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HELEN REDDY and JOHNNY NASH R.I.P. 07,Oct,20 02:39
DANE DIANA RIGG, R.I.P. 11,Sep,20 03:48
OLIVIA de HAVILLAND, R.I.P. 29,Jul,20 02:19
DAME VERA LYNN, R.I.P. 19,Jun,20 03:20
VE DAY - 75th ANNIVERSARY 08,May,20 02:45
DAME VERA LYNN, 103 AND NOT OUT! 22,Mar,20 05:39
KIRK DOUGLAS, R.I.P. 05,Feb,20 22:48
WORLD WAR TWO - 80 YEARS 03,Sep,19 04:38
TRIBUTE TO DORIS DAY 01,Jun,19 01:46
ANDRE PREVIN, R.I.P. 01,Mar,19 07:30
KAREN CARPENTER, 36 YEARS 05,Feb,19 04:01
BUDDY HOLLY, 60 YEARS 03,Feb,19 03:43
LOGGING ON 02,Feb,19 06:22


By routemaster at 12,Oct,20 02:16
Did you hear about the cat that caught coronavirus?
Don't ask me 'ow.

* * * *

A fairground worker recently got the sack. He is suing his bosses for funfair dismissal.

* * * *

By routemaster at 12,Oct,20 02:15
Boris Johnson

By routemaster at 11,Sep,20 03:49
VERY sorry, that should be DAME Diana Rigg, of course. Apologies to Dame Diana for the typing error.

By routemaster at 28,Aug,20 07:12

By routemaster at 26,Jul,20 00:30
Standing or lying down, I like both ways!

By routemaster at 20,Jul,20 03:53

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By routemaster at 18,Jul,20 04:10
It certainly is

By routemaster at 17,Jul,20 20:51
Personal hygiene is VERY important to me so I shower every day. What other people do is up to them.

By routemaster at 16,Jul,20 03:06
I pull my foreskin back to clean every day when I'm in the shower but I don't usually pull it back to pee.
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Thanks too for your great compliments, tb my friend, TRULY appreciated

By routemaster at 15,Jul,20 03:02
Thank you

By routemaster at 13,Jul,20 02:18

By routemaster at 01,Jul,20 23:50
I LOVE being NUDE, never wear clothes at home unless non-nudist friends visit and was a member of a nudist club for many years until the owner died and it got taken over and went downhill.

By routemaster at 30,Jun,20 22:39

By routemaster at 09,Jun,20 01:01

By routemaster at 07,Jun,20 03:49
Hello tb

By routemaster at 25,May,20 03:08

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By routemaster at 13,Apr,20 05:08
Yes, it is very very sad news, I was a fan of The Goodies and he will be very much missed. Tim also appeared on panel games like the BBC's radio show "Just a minute" where they have to speak on a given subject for a minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation and other star contestants buzz in if they veer from those rules. After The Goodies finished, Bill Oddie became an ornithologist and Graeme Garden went back to his medical career. Another "celebrity" who passed away recently from this terrible virus was the comedian Eddie Large who was one half of a comedy duo named Little & Large, the other guy being Syd Little (both stage names of course). Eddie was in hospital with a heart condition and caught the virus while he was in there, such a shame. And as of last night, the death toll in the UK had risen to just over 10,600, its staggering, like something out of an H.G. Wells novel and doctors and nurses have been among the victims. To all frontline staff across the world, doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc, I salute you.

By routemaster at 13,Apr,20 05:01
Peter North in his gay days as Matt Ramsey and too many other gay porn stars to mention

By routemaster at 08,Apr,20 01:56
Many thanks, my friend

By routemaster at 07,Apr,20 23:06

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By routemaster at 07,Apr,20 23:02

By routemaster at 07,Apr,20 22:54
I sleep naked every night and live a nudist lifestyle during the day too

By routemaster at 02,Apr,20 22:04
In a word: gay!

By routemaster at 02,Apr,20 21:36

By routemaster at 02,Apr,20 21:31
For someone who loves going out every day like me, this enforced stopping home apart from shopping and exercise is purgatory but we can't complain, its an unfortunate necessity right now. With the death toll around the world rising daily, I don't understand these people who think they can flout the rules and go off to the seaside, thinking its a holiday. We all dislike stopping home but we have to and those who don't haven't got the brains they were born with. I've read more books than I've ever done and am rapidly becoming a couch potato watching t.v. as well as watching porn on the internet too, of course. I'm missing meeting up with all my friends but we phone each other several times a day to keep in touch, thank goodness this isn't the Middle Ages when phones and emails never existed, we'd all be totally cut off. A friend of mine made me a mask for my shopping trips, I feel like Jesse James off to rob a bank as I mosey on down to the supermarket! At least I've still got my sense of humour but my heart bleeds for all those who have passed away and I have nothing but admiration for the doctors and nurses who are looking after people when they haven't got enough of the necessary equipment to make sure they stay well themselves. I hope you all remain healthy and take care, RM xxxxx

By routemaster at 22,Mar,20 05:41
Yes indeed, on Radio London last night they played "Lucille" as a tribute. Dolly Parton is said to be heartbroken.

By routemaster at 21,Mar,20 23:06
Sad news indeed

By routemaster at 12,Mar,20 22:35

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By routemaster at 28,Feb,20 23:01

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By routemaster at 06,Dec,19 21:07
A bimbo was on a coach tour of Scotland and just north of Edinburgh, the courier pointed out the world-famous Forth Bridge.
"Very nice," said the bimbo, "but where's the First, Second and Third?"


Father Christmas climbed out the chimney and saw two gay men in the nude having sex. One was bent over while the other was holding on to the first guy's ass, steadying him into position.
Seeing this, Father Christmas exclaimed: "Ha! Bum Hug."


By routemaster at 23,Nov,19 02:31
Thank you, my friend, it was only a cold, nothing serious.

By routemaster at 09,Nov,19 23:33

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By routemaster at 23,Oct,19 01:50
Good morning to you too, tb

By routemaster at 23,Oct,19 01:49
I did and I hope you did too, my friend

By routemaster at 08,Oct,19 02:12
And it feels great too, even better when in my mouth!

By routemaster at 06,Oct,19 01:51

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By routemaster at 04,Sep,19 05:48
This was meant to be a serious topic

By routemaster at 02,Sep,19 00:41
Thank you, that is very nice to know

By routemaster at 31,Aug,19 20:32

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By routemaster at 23,Aug,19 02:26

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I LOVE my uncut dick, I wouldn't feel complete without it
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I meant without my foreskin, of course, doh!

By routemaster at 23,Aug,19 02:11
Many thanks, both of you