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What is the highest circumicision scar? pleas post some

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Started by #175308 at 27,Feb,12 18:27
Just to see an extreme circumcision scar (as near as the penis base as possible), is there any one with almost no penis skin? (I am cut, but with a very low scar, almost at the corona sulcus), just would like to see the opposite, as near as the base as possible.


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By scott14 at 09,Jul,19 14:29 other posts of scott14 
My circumcision scar:

By bil47 at 17,Jun,19 14:56 other posts of bil47 

By SIRcumcised at 17,Jun,19 11:19 other posts of SIRcumcised 

By SIRcumcised at 17,Jun,19 11:17 other posts of SIRcumcised 

By cut5x5 at 27,Jun,18 10:26 other posts of cut5x5 
Mine is high.

By DrHorse at 27,Jun,18 01:47 other posts of DrHorse 
Mine is pretty high on one side and medium on the other.

Its also loose enough for me to have some coverage when flaccid

By rumatum at 28,Feb,12 18:39 other posts of rumatum 
mine's not quite at the base, but i've been told it's fairly high?

By #255813 at 06,Mar,13 14:49
something about a tightly circumcised cock like yours is arousing for me...gr8 cock!!

By #178204 at 29,Feb,12 02:41
I've had a few people say mines pretty high:
Photo of a short leg from sd_guy
Photo of a hot-rod from sd_guy
Testicles Photo from sd_guy
By #255813 at 06,Mar,13 14:44
luv ur tight circ and btw...nice cock

By bigone21 at 02,Mar,12 20:14 other posts of bigone21 
i just can NOT believe this...

but it is happening at!!

feasting the loss of a part of the penis for NO reason!!

a penis is fine by itself 99% of the time!!

why are americans butchers when it comes to penises??
By #175308 at 03,Mar,12 15:26
...answer is .... Tolerance or toleration is the practice of permitting a thing of which one disapproves, such as social, ethnic, sexual, or religious practices.
By bigone21 at 04,Mar,12 13:46 other posts of bigone21 
you know what tuner? thanks! i realise you are absolutely right!

i just can not understand how anyone can get to the decision to cut off his foreskin, but than, i don't have to understand...

but than again, i'm gay, having a great sexlife with many guys, having a PA-piercing, and i don't give a fuck if anyone approves!

so you are right! and i better leave this thread!!

By #227256 at 28,Feb,12 18:22
Sharing with you mine:


By #231712 at 28,Feb,12 04:26
Wow I haven't seen a scar as low as yours.
How old were you when you were circumcised?
By #175308 at 28,Feb,12 17:00
I was 36, but I had requested a very high, Doc told me that skin does not serve for anything

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