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i think im bi.

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Started by #48408 at 13,Jan,10 07:17
I think imight be bisexual. Im 19 and love my girlfriend but i found myselx wanking over seeing some huge dicks and creamy loads on here.
I'd love to experiment with a gay or bi guy but dont know how to get round to it.
I dont think i wanna be ass fucked but i'd love to wank off and suck off a guy and have cum coer me or swallow his load and the same don to me. it tuns me o so bad.
Im just worried because i dont know where to go and i dont know how i'd give a blowjob,iv had them off girls but the pleasure is so great you dont think exactly what she's doing.

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By str8cocklover at 22,Apr,19 00:16 other posts of str8cocklover 
click other posts and read a couple of my posts ive been explaining this for 2 hours now.

By 61-69 at 02,Apr,19 04:33 other posts of 61-69 
I know I am. I haven't dipped my toes in the water since I've been with my lady, but I had enough gay experiences to know I was very comfortable with it. I couldn't see me ever being romantically involved with a man, or even kiss one, but as far as just sex goes, it's either/or.
By cumonme1 at 02,Apr,19 07:34 other posts of cumonme1 
I totally agree

By cumonme1 at 02,Apr,19 07:32 other posts of cumonme1 
I was about 60 yrs old when I sucked my first cock, once you have a hard cock in your mouth you will know what to do, just be careful with the teeth. Just suck it the way you like your cock sucked, when he cums swallow all he gives you then you know you did a good job

By #584365 at 02,Apr,19 04:13
First and foremost: There is NOTHING wrong with being bisexual.

If you really love your girlfriend and she loves you, why not tell her your desires? Well, yeah that sounds easy and I know it isn't, but how do you think about the future? Are you up to lie to her forever and ever? Or are you up to repress your desires? So - tell her.
The best place to start (if you don't want to go to a club or something like that) might be the internet. There are literally tons of guys who feel the same way. So just ask one of them if he want's to discover those new things with you together.

And about the BJ - hey: Nobody is perferct from the beginning - just try it, talk about it, learn...

Everything will be fine

By bil47 at 01,Apr,19 12:43 other posts of bil47 
As for how to give a blowjob... try googling "how to give a blowjob". And watch some M/M cock-sucking videos (because men are usually better at it than women). And don't be worried if you can't take a cock into your throat. It's a skill that takes practice (and many cock-suckers choose not to do it at all).

As for how to hook up with a man, aren't there phone apps for that?

By #580363 at 01,Apr,19 11:20
I thought I was bi just turns out I'm gay I love men's dicks I Can't Get Enough all I think about is letting men use me taking dick down my throat and up my ass I'm a straight-up cockslut

By #33070 at 23,Jan,10 23:51
If your current girlfriend would be cool with it, try a three sum with a guy who would like to pin your girl.Just ask one of your friends if they ever watch porn with dp in it,and what they think.

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