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Have you ever had fun with roommates

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Started by overeight at 06,Feb,20 02:39  other posts of overeight
Once I had a friend who needed a place to stay close to work. She lived outside of town about 15 miles out and her car engine blew up. I had visited her at her house a few times and she had a girl living with her. She asked me,hey can we come rent your spare room from you. You have a room and a bed and everything. We can walk to work from your house its only a couple of blocks. So I said sure no problem. So she kept her house so she could go back on her days off. So her and her friend didn't always work the same days so some night only one stayed in the room other nights both stayed there. Well one Saturday night they had left and told me we are going back home tonight ok. I said ok fine. So the two of them had run around the house in nothing but panties and nearly naked and got me all excited on multiple occasions. But neither one would give me any. So that night they got ready to go out and a guy came and picked them up to take them out. Well it got pretty late it was around I think about three am that morning. So I thought about them and how hot they looked in their tiny outfits going out. So since I was alone I put in a porn. I watched it for a bit and said screw it they aren't here. So I got naked. I didn't want to just get off so I was slowly stroking my cock and I was completely naked. Well I closed my eyes for just a minute and fantasized a little about them. Well just then the front door swung open and they both saw me in the window before walking in. I jumped up and said oh uh I'm sorry and they said oh no go ahead we decided just to come here tonite font let us stop you go ahead carry on. As a matter of fact were going to sit down and watch this porn with you. They were pretty drunk and they came in and said go on you were stroking your cock when we came up dont stop just act like we aren't here. So I did. I slowly stroked it held the base so it looked all nice and hard and stuck straight up. Well my friends gf then went to the room. I looked at my friend and said you made her uncomfortable she walked out. Just then she walked back out wearing nothing but tiny itty bitty panties that were see through. And she said dsmmit I wanted me some dick tonite and nobody but men with bitches were at the bar I need some dick and watching you jacking off got me going even more. So I looked at my friend and she said ok that's enough come on lets go un the bedroom. She grabbed my cock and pulled me in the room but it didn't take much of a pull. That night I ate them and finally the one who said she needed son dick slide down on my cock while I was eating the other.so there I am one riding me and me eating the other. That night they drained me dry. I fucked all night long until daylight. The next day they both told me damn we never both did a guy together that could hang with both of us damn we need to do that again sometime. From then on they both from time to time would come to me and ask me for some. They had a third friend once they called me and asked can she come over and take a shower so we dont have to go to our house. Do I said sure. Their friend came over took a shower and as she came out the bathroom she had a small towel and half her ass poked out the towel as she walked out and down the hall. I said hey and called her name. She turned and looked at me as I walked down the hall my cock about half hard. I said was the shower ok sometimes it runs out of hot water. She said oh no I was fine. I said I see you got a little towel I see your ass poking out there it looks pretty nice. She had a real nice bedonkadonk ass too. She said yeah I see it us gettin you excited and they told me you have a nice dick can I see it if you dint mind. So I said sure I pulled down my pants showed her and she grabbed it and when she did her towel fell. She started to grab the towel and I stuck my by then hard cock in her face. So she then looked up at me and dropped to her knees and starts sucking me. Just after that the other two asked in and saw us in the hallway her sucking me off. Do she stopped. They both laughed and said oh no you already started sucking him off you better finish it off or you going to get left. So she hurridly sucked me off while the other two picked at me and poked fun at me and she only sucked me. I really wanted more but they were in a hurry to get out. She didn't come back with them that night but I did tell them I really wanted to fuck that nice ass she had. They said oh hell no she already sucked you she knows how big and hard you get,she dont like to fuck big dicks like you've got she only sucks em. Thats why she didn't just bend over I bet she wont come shower here anymore after seeing your cock.

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By #599868 at 06,Feb,20 10:14
I had a gay roommate when I was in my 20's, I learned a lot and we had some fucking fun!!

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