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Black out orgasm

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Started by #139339 at 25,Jul,12 19:51
Last night while having sex with my wife, after making her cum several times, she had one final intense orgasm where she said she actually blacked out for a few seconds. She said that it was the most intense orgasm she has ever had, and she had never felt like that before. So I'm asking the women on this site if this has happened to anyone before?

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By overeight at 07,Apr,20 22:50 other posts of overeight 
It scared the hell out of me the first time it happened to a woman I was with but she soon opened her eyes and smiled at me. Since then its happened a few times and to be honest its a little scary each time but I know its just a very intense orgasm for them. Its lots better than waking up and pulling fingernails out of your back that broke off in your skin I tell you that.
By DJS at 09,Apr,20 03:23 other posts of DJS 
You sure she wasn't bored shitless and nodded off for a few seconds
By Scorps at 09,Apr,20 03:32 other posts of Scorps 
By DJS at 09,Apr,20 06:25 other posts of DJS 

By sigma30 at 31,Jul,12 06:26 other posts of sigma30 
that's normal for a female brain, when she is having an intense orgasm. As more hotly as she gets, more and more areals of her neural network are going down. At the moment of her final orgasm she is in a state of a short time "persistent vegetative state". That's normal! Next time, try to ask her something - she wouldn't remember it!!!! Male brains are working completly different. At the moment of a male oragasm all the neurals are firing and your brain is in top form! Sounds crazy, but that's science!!!

By #239636 at 28,Jul,12 07:29
This Happens to my wife alot, its ok mostly but, if it keeps happening ya'll might want to check her **** pressure to make sure it isn't too high.
By #239636 at 28,Jul,12 07:29
B l o o d
By slipper at 30,Jul,12 18:43 other posts of slipper 
Incredible site-censor

By dreamer at 26,Jul,12 02:41 other posts of dreamer 
Cool man. Mind blowing

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