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dirty dick dick cheese smegma

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Started by #171227 at 03,Apr,12 07:48
A buddy and I didn't wash our cocks for a few days - here are my results. Any guys have recipies and thought?

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By bigone21 at 03,Apr,12 12:40 other posts of bigone21 
WOW! a new tastefull thread!!

i have no recepies (apart from 40 aspirines...), but i have a thought: stop washing and the use of toiletpaper for another few days, and share the result with your buddy, NOT HERE IN THE FORUM!!

if you both get off on it, there might be a niche-market for showyourdirt dot org!!
By Farmer_Brown at 06,Jan,19 23:59 other posts of Farmer_Brown 
I love dirty cheesy cock and a good crusty ass!

By #457775 at 20,Nov,15 06:50
Wow two great cocks wish I could have joined you

By #147052 at 03,Apr,12 10:00
probably the only buddy that you will have if you follow this line of cleanliness.

By petescoe at 03,Apr,12 09:57 other posts of petescoe 
wherz the budds results?

By oldbugle at 03,Apr,12 07:52 other posts of oldbugle 
....Did you wash behind your ears?...

.......Anything growing there?....What is the purpose of this post?

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