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make dick 12 inches long...

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Started by #44346 at 30,Dec,09 10:52
how to make dick 12 inches long...are there any exercises...?

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By slipper at 31,Dec,09 01:24 other posts of slipper 
Yeah, start with 14 inches and have two removed! Dream on.
By oldbugle at 31,Dec,09 07:58 other posts of oldbugle 
.....A friend returned from a trip and told me that he found 150 emails, mainly spam, in his inbox. Apparently a lot of them were offering penis enlargement and he told me that several were headlined 'make you penis 10 inches long'....he said he answered all of these by asking whey he should cut a couple of inches off!!
By slipper at 31,Dec,09 18:47 other posts of slipper 

By #5532 at 30,Dec,09 22:17
A brick and some twine. Hang the brick with the twine and eventually the laws of gravity will make it longer....ha ha....I just crack myself up sometimes.
By bigfella at 30,Dec,09 22:48 other posts of bigfella 
I tried only made it turn black
By #5532 at 31,Dec,09 01:21
really lmao now....I tried it and the damn thing fell off....ha ha
By bigfella at 31,Dec,09 15:52 other posts of bigfella 
you wouldnt happen to have a vid of that would you? LOL

By #44346 at 31,Dec,09 01:31
ha ha ha...funny comments...

By oldbugle at 30,Dec,09 11:06 other posts of oldbugle 
It depends on how big it is to start with. If you are 6 inches then no, it is not possible by any means. In reality a 12 inch penis may be more of a problem than an asset.....

....If you really are interested in getting bigger then it takes dedication over several years.....and you need to be sensible and realistic about your growing capacity.

....If you are still interested then do a search for 'Thundersplace'.

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