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Male Multiple Orgasm

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Started by #56411 at 15,Feb,10 22:11
Ok guys, keep this one to yourself, if the girls find out about this one it might spark a gender war for this sacred of skills. Guys can multiple orgasm without ejaculating and have a two for one orgasm when ejaculating, when you've learned this skill of learning to define the point of no return and staying away from it while orgasm occurs, nothing "cums" close to beating it.

Anyone else use the edge and double deck techniques and had multiple orgasms before "cumming"?

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By JimmyB at 13,Apr,18 19:04 other posts of JimmyB 
Yes, it's great. I can do it intentionally using a few techniques. Stopping just before I orgasm, fantasizing with minimum stimulation, and during prostate stimulation are my favourite ways. If only I could actually cum from prostate stimulation only. Also, this rarely happens even when I'm trying to cum. Which is either really amazing, or really annoying depending on how bad I need to cum and how much time I have. It's like the ejaculation reflex backfires somehow. Always seems to happen when I have limited time and really need to squeeze a quick one out. It at least doubles the amount of time it takes me to cum most of the time so sometimes I can't even finish.

By Earlybird at 13,Apr,18 13:48 other posts of Earlybird 
Yup. I figured out how to do that back in my teen years.

By RealTitsLover at 27,Feb,18 03:51 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I've had girls joke about me having multiple orgasms, even though they were like a half hour to an hour apart... I guess it's because I stayed hard.

By Mazinga at 26,Feb,18 23:46 other posts of Mazinga 
I'll bookmark this topic for reference.

During my lengthy edging sessions I'm doing things that
are either "sustaining" my orgasms or pleasure thresholds,
or causing me to orgasm "multiple times".
I can't explain it; but I'm driven to explore it and
learn all that I can from it to enhance my own resistance
and cum control to new pleasurable levels.
Like I'm trying to achieve some sort of sexual nirvana.

Great topic, thanks for posting it!

By lawrenceo at 22,Feb,18 09:54 other posts of lawrenceo 
There are times when edging that I stop but not before I have a small amount of full spunk emerge but without the orgasm sensation. I can then go on edging until I finally cum the full amount and have the thrill.
By rudy51 at 22,Feb,18 10:29 other posts of rudy51 
I do the same thing it is a thrill

By #532987 at 17,Apr,17 22:02
Those of you who incorporate the use of tantra are on to something. This art incorporates intimate breathing and the sharing of each other's breath as part of the experience of foreplay Once one has achieved this level of sensuality you move up to controlling your urges to ejaculate With this system it helps to have a full bladder as the sensation of urination or pissing while in a heightened state of arousal helps to achieve a non ejaculation orgasm. Most healthy males can ejaculate at least two times during sex play over an hour Regardless of age a male schooled in the art of tantra can achieve four or more ejaculatory orgasms and numerous non-ejaculatory orgasms over a couple of hours

By #289712 at 14,Apr,17 18:03
One time during sex, like usual I felt build up, then I peaked, but then it stopped, and straight away built up again with another stronger orgasm. I had a torrent of cum spurting outta my dick in her pussy that day..

By RealTitsLover at 05,Apr,17 00:57 other posts of RealTitsLover 
This actually happened to me yesterday by accident - two orgasms in a row where cum was shooting out, and it definitely surprised me, but I don't think it was as satisfying of a feeling as letting loose all at once, full ****.

By #475677 at 19,Oct,16 07:13
tantra & lingam massage
you find on the net
By licksipsuckit at 21,Oct,16 08:41 other posts of licksipsuckit 
it'll be worth looking up *lix*

By #519017 at 18,Oct,16 18:03
Never tried that. When I wank I get so frantic all I want to do is squirt my cream. But I'm often still up hard after I've jerked my load and can stroke off another one straight away.

By Hrnyboy90 at 07,Sep,16 09:45 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
If you practice and can remain patient when masturbating you can get yourself to have an orgasm but not ejaculate. Least for me I found I'll have the pleasurable contractions of an orgasm, theyre not quite as intense or as many but I'll stay hard and can do it multiple times. The only time I can make myself ejaculate multiple times is if I have a prostate orgasm and then jerk off right after

By eddieram at 07,Sep,16 08:12 other posts of eddieram 
I once had an orgasm while my partner was fucking me but I didn't cum. Afterwards I was still just as horny as ever and had another several minutes later when I shot the biggest load

By allnatural at 22,Jan,16 13:23 other posts of allnatural 
Before I acquired the taste for my thick cum from a full orgasm, I began mastering this technique of edging. It let me enjoy eating my cum without losing any desire. After awhile I got so good at controlling my orgasm, I can drop a full load on a Ritz cracker without spilling a drop. I've had some pretty amazing edging sessions where I end up have multiple dry orgasms because I've drained all my cum.

By oldbugle at 16,Feb,10 03:51 other posts of oldbugle 
It's not exactly new since the tantrists and taoists hae been doing it for centuries. For modern western man a good overview can be found in the books of Dr Barbara Keesling,...If I remember one of her books is actually called 'Multiple Orgasm for Men',...or similar contains a working method of achieving repeated orgasm.

....My only criticism of this is that my 'repeat' orgasms are not as fullfilling as one 'big' one and this skill in men is, or course, quite different and superficial compared to that of many women. I have known one woman who could go on having continuous orgasms for as long as sex lasted, was not possible to count them and when she really got into it her orgasms seemed to be detached from any stimulation and seemed to feed on themselves,..a sort of sexual hysteria!
By #56497 at 16,Feb,10 04:58
my how big has your cock grown since it was last in my pussy from memory it was only 4 inches great photo shop skills yourve got now
By MoeJoe at 16,Feb,10 05:43 other posts of MoeJoe 
Good one Joanne....LOL

By oldbugle at 16,Feb,10 05:54 other posts of oldbugle 
Hi Joanne, should be so lucky my dear! cock would never go anywhere near YOUR pussy....

.....I wondered when you would be back to crap on us......if there is anything 'better' than a pervert it's a vengeaful pervert.....
By #56497 at 16,Feb,10 14:38
This site is post your cunt, theres sites for people to post there photoshop pics i suggest you use it and don't post here again you arse wipe
By boy at 16,Feb,10 16:01 other posts of boy 
You, however, haven't posted any pics yet, not even photoshopped ones!
By #56497 at 16,Feb,10 17:02
Yes i have dickhead ask oldbugle
By oldbugle at 17,Feb,10 03:38 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes, joanne, you did indeed post some most revolting pics of yo playing with your faeces and people naturally took offence resulting in you leaving this site,...what was it now?, TWO weeks ago?


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