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on a scale from 1 to 10

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Started by #251599 at 13,Jun,12 19:16
On a scale from 1 to 10 what do you think of my cock?

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By Baakens at 15,Mar,20 01:34 other posts of Baakens 

How do I rate?

By #164428 at 28,Jun,12 21:25

I'd give it an even higher rating if I could feel it in me!
By #251599 at 08,Jul,12 05:33
That would be so much fun! I bet you would love the way my hard man meat would feel!

By #274120 at 18,Jun,12 19:35
not that i need an answer to know but in the world of small dicked men how do i rate? add_smile("")
By #251599 at 18,Jun,12 22:37
What would you rite me? That was my question.
By #274120 at 29,Jun,12 21:33
u have a perfectly shaped dick compared to mine....nice i like it
By #251599 at 08,Jul,12 05:32
Thx man you have a good lookin cock yourself

By #250866 at 17,Jun,12 02:47
Can you rate me. Plz
By #251599 at 17,Jun,12 05:04
What you think of me? I like your dick I would say I rate it ay 7.

By #204448 at 16,Jun,12 07:46
4 pts
By #251599 at 16,Jun,12 17:50

By poopanana at 15,Jun,12 20:13 other posts of poopanana 
nice dick, but shave and it looks even better.
By #251599 at 16,Jun,12 08:34
Thx you have a nice dick too. So you think I need to shave it all?

By #273173 at 15,Jun,12 04:08
By #251599 at 15,Jun,12 19:40
Wow really thanks man!

By *kmadeau* at 14,Jun,12 22:12 other posts of *kmadeau* 
pretty cock 9!
By #251599 at 15,Jun,12 03:04
Thx man! I would love to suck your pretty cock!

By #218750 at 14,Jun,12 18:10
Nice dick, nice balls! 9 points!

Please check me:

By #251599 at 14,Jun,12 18:59
Thx man! Vary nice cock

By #234610 at 14,Jun,12 03:29
Not big on fros but nice dick...8
By #251599 at 14,Jun,12 18:57
Thx man. u think I should shave it all?

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