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Lake Jackson TX 06,Jun,14 10:16
please show me your pregant belly 31,Mar,14 07:34
Houston Tx area 16,Mar,14 16:59


By Texas979 at 03,Dec,15 07:13
Houston area here...

By Texas979 at 08,Nov,15 09:46
Hell yeah, I would love love LOVE to suck on that

By Texas979 at 04,Nov,15 13:41
Love love love to lick and suck pussy.... Love it

By Texas979 at 04,Nov,15 13:40
Love me a black pussy... Never had one bit its on the list...

By Texas979 at 04,Nov,15 13:38
Check mine out, let me know what you think

By Texas979 at 07,Oct,15 15:09
I would buy a house on a remote lake and drive a 4 door Chevy 4x4

By Texas979 at 12,Aug,15 11:47
I find a pregnant woman so sexy....

By Texas979 at 12,Aug,15 11:42
My wife has used a small vibrator on me, but I haven't talked her into putting on the strap on with the Big 9 inch cock and fucking me hard as of yet...

By Texas979 at 09,Jul,15 08:34
I don't know how to get mine here, bit please go to my page and watch mine, let me know what you think

By Texas979 at 10,Mar,15 13:36
South of Houston TX

By Texas979 at 08,Jan,15 13:24
I would say mine is in the medium range. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think

By Texas979 at 24,Nov,14 14:36
Nice... Lucky lucky

By Texas979 at 21,Nov,14 09:57
I have always wanted to have sex with a black woman, never had the opportunity maybe I will get Lucky one day

By Texas979 at 18,Nov,14 12:49
I think I am average (medium)... It is about 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 hard

By Texas979 at 17,Nov,14 08:52
Your at the TOP, that's for sure!!! 9.5

By Texas979 at 17,Nov,14 08:29
I would love to have a talk with you. Message me and let's talk

By Texas979 at 05,Nov,14 16:03
Take it all!!!! Work it up and down until it explodes

By Texas979 at 03,Nov,14 10:30
I read your post and did the same thing this weekend

By Texas979 at 03,Nov,14 10:29
I'm a taker!!!!

By Texas979 at 03,Nov,14 10:27
Beautiful beautiful lady, that is for sure!!!!

By Texas979 at 31,Oct,14 13:33
Yes yea yes!!!! You are primed and ready to go

By Texas979 at 31,Oct,14 13:32
For sure!!!! The question is would you fuck my cock

By Texas979 at 21,Oct,14 16:04
I like the fat pussy of #1 love the look and fat Ass of #3, and like how #2 pulls it open for all to see #3 is my choice...

By Texas979 at 17,Oct,14 10:08
I have been thinking about getting it done, how long do you have to wait afterwards

By Texas979 at 14,Oct,14 15:52
Count me in!!!

By Texas979 at 14,Oct,14 15:52
Must be nice, I am lucky to get my cock sucked once a month or two

By Texas979 at 10,Oct,14 09:59
My wife just last night Fucked me with her dilldo... It was amazing, I shot so hard and far. I got the headboard

By Texas979 at 09,Oct,14 08:47
Never been with an older woman, bit I have always wanted to. I am now 37. If there are any older woman around the Houston Texas area please please feel free to contact me

By Texas979 at 08,Sep,14 08:46
I would be down for that, sounds fun

By Texas979 at 03,Sep,14 08:27
Get naked every chance I get

By Texas979 at 27,Aug,14 08:24
I would suck and lick it before I fuck it

By Texas979 at 21,Aug,14 11:33
I love the look, smell, taste of a good pussy... I love to taste a woman cum

By Texas979 at 21,Aug,14 09:31
I want in on some of this!!!!

By Texas979 at 20,Aug,14 16:41
I am here to fulfill your fantasy!!!

By Texas979 at 20,Aug,14 13:12
I would love for my cock to be tributed!!!

By Texas979 at 20,Aug,14 09:16
Not BIG but would love to get it in

By Texas979 at 18,Aug,14 10:19
I would, I would, I would

By Texas979 at 14,Aug,14 12:10

By Texas979 at 14,Aug,14 12:08

By Texas979 at 13,Aug,14 08:52
I have a short video, come check it out please and let me know what you think

By Texas979 at 12,Aug,14 16:09
Take a look at mine and let me know...

By Texas979 at 07,Aug,14 15:55
I totally agree... A beautiful pussy and I could eat it for hours and then fuck it!!!!

By Texas979 at 06,Aug,14 08:45
Small to average... I have always wanted a little more

By Texas979 at 06,Aug,14 08:42
Wish I was in the Chicago area....

By Texas979 at 30,Jul,14 15:18
I only have one cum pic, not the best will work on some more soon

By Texas979 at 29,Jul,14 13:33
I think your pussy looks great I would definitely love to taste and feel it around my cock

By Texas979 at 29,Jul,14 12:25
Very inviting indeed

By Texas979 at 24,Jul,14 10:42
looks good to me... I guess it just a personal preference... I would love to see it spread open

By Texas979 at 24,Jul,14 09:35
I think a pussy is a pussy, they should be glade your giving it to them... If they don't like it get it somewhere else

By Texas979 at 22,Jul,14 10:03
I think pregnant woman are sexy sexy sexy, HELL YEAH!!!!