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Started by #225731 at 18,Jan,12 04:13
i love to sit back and have my cock sucked on by a strong mouth. i love to get my cock head suck and nibble on. would you suck the cum out of my cock head?

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By #541363 at 28,Jan,19 13:41
When i suck a cock i always want to swallow its cum. never spilling one drop.

By Irish7X5 at 14,Nov,18 02:19 other posts of Irish7X5 
Every drop i like the feel of a cock pulsating in my mouth shot after shot

By cruz69696969 at 10,Nov,18 04:08 other posts of cruz69696969 
I have no idea what your cock looks like, but I am so horny I am sute if that is what you want we can make that happen. I would see you at a bar. You would then use the mens room and I would follow. Standing next to you I glance at your big cock and I immediately get excited. I reach over to touch you. You grab me and pull me into a stall with my hand still stroking your cock getting harder and harder. I drop to my knees and begin to kiss your cockhead. Licking your shaft and playing wwith your balls. I then start to suck your beautiful cock taking your wet moist cock all the way. As you begin to get my mouth wet with your precum i start stroking and sucking furiously. You hold my head against your cock and give a full thrust as your delicious jizz is filling my mouth. I swallow and you're still cummin I swallow again. Oh give me all you got. Your body is pumping and throbbing. When it settles down I lick every drop from your cock as I clean you up. You zip up walk out. Ithen lick my lips and face which has cum dipping from my mouth. I then walk out as if nothing ever happened. Maybe do it again sometime. Send me some pics I'd like to know what I just had for dinner.

By ghostfuck at 19,Jan,12 00:15 other posts of ghostfuck 
Yes I would suck you dry

By #147052 at 18,Jan,12 10:54
I guess sonny that you haven't been around long enough to ask that question.

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