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cum volume

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Started by #141510 at 12,May,11 20:46
anyone know any proven methods for increasing cum volume? I'm going to start expiermenting see if any work.

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By leopoldij at 05,Jun,19 02:49 other posts of leopoldij 

By #588373 at 02,Jun,19 02:39
excercise your cock, like you know make it dance, drink plenty fluid, excercise your body, when your'e getting close stop at least a couple times wait a little while, start again, when you get to the point of no return, grip it like you would a baseball bat, tight, when you feel it cumming, bend it back some, let loose of the grip and let it fly!

By #588373 at 31,May,19 23:35
I dont know how much a man can do but there are things like celery and other foods increase volume.It also affects the color and smell. For power do sphincter excercises you know pretend youre holding back from peeing you cann feel the muscles under your cock between your nuts and anus activated. That will increase the force.
But some of it is genetic regardless of size some men dribble some will knock your eye out some come a couple spurts some hell a few its almost like theyvare pissing cum.
The thickness varies, the most I ever experienced happened to be a wht truckdriver big guy prety average cock.
But once he got erect he was anything but average. It grew and grew to 10 inches and jeez his hands and feet were big so was his wrist but his cock was fatter and veiny uc.
But the most amazing if that wasnt enough is when he came.
I am telling you, he came at least a half cup of thick rope like cum and he aquirted about 8-10 x when he was in my throat. His cock was in so tight I couldnt swallow it was running out of my nose and hecwas st i ll cumming and thrusting in my mouth- thevlastvfew shots he hit my eye, nose hair and when I turned my head my ear wss cummed it was dripping on my t-shirt and he shook what was left over lokked like snot hanging down his cock across my face
I am so glad to have experienced it Because I sure would never believed either his grower or his cum volume if I hadn't been the lucky recipient.

By #141510 at 22,May,11 02:45
had a huge load this morning after edging and taking supplement.. gonna see what happens tonite and take pics
By sethvir18 at 23,May,11 18:19 other posts of sethvir18 
Great! Waiting on those pics. I've definitely been seeing results with supplements lately. Been having sex/masturbating in the shower and having sex again in the evening almost every day and shooting a noticeably larger average load. Then when I wake up my balls have that full feeling that usually took 2 or more days. Soon we're going to stop for 3 days, do some edging, and see what happens.

By #141510 at 14,May,11 00:57
I've read that after 2 to 3 days the tanks full and your not really going build much after that
By #117461 at 14,May,11 02:41
Would you say that sexual stimulation illicits sperm generation?
By zakwild at 16,May,11 19:12 other posts of zakwild 
Afer 2-3 days, your body recycles the unused "semen". You don't cum more after 4months than after 3days. The volume depends on many other factors, like, hydration, nutriments, excitement, etc.
By #117461 at 17,May,11 03:45
That wasn't the question. In 2-3 days worth of edging, I'm wondering if there's any impact on the amount of semen generated. Yes, the older sperm may be recycled, but would sexual stimulation increase the volume of semen generated (i.e. sperm recycled + new sperm generated, assuming the guy is consuming regular amounts of nutrients)? If so, is it just because the body goes through its regular processes and uses nutrients appropriately, or does sexual stimulation have any impact on said process?
By zakwild at 17,May,11 18:31 other posts of zakwild 
Yes, sexual stimulation increases the volume. It stimulates the prostate, which produces its fluid. That's why it's usually thinner when you edge. Sexual stimulation, enough build up time (3days), nutriments, hydration and genetics are all factors that can influent the volume.

By WristThick at 17,May,11 21:36 other posts of WristThick 
That depends on how much of a "cum reservoir" you've built up. If you train your body to expect lots and LOTS of sex, then deprive yourself, then train again, then deprive again, and so on, you'll end up producing much more cum. I did this a long time ago and ever since my balls will swell up with cum if I don't release at least once every couple of days. On the third day the swelling turns into a dull pain as my balls bloat up to the size of two extra large chicken eggs. I've managed to make it up to nearly 6 days... and filled a shot glass when I finally popped off. It all depends on conditioning. Your body can do some pretty amazing things if you train it to.
By #117461 at 18,May,11 00:29
Was your ejaculate thick or thin?
By WristThick at 18,May,11 13:47 other posts of WristThick 
My cum is usually medium thick... but it was really super thick both times I unloaded in a shot glass. When I overturned the glass, it must have taken 3-5 seconds until my 12+ blasts of jizz poured out. I couldn't count how many blasts came out because I nearly passed out from the force (and pain!) of the orgasms. And my balls were still bloated up afterwards. I had to cum another couple of times until the swelling finally went down.

By zakwild at 18,May,11 22:28 other posts of zakwild 
Exactly, I forgot to mention the conditioning. If someone cums once a week over a long period of time, the he will cum very little if he cums once a day. And on the other side it someone cums 4times a day for a long period of time, the he will cum a lot if he "deprives" for one day, and even more if he waits 3 or 4 days.


- Cum 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks, to condition your body to produce a lot of sperm every day
- drink lots of water
- exercise (cardio)
- take L-arginine, lecithin, etc
- after those 2-3 weeks of conditioning, edge every day without cumming for 4 days
- continue drinking lots of water
- don't smoke, don't drink coffee nor alcohol.
- on the 4th day, edge and let go after 3 hours.

- start cleaning.
By WristThick at 18,May,11 22:36 other posts of WristThick 
^^this is sort of what I did, but my "training" was even more extreme.

By #117461 at 19,May,11 01:02
What if you edge for more than 4 days?
By zakwild at 19,May,11 16:08 other posts of zakwild 
You will drop dead on the fourth day.
By #117461 at 19,May,11 17:43
I've ended up edging for about 4.5 months now (see /thread.php?id=7790) =\
By WristThick at 19,May,11 19:27 other posts of WristThick 
That is NOT healthy! There's a reason why sperm is produced fresh every 18-24 hours. But... to each his own, of course.

I know if I don't cum for 3 days, my balls become so bloated with cum that it hurts. Holding off for 5 days is absolute torture for me. I don't know how you do it.

By SydP at 18,May,11 04:14 other posts of SydP 
Save it for a few days, and then hold off as long as you can, until you are sporting some pre-cum. Then whip out your favorite porno pix of the hottest you can find. You should blow a good sized load. Just try to relax as you orgasam and let it all flow. That's what works for me.

By #141510 at 14,May,11 04:39
maybe I should have said this before but I've had a vasectomy. Didn't change my output at all. I just am looking to optimize it. Btw. The dr. That did it said I wouldn't notice any difference in output.
By langer011 at 17,May,11 07:24 other posts of langer011 
I have the same experience, same load.

By sethvir18 at 16,May,11 17:57 other posts of sethvir18 
I've been on a gram of arginine and 25 mg of zinc for a few weeks now. I don't have enough data to know if the volume increase is from the supplements or the placebo effect of thinking about cumming more. However, my girlfriend and I are noticing an excess of especially messy cumshots lately.

By #103905 at 16,May,11 12:45
check the web. they make pills for it now.

By oldbugle at 13,May,11 07:37 other posts of oldbugle 
Make sure you are properly hydrated before ejaculation,...some people advocate use of various dietry additives such as arginine and there are commercially made tablets with these constituents which can be purchased (don't kow if thye actually work)

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