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Ladies with hair.

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Started by #11252 at 03,Jun,09 17:54
I just love a lady with a hairy pussy,anyone else likes a hairy bush?

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By doedeldi at 28,Oct,19 12:04 other posts of doedeldi 
a bush is hot

By love-penis at 13,Oct,09 19:42 other posts of love-penis 
love hair on women & men
By Steve116969 at 28,Oct,19 00:19 other posts of Steve116969 
me to, the more the better

By #247914 at 26,Apr,13 12:58
I love a hairy pussy, the more hair the better!

By sailor at 04,Jun,09 14:43 other posts of sailor 
shaved and /or trimmed. Don't like the hair in my mouth. I think shaved looks much better. For men or women.
By #5173 at 04,Jun,09 17:34
i agree with sailor. shave or trimmed is best,but of course i luv all pussies.
By supablack at 19,Aug,09 12:08 other posts of supablack 
I do like shaved or trimmed, and don't like hair in my mouth either, i also know its alot of work to maintain a completely shaved pussy or trimmed, I trim myself, and i even offered to my wife if she needed help shaving or trimming that i would help her cause i know it takes alot,

By #30090 at 21,Jun,10 00:22
very much agreed

By #5532 at 18,Aug,09 11:43
I am not certain what is considered as being hairy. I have gotten mssgs telling me that I am so hairy, and others that tell me they like my sparse little bush. In seeing some of the other women on here (from bald as an egg to some huge muffs), guess the definition depends on the person doing the viewing.....?
By supablack at 19,Aug,09 12:11 other posts of supablack 
Luvmyclit your pussy is hairy, and i like how yours is, not to much hair, you can still see your pussy lips, and i love the way your hair is, do you do anything to your pubes?? cause there are some women on here where you cant see their lips or you cant see their lips at all but your pussy is always lovely, I wish we can see more shots of your juicy pussy your a great women
By #5532 at 19,Aug,09 12:56
I do very little, just enough so there is no hair outside of my bikini.
By #8288 at 21,Aug,09 07:05
I remember once seeing a few stray pussy hairs escaping from the bikini bottom of a good female friend when we were high school age and hanging out by a pool....that is still one of the hottest images I have in my memory. It was an unexpected "surprise".
By supablack at 03,Dec,09 11:34 other posts of supablack 
I had a friend of mine from back in the day around highschool times, that she had an orange and purple stripped bathing suit, and I remember seeing her bush thru the suit her dark pubes and a little on the side, i thought it was so hott, i would love when she would wear that suit when we would go swimming

By supablack at 04,Jun,09 11:06 other posts of supablack 
I like natural bush, i like shaved or trimmed, however more she feels comfortable, i can handle, its alright with me

By BushPilot at 03,Jun,09 23:50 other posts of BushPilot 
Absolutly. The more natural the bush the better I like it. Not that a trimmed beaver isn't attractive, I just prefer a full, untrimmed bush.

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