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Where do you live

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Started by hornyolder at 22,Jun,11 09:32  other posts of hornyolder
A lot more guys would be swallowing a lot more sperm if you all put the state you live in in your post.

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New Comment

By jakass at 31,Dec,18 23:44 other posts of jakass 
Mauritius Island

By Scorpio69 at 30,Dec,18 04:54 other posts of Scorpio69 
I hate to be Captain obvious, but... Unno... Reading, is fundamental!! Each and EVERY member has the option of posting the city an state from which they hail on THEIR PROFILE PAGE!! Along with other pertinent information. I understand only about 50% realize this. But to the other 50%... MY ORIENTATION, CITY, STATE, AGE, & other GOOD shit is right there at the top of my profile page. READ GOTDAMNIT!! PHEW! I feel better now.

By Stepheni57 at 27,Dec,18 00:00 other posts of Stepheni57 
Vallejo California if you're close, lets play.

By Allalexallday at 26,Dec,18 23:08 other posts of Allalexallday 
Orange county CA

By discount at 20,Dec,18 17:11 other posts of discount 
Lancaster, PA

By biplym at 20,Dec,18 17:09 other posts of biplym 
Plymouth, devon, UK

By TS_Melinda at 20,Dec,18 15:21 other posts of TS_Melinda 
Las Vegas, NV and Shreveport, La. I alternate between the two every couple years..
I do visit St Petersburg, Ru. sometimes to to visit family.

By knewbi at 20,Dec,18 13:27 other posts of knewbi 
Inland Empire of So Cal.

By Rob00 at 10,Feb,18 17:31 other posts of Rob00 
The beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales Australia

By young_dude at 10,Feb,18 16:46 other posts of young_dude 

By Mazinga at 08,Feb,18 17:29 other posts of Mazinga 
(Downtown) Cohoes, NY... seven miles north of Albany,
and across the Hudson River from Troy NY.
Surrounded by Waterford, Troy, Albany, Latham, just to
give an idea where I am.
Wish I could meet up with any mature older papas
from my neighborhood, even a few blocks away,
on here at SYD.
By #549651 at 09,Feb,18 21:38
Ah! I'm from Gloversville, Heard of it? About an hour northwest of Albany, exit 27 off of 90 at Amsterdam.
By Mazinga at 10,Feb,18 13:11 other posts of Mazinga 
Heard of Gloversville, but never been there.
I don't drive though.
By #549651 at 10,Feb,18 15:57
Don't worry. You're not missing much. I don't drive much myself.

By #549651 at 09,Feb,18 21:39
Largo, FL, just south of Tampa.

By lawrenceo at 14,Jan,18 04:30 other posts of lawrenceo 
About 5% in UK then

By BOSWild29 at 11,Jan,18 13:13 other posts of BOSWild29 
Boston, MA

By dura2000 at 15,Oct,17 17:57 other posts of dura2000 
NSW Australia.

By ghostfuck at 09,Oct,17 00:45 other posts of ghostfuck 
I moved from So Cal to Austin Tx.

By david6799 at 09,Oct,17 00:37 other posts of david6799 
Ridgecrest, California

By #536760 at 29,Sep,17 22:45
In leopold,s basement
By leopoldij at 30,Sep,17 19:26 other posts of leopoldij 
By #536760 at 01,Oct,17 03:23
Didn't you wonder who keeps turning of the water? Come look, I made you a lamp out of foreskins.
By leopoldij at 01,Oct,17 05:40 other posts of leopoldij 
you're fired

By gypsy at 30,Sep,17 21:40 other posts of gypsy 
texas dallas

By MrBone at 29,Sep,17 23:08 other posts of MrBone 

By CharlieB at 29,Sep,17 10:16 other posts of CharlieB 
Los Angeles, California!

By leopoldij at 27,Sep,17 13:45 other posts of leopoldij 
I just moved. Next door.
By #536760 at 27,Sep,17 16:58
Your diary says I have boundary issues. WTF?
By leopoldij at 27,Sep,17 18:56 other posts of leopoldij 
I've no idea what you're saying.
By #536760 at 27,Sep,17 19:49
Which bit?
--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours

You-(I live here)
Me-(Thats who keeps leaving the milk out.)
I mean-I live here too.
You-(I just moved. Next door.)
Me-(Your diary says I have boundary issues. WTF?)
I mean - I,m storking you and going through your diary.
WTF = What The Fuck. are you doing righting shit like that. (It,s very hertfull)You should Know better. You can apolagise any time your ready.
By leopoldij at 28,Sep,17 08:26 other posts of leopoldij 
Apologize for what? For not understanding?
There are still problems with your expressions:
1) "Your diary says I have boundary issues". I never spoke about any diary, you draw ad hoc conclusions.
2) "storking": I know what a stork is (a bird), but I'm not aware of the verb form "storking".
By #536760 at 28,Sep,17 15:04
Can someone please explain for me ? I don't know how.
By leopoldij at 28,Sep,17 16:26 other posts of leopoldij 
Alright mate, just tell me what "storking" is. Honestly, I don't know this word. I looked it up, it doesn't exist.
By #536760 at 28,Sep,17 19:04
Like hunting. I followed you when you moved next door, snuck in and read your diary. Just my stupid humour.
By leopoldij at 29,Sep,17 08:09 other posts of leopoldij 
Ok. WhAtever. I just don't understand some of the words you use.

