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I'm already circumcised, but have a fantasy about getting more circumcised

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Started by #558096 at 28,May,18 11:14
I'm cut with the low and moderate style and with the frenulum excised. It's probably the least desired style as it removes the maximum amount of sensitivity without giving the clean tight circumcised appearance. I got cut just because I was tired of being uncircumcised, ie having to keep it from getting stinky...etc. Now I love knowing that you guys that still have your foreskins are much more sensitive than me, especially since my glans has weathered over a decade and thereby lost the majority of any remaining sensitivity.

Actually I wish that I could get recircumcised to such a degree that I get an intentional hairy shaft, meaning that all the skin from the edge of my knob to the start of my pubes is removed, therefore causing the pubic skin to be directly stitched up to the knob. This would cause my scrotum and pubes to be drawn up the shaft when erect.

It's just a dream, I'm not really crazy enough to totally destroy my cock through such a radical circumcision. So I'll just wank about it instead.

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By royal at 08,Nov,20 10:45 other posts of royal 
id enjoy my cock stitched up, all of my shaft skin so that my knob only shows..that would feel and look amazing, Into destroying my cock

By royal at 17,Mar,20 03:04 other posts of royal 
thats the most amazing look - if i were circ id want a really tight one with no shaft as you mentioned . go for it!

By cardinal at 28,May,18 12:58 other posts of cardinal 
Just cut that sucker off you'll feel much better

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