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SYD/SYC losing it's charm?

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Started by #14167 at 16,Jul,09 20:52
When I got here there were just over 2000 members; mostly 40-60 years of age. I fall into that age group and found a comfortable place to enjoy my experienced sexuality with like minded (somewhat intelligent) individuals. Now there's over 13,000 members and (it seems) an influx of 18(or less) to 25 year olds. The discussion forum is swamped with "do you like my dick?", chat room seems swamped with infantile "anonymous" babble. Anyone else as fed up as the Maints?

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New Comment

By #556372 at 01,Jul,18 19:09
I'm not fed up, I find it funny. Truthfully I'm here for the pics,

By Pauli at 17,Jul,09 05:54 other posts of Pauli 
I agree - qantity has gone up and quality of both pictures and motives has gone down dramatically!

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