By Pantyhose1 at 28,Sep,17 10:10 other posts of Pantyhose1 

By #538924 at 30,Jul,17 23:32
Florida Miami
By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Aug,17 12:07 other posts of Wannasuck1sobad 
Naughtyjay69 you have a very nice big cock
By #538924 at 28,Sep,17 10:00
thank you i would love to play with you guys

By Joshy8472 at 27,Sep,17 17:21 other posts of Joshy8472 
South Cheshire, England

By #542291 at 27,Sep,17 11:05
Tennessee, Center Grove

By Rob00 at 27,Sep,17 00:30 other posts of Rob00 
Southern Highlands. New South Wales. Australia

By Sergius at 26,Sep,17 23:54 other posts of Sergius 
Quebec Canada in summer and Florida in winter.

By leopoldij at 26,Sep,17 18:08 other posts of leopoldij 
I live here.
By #536760 at 26,Sep,17 19:02
So that's who keeps leaving the milk out..

By t-rex at 09,Aug,17 01:42 other posts of t-rex 
By 3fdfd at 15,Sep,17 12:34 other posts of 3fdfd 
There is a lot of great cock in Pennsylvania !

By #539811 at 15,Sep,17 12:33
Cleveland, Ohio

By #541581 at 14,Sep,17 07:22

By leopoldij at 16,Aug,17 16:23 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't live far from here. You can reach me on foot.

By yellowman at 16,Aug,17 06:21 other posts of yellowman 
Norwich, U.K.

By leopoldij at 07,Aug,17 02:40 other posts of leopoldij 
At home.
By sinanff47 at 07,Aug,17 15:04 other posts of sinanff47 
Yes, but in what 'state'? Excited? Disappointed? Ever-ready? Open ... ?
By leopoldij at 07,Aug,17 19:03 other posts of leopoldij 
I actually didn't read the content of the posting, just the title. I was responding to the tittle.
By sinanff47 at 07,Aug,17 22:38 other posts of sinanff47 
That's your province, apparently.

By #531333 at 07,Aug,17 02:17

By #505990 at 05,Aug,17 12:14
Panama City beach Fl

By cumonme1 at 05,Aug,17 07:03 other posts of cumonme1 
New Kent county Virginia and

By andrew999999999 at 02,Aug,17 16:18 other posts of andrew999999999 
Manchester, England.

By hotstuff200 at 01,Sep,13 03:33 other posts of hotstuff200 
calgary alberta
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:51 other posts of 3fdfd 
uncut Canadian cock is always a treat

By Watchin_boners at 02,Aug,17 14:54 other posts of Watchin_boners 
Near drumheller Alberta!

By Watchin_boners at 02,Aug,17 14:53 other posts of Watchin_boners 
Alberta Canada!

By _avg_ at 13,Jul,16 16:53 other posts of _avg_ 
On a pale blue dot, suspended on a sunbeam, amidst an unyielding vastness of nothing; an unassuming mote of debris in a cosmic whirlwind, circling a ravenous maw of annihilation, betrothed to oblivion; where temporary kings are momentary masters of a fraction of a speck of dust. Or perhaps in my mind, alone.

(with many apologies to Carl Sagan)
By #536760 at 31,Jul,17 00:55
Hey I'm just near there.
By _avg_ at 01,Aug,17 01:55 other posts of _avg_ 
Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. (~Steven Wright)

By #509942 at 30,Jul,17 23:39
Suburbs of Chicago

By submissivemartyn at 30,Jul,17 22:45 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Liverpool U.K.

By kroniksin at 14,Aug,15 22:35 other posts of kroniksin 
Columbus Ohio! Message me if your close!
By Wannasuck1sobad at 30,Jul,17 22:18 other posts of Wannasuck1sobad 
You're only about 3 hours away

By rchrd at 30,Jul,17 15:35 other posts of rchrd 
east coast US, west palm beach FL

By Leo037 at 30,Jul,17 07:07 other posts of Leo037 
Potters Bar. UK.

