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Proper etiquette

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Started by #8949 at 15,Apr,09 09:05
To all those very beautiful women on this site, I must say, I'm shocked that it appears most of you have not learned proper etiquette. When someone addresses you, you should at least acknowledge them. Ignoring to answer is rude. At least let them know you are not interested. Perhaps then you won't get repeatedly asked to chat or become friends when you are seen online.

There are only a few women on this site that are especially pleasant. They know who they are as I am sure others do too. I enjoy sharing my photos with the public, but please, try to be civil and let a guy know where he stands.

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By licksipsuckit at 01,Jul,18 21:55 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l get why most the women don't want to answer all the messages in their box, and like a telephone ringing, doesn't mean you have to answer it, just means someone wants to talk to you, but acknowledging a message, most men take it as an opening to behave how ever they like and without reading why the women are here, begin a process of trying to get them to play games, cam with them, do stuff they may not want to do here.. and a lot of messages are comments, like 'love your tits'... is this a way to open a conversation??? everyone is here for their own reasons and all aren't here for the same reason as everyone else. and maybe they just don't want to talk to everyone here.. *lix*

By #7468 at 15,Apr,09 13:18
I give up! Trying to get any guy on here to have a clue is ridiculous.
By BushPilot at 16,Apr,09 14:40 other posts of BushPilot 
Remember that in any box of bad apples, there are a few good ones that get tossed in by mistake. And, some of us do have a clue, are very polite (except when being impolite is the game), and are respectful and complimentary to the ladies we talk with. As for the uneducated and uncouth, they loose out in the survival of the fittest model even on this site. Keep in touch. Love ya.
By #556372 at 01,Jul,18 18:51
Well said

By supablack at 16,Apr,09 14:53 other posts of supablack 
I always reply to comments and alto try to comment pics back, just to say thank you for my comments, i appreciate them all

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