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am i bi or just kinky?

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Started by #113591 at 13,Aug,12 09:46
I love seeing other guys fucking my girl and I rub my coc in there cum and feed it to her, she licks it all off then I get mine. She loves it and so do I. I've also ate cum from her pussy that wasn't mine then kissed her. Does this make me bi or just kinky?

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By countrynaturist at 12,Dec,18 23:10 other posts of countrynaturist 
After I give my boyfriend a blowjob and he shoots his load into my mouth, I love to deep kiss him and we share his cum. So you are not kinky ... Just thoughtful

By ktalmipn at 18,Aug,12 04:32 other posts of ktalmipn 
totally kinky haha who doesnt like a little bit of voyeur?
By #113591 at 24,Aug,12 14:57
Everybody loves it

By #254338 at 15,Aug,12 12:23
if you eat the cum of the other guy out of her, I would say you like cum... if you sucked his cock (or fantasized about it), I would say you were bi... but that's just me...
By #113591 at 15,Aug,12 19:30
Can't say I have ever wanted to suck a dick. Must just be kinky!
By #254338 at 17,Aug,12 10:58
ESP if you would eat anything from her body during sex... Your cum, other guys cum, food, her juice, her crap, etc... Just makes you really horny/ kinky....

By slipper at 15,Aug,12 19:50 other posts of slipper 
Who cares if you enjoy it? It's all just words, anyway.
By #113591 at 16,Aug,12 00:45
All very true, and we both love it!

By #292825 at 15,Aug,12 00:24
It doesn't matter as long as both of you enjoy doing it together.
By #113591 at 15,Aug,12 00:31
That's true, can't hurt to put the question out there and see other opinions on it.

By #177050 at 14,Aug,12 22:48
I like your pics and your cock makes my mouth water.
By #113591 at 15,Aug,12 00:01
Thank you! Glad you enjoy it!

By #177050 at 14,Aug,12 02:29
If you like the way her pussy feels when it's all streched out and full of cum from a fatter cock, then I have to agree with Steff look into cuckolding or cum eating cuckolds. For me when it cums to cuckolding ,bi is the only way to fly ,and if his cock is bigger and fatter than mine it makes it more fun for all three of us.
By #113591 at 14,Aug,12 12:43
The other guys have all been smaller. She's worried she can't take more than what I have, which may be true, she's very tight. I love getting sloppy seconds!
By #177050 at 14,Aug,12 22:45
When I was 21 I hadn't even had a threesome yet,let alone seen another mans hardon. If you are looking for a label to put on yourself ,I'd say young and horny and leave it at that for now. You've got plenty of time to try new things. Just enjoy.
By #113591 at 15,Aug,12 00:00
Good advice! Thank you.

By #177050 at 14,Aug,12 02:01
The first time I saw another mans cum dripping from my wifes pussy I had to suck her clean and I loved it. Then the next time he came around I gave him a blow job and when he came I could feel his main vain pumping into my mouth, it was a life changing event for all three of us. Now if he wants her or she wants him he has to cum in my mouth before he gets to cum in her. It's a win,win,win for all three of us since he lasts longer for her and before he didn't last long enough to get her off . If you like sucking cum , you might like sucking cock. If you try it once you will know instantly if your bi or not.
By #113591 at 14,Aug,12 12:46
I don't know whether I could suck a dick or not, mayby if the time was rite and my womans juices were coating it. Mayby if she really wanted me to. But it would be tough at first.

By #280873 at 13,Aug,12 23:49
Maybe a bit kinky but in good way sounds like you enjoy it and that's a good thing
By #113591 at 14,Aug,12 01:13
I enjoy it very much, me and her both do. It's nice to see her get so freaky!

By #164428 at 13,Aug,12 11:40
I'd say you enjoy being a cuckold. Look up cuckolding. Awesome lifestyle if that's your thing!
By #113591 at 13,Aug,12 12:24
I really enjoy it! It's such a turn on. I was overseas recently and she took a video of her fucking a guy and sent it to me. It was such a turn on watching and hearing them talk about me.

By #89828 at 13,Aug,12 10:10
It makes you a guy with a cum fetish.
By #113591 at 13,Aug,12 10:16
I think I enjoy my girl being so dirty more than anything. I love when she acts like a little slut for me.

By #183178 at 13,Aug,12 09:58
I'd say a bit Kinky, but not bi just because of that.
By #113591 at 13,Aug,12 10:04
Ok, never really thought of myself as bi. Just been getting into this stuff recently. Thank you!

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