By jakass at 09,Jul,17 02:14 other posts of jakass 

By #147052 at 14,Aug,15 10:30
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:32 other posts of 3fdfd 
I guess I like Montana cock
By #147052 at 07,Jul,17 12:17
So do I! Montana has some nice ones!

By Sal5408 at 07,Jul,17 12:02 other posts of Sal5408 
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

By RealTitsLover at 05,Jul,17 12:30 other posts of RealTitsLover 
How many sperm do you need to swallow, anyway? I've only swallowed my own semen, but I'm pretty sure there's thousands of sperm each time.

I'd mention where I am, but it doesn't even look like any girls are checking this thread.

By #537100 at 03,Jul,17 08:08
Fredricksburg, va

By Rob00 at 08,Aug,16 06:25 other posts of Rob00 
Southern Highlands NSW Australia

By leopoldij at 08,Aug,16 05:12 other posts of leopoldij 
As long as they live in the US. Mind you there are many people here that don't.

By Arlo at 07,Aug,16 17:03 other posts of Arlo 
St. Paul. Check me out if you live nearby.

By #441492 at 12,Aug,15 12:41
Saint paul, minnesota
By Arlo at 07,Aug,16 17:01 other posts of Arlo 
let's meet

By #510023 at 07,Aug,16 11:31
new york

By #506113 at 07,Aug,16 10:51
Ashford UK

By stlman4all at 07,Aug,16 10:47 other posts of stlman4all 
St,Louis Missouri

By Loverke at 07,Aug,16 05:54 other posts of Loverke 

By Dalecash at 07,Aug,16 03:21 other posts of Dalecash 
Melbourne, Australia

By #516639 at 06,Aug,16 06:39
West Virginia

By #479926 at 19,Jul,16 19:28
Llandudno UK 😜

By licksipsuckit at 19,Jul,16 04:47 other posts of licksipsuckit 
with my mum lol. *lix*
By leopoldij at 19,Jul,16 08:26 other posts of leopoldij 
you need to grow up. find yourself a man to show you how to have sex. move away from your mum.

By #417547 at 09,Sep,13 20:49
North east Wisconsin
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:48 other posts of 3fdfd 
Wisconsin seems to have some nice cock
By slickd at 17,Jul,16 06:39 other posts of slickd 
Message me if you wish im just over the border of northern wisconsin

By #515962 at 14,Jul,16 23:29
Virginia USA

By littlebob at 14,Jul,16 12:21 other posts of littlebob 
Newcastle uk

By lildic69 at 13,Jul,16 15:08 other posts of lildic69 

By #509942 at 13,Jul,16 00:53
Western suburbs of Chicago Naperville

By stlman4all at 11,Jul,16 18:32 other posts of stlman4all 
i live in the St. Louis Mo area

By harden90 at 01,Dec,13 19:56 other posts of harden90 
Southeast michigan
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:41 other posts of 3fdfd 
Michigan cock always seems to be nice - usually rather large, too

By #428945 at 21,Jan,14 03:33
I live in New Mexico
By firefox553 at 10,Jun,14 22:31 other posts of firefox553 
I am also in New Mexico what part
By banshee728 at 11,Jan,15 13:54 other posts of banshee728 
I live in New Mexico too!
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
New Mexico sure has some nice looking cock

By ready4u at 13,Jan,15 06:57 other posts of ready4u 
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:36 other posts of 3fdfd 
nice hairy dicks in Pittsburgh, if you are a good sample of area cocks

By JeffinKS at 13,Jan,15 07:44 other posts of JeffinKS 
I am in south central Kansas.... land of wheat and corn...
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:35 other posts of 3fdfd 
land of wheat and corn and DICK !

By Yimmy at 14,Aug,15 19:57 other posts of Yimmy 
Southwest Ohio
By 3fdfd at 10,Jul,16 09:31 other posts of 3fdfd 
Looks like some nice cock is to be found in Ohio.

By leopoldij at 25,Sep,15 08:28 other posts of leopoldij 
I live at my home at the moment.

By ChocolateDevine at 14,Aug,15 10:33 other posts of ChocolateDevine 

By banshee728 at 12,Aug,15 16:39 other posts of banshee728 
Aztec New Mexico
By 3fdfd at 14,Aug,15 10:16 other posts of 3fdfd 
New Mexico has some pretty nice cock

By sexyjar at 12,Aug,15 17:20 other posts of sexyjar 
Newfoundland, Canada. Anyone else from these parts?? Message me.
By 3fdfd at 14,Aug,15 10:10 other posts of 3fdfd 
If you're any sample, they must have lots of great cock up in Newfoundland

By #483131 at 10,Mar,15 02:38
By Arexa at 10,Mar,15 02:43 other posts of Arexa 
only registered users can see external links
By leopoldij at 14,Aug,15 06:19 other posts of leopoldij 

By leopoldij at 14,Aug,15 06:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Do you *presume* that everyone lives in the US? There are countries outside it, you know, and countries that may not be organized in states.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours


By Greenman1968 at 13,Aug,15 23:12 other posts of Greenman1968 
Posting at least the state you live in on your profile would make it easier to find people near you.

