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Need some new suggestions or ideas

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Started by #7468 at 25,May,09 21:23
Hey SYC/SYD Site Members;
I would really appreciate your giving me some ideas or suggestions for some interesting places or things to do for pictures or for activities. We have a plan to go to a restaraunt very soon that we like and rub each other to orgasm under the table while we are sitting there in public with everyone around us. What ideas and fantasies might you be able to suggest as well? Thank you for your thoughts. Please--nothing disgusting or crude!

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By cody8789 at 12,Feb,18 13:49 other posts of cody8789 
How about in front of a police station

By lawrenceo at 12,Feb,18 08:17 other posts of lawrenceo 
There are a few secluded bays near to me and it might be possible for a quickie buddy wank there. Also, in some of the rural car parks.

By BushPilot at 28,May,09 19:30 other posts of BushPilot 
I hear nude sky diving is a rush. Chilly perhaps. But the airflow around the private parts of both should be quite stimulating. Any qualms about flashing the world from four thousand feet?

I really loved nude SCUBA and snorkeling as well in the islands. Warm and you can use your own camera as well.

Then there's driving down the road topless while SO drives by and photos you from another car. Wind in your hair etc.

How about on a rope swing in the back yard or better still, in a public park.

Rent a trampoline and play in the back yard. It should provide some rather up and down moments for the camera and a good lesson in fluid dynamics.

I've always liked hiking in the nude. Fins a back country trail, strip down to your boots, pack, and a smile, then surprise each other around a curve in the trail with the camera.

Then, there's always nude dog sledding. A bit nippy but it puts some real erection into a ladies nipples. You'd look good in a fur hat, mittens, and boots, and little else.

More later. I'm getting excited about the possibilities for your next photo shoot just thinking about it. As always, I have a camera and would travel to take the pix. Love ya.
By #7468 at 29,May,09 06:29
Some great ideas!! Thanks as always! Please keep them coming
By BushPilot at 01,Jun,09 00:06 other posts of BushPilot 
Thinking about our conversations a long time back... How about some babe & Cars photos with your hot car friends rides. Another idea is to visit the local airport early on a Sunday morning and flash the public around and on some vintage airplanes. Always good as Ca lander shots if nothing else.
By #7468 at 01,Jun,09 06:25
I was thinking about the car shots as well...I think those might be sexy too. I will keep the plane idea in mind as well. Great ideas!!!!!! Please keep them coming.
By BushPilot at 01,Jun,09 06:38 other posts of BushPilot 
Boats are always a favorite as well.

By BushPilot at 03,Jun,09 21:58 other posts of BushPilot 
Another idea is to go on a flashing safari. Wear a trench coat and boots so you look normal then when the right location appears, open up or drop the coat and grab a couple quickie photos in a public place. By the end of the day, you should have some great shots. You might also consider using a digital video camera to catch the flashing action in motion. Love ya.
By #7703 at 04,Jun,09 06:20
This is a very hot idea, I would love to see pictures of this. A sexy woman flashing in public, now that is very hot.
By BushPilot at 04,Jun,09 15:10 other posts of BushPilot 
Now that it's posted, as I have rethought the issue, I think Hy would be a great candidate for a PhotoFlashing Safari. I for one would really enjoy the pix.
By #7468 at 04,Jun,09 21:09
Okay...what is a photo flashing safari?? I am interested...:)
By BushPilot at 04,Jun,09 21:51 other posts of BushPilot 
Just what it sounds like. Head out one morning in your trench coat and a smile. Have SO man the camera and whenever you get to a great public place where you can discretely flash the lens, grab the opportunity. If there is enough privacy, loose the trench coat all together. See how many places you can get a nude photo of your self in a days journey of public and semi public places. By the time you get home, SO and you should be hot as h... Enjoy.

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