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Asian Dick

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Started by #284404 at 08,Feb,13 06:22
Asian uncut dicks are very cute. It's best when unshaven. Just like it. Smooth bodies of asian men are very tempting.

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By qvxbdydx at 24,Apr,19 10:10 other posts of qvxbdydx 

By weera at 21,Jul,13 06:43 other posts of weera 
i love asian cocks . but why this misconception that they are smaller than caucasion dicks ? this is simply not true , sure some are small , but there are an awful lot of caucasion guys out there with very small dicks .some of the biggest cocks i have ever seen were on asian guys . my boyfriend is thai and he was always worried about going to nude beaches because he thought he was small , he is not small , he is way bigger than most guys and didnt realise , can someone tell me though why balls on asian guys dont ever change size with the temperature ? his stay the same cute size all the time

By #206678 at 08,Feb,13 15:29
I agree. I love small intact asian cocks and especially when shaved

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