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mastrubation with phimosis

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Started by #89956 at 29,Nov,11 13:13
How can i mastrubate at best with my phimosis? I cant pull my foreskin around my dick so how can i mustrubate very good?

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By DonVoltonus at 30,Nov,18 15:21 other posts of DonVoltonus 
I actually used to have Phimosis. I just jacked without retracting. Now, I've had a Dorsal slit to save my foreskin, and it's much easier.

By condoblueskies at 30,Nov,18 05:12 other posts of condoblueskies 
Easy, just do it. You don't need to retract to jack! Or simply get a blowie instead!!

By slipper at 29,Nov,11 13:25 other posts of slipper 
Depending on if your shaft skin is still "loose" when you are erect, you can either still slide it up and down or use a lubricant--many of which are available on line or at any pharmacy over-the-counter. Something else to explore, if you wish, is enlargement of your foreskin opening. Again, the advent of the Internet brings HUGE amounts of data on doing so to your fingertips. Many have a fetish for phimosis and would love to have you keep it tight, but it's your cock and skin to do with as you wish. Also, at your age I'd think you would have cum across any number of ways to masturbate that work for you!!! All the best!!!

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