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Started by #524800 at 29,Jul,17 15:34
Any experienced Banders have any tricks? I was hoping for total numbness for a few days, but the feeling always starts to come back within an hour

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By talk4s at 31,Jul,17 13:41 other posts of talk4s 
Oh, you poor, poor ignorant 18 year old. I know, we old guys have all been there in different ways and done really stupid things...but let me illuminate the incredible danger of what you are doing by 'banding' your dick...Were you aware that human body parts that are starved of **** for extended lengths of time...DIE?!...look up gangrene for instance... How would you like the feeling in your dick to NEVER come back? Because you killed it? you know what a Eunuch is? You are in danger of becoming one @ a very young age. Before you grow out of your stupidity...I know when I was your age, I would NEVER, EVER listen to someone that was 66. Just because I was an ignorant full of cum teenager...I hope you will have more sense than I did @ your young age and listen to someone who has experienced much more than you and actually has some knowledge to help your STOP what the HELL you are doing!...I know sex is a hard Master. We all are driven by it's whims and desires...Listen to me. You are endangering the life of your cock by this practice. And if you want to be my age and STILL have a dick...get some help if you cannot cold turkey this addicting practice you have...Please...
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For f's sake! B L O O D

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