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panty man

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Started by #288814 at 24,Oct,12 16:08
why do men like to wear panties?Ilove to wear them! anyone else wear them?

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By #136638 at 25,Oct,12 13:58
Oh yes I love wearing panties and pleasuring myself in the, satin panties are the best in my opinion to pleasure yourself in. Many guys enjoy wearing panties, its a fact that most men who do wear panties are straight. Wearing panties has nothing to do with sexual preference, it has everything to do with how great they feel. My wife loves seeing me in panties, she loves how excited I get when I am wearing them, she gets extra special attention when I am in panties and she loves it, she will even ask me to go put on some panties as she knows I will get extremely hard and she will get lots of attention. Its a natural viagra I guess. Lots more men than you can even imagine wear panties to pleasure themselves with, and many woman enjoy using there panties to pleasure there man with, wrapping them around his hardon, my favorite is when my wife is still wearing them and I rub myself on her silky covered butt or clit and explode all over her panties, she loves seeing my cum soaking her satin panties. Oh the power of panties, they feel so good. Check out our profile to find our more about us.
By #210331 at 25,Oct,12 23:40
That's all fine, and great, but what about sharing that with a new girlfriend?? They always seem to imagine the worst, and think that you are a perv!!

Why are so many women so turned off, and so judgmental about this??

I like panties because they feel comfortable, and soft, but women can wear men's clothes without a care?? They have 'boyshort' underpants, that are like guy's underwear, and everyone is OK with that, but a guy wearing Pink Jockey Women's briefs is a 'freak'!! WTF??

It's cloth, and what does it matter if it is pink, or blue, or whatever?

What about the guys that just like the soft, sensual comfort of the fabric?? Why do guys have to wear course, rough cotton briefs, when women get to wear soft, sensually soft, sensual things??
By delboy at 26,Oct,12 00:53 other posts of delboy 
Exactly, why should it only be the women that get the pleasure.

By cumnpanties1 at 03,Jul,17 03:20 other posts of cumnpanties1 
Well where have you been all my life thought I was alone lol, other than my now ex would love to find a woman like you, I love being on Skype cumnpanties1 username , but
me and my exgirlfriend p, who actually bought me panties and wear them when we make love, she loved when I keep my cock wrapped with fabric as I fuck her, and she likes seeing my pantied covered cock getting wetter the more she does, and usually ends up in me getting a shower, literally lol. Squirts so much. Nice to see that I'm not alone, and why there is such a stigma with men wearing panties, every ex girlfriend would always wear my underwear, and besides that it's just fabric and clothing, which doesn't make the man/women last time I checked. Lol

By #102053 at 25,Oct,12 00:27
Love to wear them, and love to see a nice hard cock in them
By cumnpanties1 at 03,Jul,17 03:19 other posts of cumnpanties1 
Well cum see mine on Skype cumnpanties1

By #213134 at 25,Oct,12 08:47

By stickyknickers at 25,Oct,12 02:32 other posts of stickyknickers 
I do. I love wearing all sorts of pantyhose, too

By delboy at 24,Oct,12 19:25 other posts of delboy 
Love wearing them, have a look at my pics, wadya think?

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