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Am i too big?

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Started by #11942 at 21,Sep,09 12:13
Just wanted some feedback on this. take a look at my pics and leave comments please. Ive had probs in the past with girls complaining about my size, granted they were asian and small id still like to know what others think. My ex would say it was huge but i see pics and guys are the same as me. She couldnt make me cum giving me a hand job. any other guys have this prob?

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By #588373 at 30,May,19 23:18
Exactly, 2 bug 4 what? Will a mouth go around it it, can it be deepthroated(no need to answer, the answer is Yes). D o you tear an anus up when you fuck? Can you penentrate a vagina to your nuts when you're fuckin?
There may be some women who would experience discomfort but my thought is as long as you take your time lubricate you are just the right size.
The real question is ru you a shooter or dribbler?
By Scorps at 30,May,19 23:48 other posts of Scorps 
Author has been m.i.a. since 2009

By #1501 at 28,Sep,09 19:13
I'd say you are above average, but not "over-sized". In fact I would think you were about the best size at about 8-9inches right? Small asian cunts could be a problem, but you don HAVE to shove it ALL the way home to be able to come. Also, if there cunts can't take it all I am sure their ass could (the colon is a long tube!). You would have to be patient enough to work their asshole open with your finger(s) first and use a good dollop of lube. As for them giving you hand-jobs, if they can't make you come maybe it is because they didn't have a good tachnique. Genrally, young girls need MORE practice at jerking-off a guy... they need instructing, 'cos the are not used to it, like boys. In fact I have never found a woman who was as good at as hand job as I am myself!

By MoeJoe at 22,Sep,09 06:09 other posts of MoeJoe 
I get a charge out of these guys with huge cocks asking a bunch of bi and straight guys if they are too big.....c'mon...

By MichaelToni at 21,Sep,09 18:07 other posts of MichaelToni 
too big for what???

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