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Are females not into webcam chat?

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Started by #278535 at 01,Nov,13 07:04
There are some groups here at SYD which are related to webcam. As for example; Webcam users, Yahoo cam!, video cum guys and girls, Jerk off to my wife, cam chat lovers, Wanking Videos etc. I regularly checked these groups mainly to find any interested female. But I am very upset that still I couldn't find any female who are interested to chat with cam! Sometimes I think that are those groups for only gay or bi people (only male)? Or females are really not into webcam chat?

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By #301038 at 01,Nov,13 08:32
Here are some thoughts.

Unlike guys, women pay more attention to how they look. For a guy to look his best in front of a webcam is enough to just take off his underwear and smack some baby oil on his dick, while a woman needs to spend all that time grooming herself, making sure that she likes the way she looks. And despite what you guys think, most real women on this site have families, boyfriends, childrеn, and are not just lay on their bed in lacy lingerie and in full make up just dyeing to help some random dude to get off. If someone has time for all of that, they are making money!

Some women, in fact, do skype with other guys, but it's with those special men, that they found attractive and want to take it a bit further than just a chat. Again, a special person, not a group of 986 guys, who wants to cum while she watches.

Too many men, not enough women! Too many weird, disgusting men, who never ever been around a real woman to know what to do with her and treat us, female members, like whores, who are paid to get them off right there and right now. Not enough men, who know how to attract a female, and those who do, play some weird games and want to have a little harem, which turns out to be ugly, and at that point forum turns into some soapy battlefield.

Unlike men, very few women get turned on, while some random dude watches them stuff their pussy until they come.
By #278535 at 05,Nov,13 12:31
Well said Peach. I have no intention to show my wanking or blow my cum through cam chat only if anyone like to watch. I actually want normal chat but with cam

By #278535 at 30,Apr,14 16:58
thanks peach, now I am clear

By #164428 at 02,Nov,13 17:51
I don't know if I'm allowed to mention other porn sites. If you go to the one with the rodent name, and click on live cams, you can see and interact with women, but be prepared to be begged for "tokens". It's their form of exchange. They do have other cams for the more professional porn types, and there you pay in dollars and get more for your money. But it's a business; if you want to find women to do this casually, you may be hard pressed to find it, my friend.
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You could get lucky; some just get off on the exhibitionism, and they will strip right down and get off without the token parade.
By ktalmipn at 02,Nov,13 18:37 other posts of ktalmipn 
yep xhmaster is all about tokens no tokens means she wont even show a nipple but i have been lucky enough and manage to with 2 girls on skype only 2 intead i have like 100+ male "friends"

By xavier1 at 01,Nov,13 18:35 other posts of xavier1 
There was a female member from across the pond whom eye skyped with, who just wanted to see me and unload !!! She showed her pussy and tits! That's all required..

By #68656 at 01,Nov,13 07:25
Most likely the subject matter which usually is discussed on such websites and contacts is not appealing to the majority of decent ladies.
As we know most webcam chats are simply of a "show me your tits" standard and the male always masturbates, the female participant merely being an object for the gratuity of the male.
By #278535 at 01,Nov,13 07:54
Thanks for your thoughtful post.

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