juicy long pussy fart right in front of me in the kitchen, then lifted her hippie dress showed me them smiling and telling me she was going to get out of them. She already new I had sniffed her panties in the past(I used to fuck her before he married her), so I took it as a cue and after she left the bathroom I went in and on top of the hamper messy cumfilled crotch facing up, there they were. I not only sniffed I rubbed his cum all over my face until I could smell her on them again. I kept them and am pretty sure she knows I did. She flashes me her tits ass and pussy alot, but he doesn't know.

Another time I found a pair at an apartment building laundry room from a very bbw that lived in the building. She left her load in her basket next to the machine waiting for me to finish my laundry and right on top was a pair of size 16, super female cum crusted, dark brown shit stained super duper smelly in both spots. Again yes I kept them.

I'll smell any panties I see though now male or female. I love the smell of human sex organs.
By #6437 at 13,Aug,09 05:18
Nice! I love to dive in hampers also if no panties i take whatever i can find, love the smell of cock balls and asshole mmmmmmmmm
By supablack at 13,Aug,09 11:43 other posts of supablack 
Thats hott, especially since she knows you have sniffed her panties before, I have been trying to get another one of my friends wifes panties, hopefully i will catch a pair
By #20664 at 15,Aug,09 21:27
girls are very kinky if you tell them what you want!!!
By supablack at 30,Sep,11 08:59 other posts of supablack 
That is true they are very kinky when you let them know. I love hamper diving, its making my cock hard right now thinking about getting a pair of fresh used panties!!! I sniffed my sister in laws, cousins friends, my friend steff she knows I like to sniff hers, or raid her panty drawer I even know when she purchased new ones

By #136638 at 30,Mar,11 15:30
I enjoy wearing panties, and my wife knows and we often wear panties together. Having sex while both wearing panties is amazing, feeling the silky fabric rubbing together on each others private parts is amazing, my wife and I love to grind each others silky covered privates together until we are both getting our panties wet with our juices. I love it when my wife rubs me through my panties and teases me until I have formed a huge precum spot and my cock is twitching wanting to explode. Sometimes my wife will have me cum inside my panties and then she will lick my cum off the panties, satin panties are great because the cum just sits onto of the material and does not really soak in. Sometimes the cum seeps through the panties and sometimes she has to pull back the waistband and scoop up the cum with her tongue, I love watching my wife do this. Other times she will tease me through my panties but not to the point of cuming and then she will kneel down on the bed in a doggy style position and pull her panties to the side. I love when my wife does this, seeing her ass in shiny satin panties as I enter my wife. I love when she reaches back under her feeling my silky covered balls as I explode, either cumming inside of my wife which she loves to be filled, or pulling out and cumming all over her ass cheeks, she loves the feeling of my cum running down her ass crack. The best time was during a threesome we had and the girl licked my ass and my wifes ass. Then after I shot my cum all over my wifes ass crack she licked all the cum out of my wifes ass crack. Our favorite panties are satin panties bikini style, we also have some thongs and boyshorts. I can tell you that there are more woman out there than you think that accept and are understanding of a guy wearing panties, I am so happy that my wife enjoys us being kinky in our panties. Check out our profile for more about us.

By #22008 at 30,Sep,09 13:40
You people are digusting an pervertted with 2 t's and why are you on a childrens networking site anyway? (some of the feedback on some topics by some "members" seems to indicate a strong puritanical clique joining this site.I think we may have to start a new site for adults.)
By supablack at 30,Sep,09 13:44 other posts of supablack 
Start your own and leave this one, sniffing adult panties is not a bad thing, you have your own issues it seems like
By supablack at 30,Sep,09 13:46 other posts of supablack 
and where did you get this childrens stuff from, go get yourself help
By #22008 at 30,Sep,09 13:50
Supablack please read my comment again.You obviously do not understand English.Have you ever heard of SARCASM????
By #22008 at 30,Sep,09 13:52
By supablack at 01,Oct,09 17:52 other posts of supablack 
I understand english quite well actually, i have heard of sarcasm, but bring up children networking site or whatever the hell was enough for me, just doesnt make any sense

By #21348 at 15,Aug,09 03:06
i love sniffin my gfs my dads any really
By supablack at 30,Sep,09 11:40 other posts of supablack 
your dads

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