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Started by #58000 at 05,Apr,10 14:07
I want to find more juicy videos around here of guys jerking off, or just showing off their delicious cocks. Videos that are worth losing points for! Got any favorites that you care to share?

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New Comment

By #555544 at 22,May,18 08:26

By owenowen at 27,Oct,13 15:51 other posts of owenowen 
comment on my vid please m

By jerseyboy at 29,Apr,10 18:19 other posts of jerseyboy 
Finally got my first video posted, check it out, did not know how to get it here, so its under my screen name.

By axell at 21,Apr,10 20:04 other posts of axell 
Big Fat Cock. What do you think?

What do you think, baby?
By jerseyboy at 23,Apr,10 16:38 other posts of jerseyboy 
Great video, done in real style. Your cock is awesome. I need some advice about posting videos that I made, the site said they were too large. Do you know how I can reduce the mega ratio to under 5 Mbytes? I like the foreskin on your dick also. It is real cool and great looking.

By jerseyboy at 21,Apr,10 16:53 other posts of jerseyboy 
I have been trying to post videos of mine but the site keeps saying the file is too large. I guess it has to be under a certain mega bite. Does any one can educate me on hoe to reduce my videos so I can post them. Please private message me.

By #10886 at 05,Apr,10 15:37
By jerseyboy at 21,Apr,10 16:48 other posts of jerseyboy 
Were you peeing, doesn't it hurt your dick. It just seems starnge to pee with your forekin still over you glans. Would it not be better to expose your cock fir peeing. Just wondering for I am cut.

By #69967 at 20,Apr,10 08:16
1 of me below
Me cumming one nite~ ~
By #58000 at 20,Apr,10 15:52
Haha, more action and less slow-motion, but thanks.
By boy at 20,Apr,10 16:49 other posts of boy 
ha, for someone who hasn't even posted a single pic yet you are quite demanding

By angel8888 at 15,Apr,10 09:30 other posts of angel8888 
Check mine buddy, you'll see it deserves to lose all your points, enjoy it.

By #65867 at 05,Apr,10 14:22
I posted a cum video I'm quite proud of. Check it out.
By angel8888 at 15,Apr,10 09:28 other posts of angel8888 
Nice vid, check mine, I'm really proud of it too, you won't be dissapointed

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