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Gay foot fettish

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Started by Lilboi at 03,Sep,19 04:41  other posts of Lilboi
Jus wondering how many gay/bi guys out there enjoy feet play with other guys

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By rogermarcos at 24,Apr,20 18:58 other posts of rogermarcos 
I'd say I don't a fetish for other guys feet, but I do have a fetish with my own feet, love showing them around, having them liked and covered in cum. I probably made more guys cum with my feet then with my ass

By Lilboi at 02,May,20 16:58 other posts of Lilboi 
Thats so sexy

By #upnorth6969 at 22,Nov,20 20:28 other posts of #upnorth6969 
Love your delicious soles

By Scorps at 23,Nov,20 05:04 other posts of Scorps 
Oooo those are nice!

By #upnorth6969 at 22,Nov,20 20:28 other posts of #upnorth6969 
I do, I'd love to start on your sexy toes and explore every inch of you.

By ramminggull at 23,Apr,20 09:07 other posts of ramminggull 
I wouldn't even say I have a full on fettish - I love to look at feet, less so touch them. I get boned up by a hot dude with hairy legs in flip flops, or jeans with flip flops. Also totally love all the pics of dudes just standing or laying in bed on this site with their feet casually in the background. I purposefully show my feet as much as I can in my pics and vids for that purpose.

By #upnorth6969 at 21,Apr,20 18:00 other posts of #upnorth6969 
I love feet and toes, my favorite is the soles. I love burying my face against a guy or gals soft soles. cover the arches with light sucking kisses and lick the bottom of the toes and lick between the toes before sucking on them one by one. Yum!

By Scorps at 04,Sep,19 00:57 other posts of Scorps 
I like a nice foot, no denying that. That being said, I've seen some nice Male feet around here. But here's the catch, the bulk of men don't know how to, or care to, take care of their feet appropriately. Many believe they should have stanky feet or unkempt nails and heels, perhaps cause that's "manly". If they are like that. I wouldn't touch them under any circumstance. Albeit there is at least one member I know of that likes him some stinky feet. When he asked me if mine were stanky and I said "hell no!" I didn't hear from him anymore... 😄😆🤣😂

By SluttySarah069 at 03,Sep,19 14:31 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I've been to plenty of adult cinemas and male saunas - I've only had one guy who liked foot games - maybe I should wah my feet more often -or they smell too bad!
By Lilboi at 03,Sep,19 14:49 other posts of Lilboi 
Yeah not many guys seem to like foot play.

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