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straight but sucked cock

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Started by #356786 at 22,Feb,13 11:50
i am totally straight but one time a few years ago, i went to this gay bar with my gf at the time and she had to go home early, so i stayed there for a while just having a few drinks at the bar,
a good few drinks later i was pretty drunk, and some guys i knew there invited me back to theirs for some more drinks and i thought why not.
after drinking i got pretty tired and i shared this bed with this guy i knew was gay.
while laying there he kept trying to touch me and i said "no sorry im not gay, i have a gf" and he said ok and stopped. but as he was pretty drunk he kept doing it and i kept saying the same thing.
after about the 5th time, i dont know what happened or what the hell came over me but i just thought what the hell! and i lent over and put my hand down his boxers.
his cock was already pretty hard. i had never even touched a guys cock before and what i did next shocked me. i pulled out his **** and put it in my mouth, the taste and the feel of a guys dick in my mouth was amazing, i could feel it throbbing while i moved my mouth up and down his cock.
after a little while he came with out telling me, i hoped he was going to cum in my mouth but he didn't.
ever since i have had loads of gfs and never done anything with a guy since and i am totally straight and dont get turned on by guys, but i crave to suck cock so bad and have a guy shoot his hot load in my mouth and fill it with cum and swallow it all up, when ever i watch porn i look at the hard thick cock and wish it was cumin in my mouth.

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By #609706 at 25,Jan,20 23:22
No one is totally straight. If you liked sucking this guys dick then find some one who you can suck him whenever you want to. It is No bodys business but yours & the dick you suck. I totally love everything about women & Sex with women. BUTT if I was alone + horny and some guy wanted to suck my dick; I would gladly let him. You answer to no one but yourself.

By #44497 at 23,Feb,13 10:12
Straight men don't suck cocks ! BTW, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay !

By #301038 at 23,Feb,13 08:38
Oh no... another one... just say it out loud, "I like to suck cock. Cock is attached to a male and not a female. Therefore, I enjoy both, men and women. So, I must be bi." Feel free and be happy. Stop being another cock sufferer and embrace all that life has to offer!

I'm not trying to be mean, but you need to be dragged out of that closet.
By oldbugle at 23,Feb,13 09:01 other posts of oldbugle 

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