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how to know a woman fake her orgasm or not

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Started by #200901 at 12,Nov,11 02:40
some women do fake their orgasm to satisfying their hubby? As they feel not to embarass their hubby/partner. women r welcome to post their comments as it's related to them. Share your own experience.

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By RealTitsLover at 20,Aug,17 15:49 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I'd be much more embarassed/bothered if I saw a girl fake an orgasm, than if she didn't get off. I'd feel like she pitied me or something. There are very obvious signs when an orgasm is real, so if it isn't obvious, she's either faking it, or you're a bit mentally challenged. If you're not sure which, try watching her eyes - it's impossible to keep them completely uncrossed when getting off.

By WristThick at 05,Jun,14 18:39 other posts of WristThick 
Muscle contractions almost all of the time means the orgasms are real. The obvious ones are the pussy and the ass, but strong orgasms can cause full body muscle contractions. Some girls can even forget to breathe for 10 seconds

By #457608 at 04,Jun,14 11:24
When I get my wife off I feel her inner thighs shake,aside from her noise that's how I know.

By mobiusdick at 09,Dec,12 05:01 other posts of mobiusdick 
I'll have what she's having.

By #94423 at 15,Nov,11 07:48
I agree with u, but the woman feels more wet also because she releases liquid when she orgasm
By Matt52 at 15,Nov,11 11:58 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: Not all do and some more than others

By #139339 at 13,Nov,11 15:29
I love making my girlfriend cum like that, her pussy clenches so tight, her body shakes, and when we cum at the same time it's just amazing.
By #164428 at 13,Nov,11 18:27

I convulse, too, with the shaking. I also scream repeatedly and then break out into laughter, so if you're with me, and I DON'T do that, no dice.
By boc at 15,Nov,11 07:58 other posts of boc 
One of my exes use to cry after sex. That made me feel real bad.

By Crookedsoley at 15,Nov,11 01:09 other posts of Crookedsoley 
My wife breaks into a sweat when she has an orgasm. Now a lot of sweat, but just enough that I can tell. But not if the orgasm is a "mild" one. She can't fake that! FWIW

By boc at 12,Nov,11 12:23 other posts of boc 
There are 4 kinds of orgasms. There is the postitive orgasm;

"Oh yes, Oh yes!"

There is the negative orgasm;

"Oh no, Oh no!"

There is the divine orgasm;

"Oh God, Oh God!"

Then there is the fake orgasm;

"Oh Rockey, Oh Rockey!"

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