By #374353 at 05,Aug,14 15:28
Eastern Washington state
By toondick at 12,Aug,15 23:16 other posts of toondick 
if your ever in yakima county. message me

By bicincymwm at 19,Jul,15 14:09 other posts of bicincymwm 
I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Feel free to send me a private message if your close.

By craig102 at 19,Jul,15 06:36 other posts of craig102 
Staffs uk

By liketoedge at 18,Jul,15 21:52 other posts of liketoedge 
Hollister. Ca

By suprpumpr at 18,Jul,15 19:30 other posts of suprpumpr 
Phx, AZ

By thebadguy at 10,Mar,15 13:46 other posts of thebadguy 
North Carolina

By Texas979 at 10,Mar,15 13:36 other posts of Texas979 
South of Houston TX

By midnightrambler at 10,Mar,15 02:43 other posts of midnightrambler 
Sacramento, CA.

By Valleydude at 10,Mar,15 02:15 other posts of Valleydude 
L.A. area, San Fernando Valley

By niceonebighead at 07,Mar,15 12:01 other posts of niceonebighead 
san juan tx till mid apr2015 like 2 suck6 in n uporswap bjs im7.5x5.5 uncut cplsluv 2 eatpussy

By jakass at 19,Jan,15 23:02 other posts of jakass 
In Mauritius Island

By #422652 at 19,Jan,15 03:15
California hit me up!

By #476849 at 18,Jan,15 11:09
hi pittsburgh here

By #481294 at 13,Jan,15 05:02
Cali people let's meet up
By liketoedge at 17,Jan,15 13:59 other posts of liketoedge 
Where in cali are you?

By #207263 at 17,Jan,14 07:24
By #291136 at 17,Jan,14 17:39
Is that where they make Tampons?
By Avillager at 14,Jan,15 13:17 other posts of Avillager 
It is actually calledTampAX, but they shorten it for appearances sake. LOL

By shackles at 14,Jan,15 08:58 other posts of shackles 
NW PA in the damn snow belt!

By tallon77 at 13,Jan,15 10:31 other posts of tallon77 
Northwest corner of Oregon

By cazzoduro69 at 12,Jan,15 15:09 other posts of cazzoduro69 
Europe...Italy.... Rome

By staudacher at 11,Jan,15 15:44 other posts of staudacher 

By olddog at 11,Jan,15 13:29 other posts of olddog 

By Bullsack at 11,Jan,15 12:37 other posts of Bullsack 
Northern Ohio

By bipolycouple at 10,Aug,14 14:37 other posts of bipolycouple 
Rock Hill, South Carolina

By liketoedge at 05,Aug,14 15:20 other posts of liketoedge 
Im amazed that there are not more people from california

By uturn67 at 01,Aug,14 13:03 other posts of uturn67 
northeast ct.

By aoneeyedmonster at 30,Jul,14 14:06 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
SW Florida

By #400852 at 12,Jun,14 05:49
North Carolina,looking to play

By #463249 at 09,Jun,14 04:00
State??? Contrary to what you believe, America is not the only country on the planet!
By #460403 at 09,Jun,14 04:04
Thank you!
By sinanff47 at 09,Jun,14 04:14 other posts of sinanff47 
Aber Sie haben auch Staten da.
By #460403 at 09,Jun,14 04:23
Wissen Sie, er meint Deutschland hier nicht sondern Amerika!
By sinanff47 at 10,Jun,14 00:26 other posts of sinanff47 
Nein, naturlich, die amerikanishers kennen keine andere ländern.
By #460403 at 10,Jun,14 14:45
Ich hoffe niemand sie übersetzt
By sinanff47 at 10,Jun,14 23:35 other posts of sinanff47 
Vielleicht nur 'JohnS' ...

By ErnieRoss at 09,Jun,14 15:25 other posts of ErnieRoss 
I live in Secane Pa. Not much going on around here

By Liketosee at 21,Jan,14 06:14 other posts of Liketosee 

By #447569 at 17,Jan,14 00:43
Kamloops BC and looking for cut cocks to suck. Bring friends as I have always wanted to try a bunch at the same time.

By Rayb1054 at 21,Dec,13 09:57 other posts of Rayb1054 
buffalo ny

By meatplunger at 01,Dec,13 20:34 other posts of meatplunger 
at home

By iwanttobenaked at 01,Dec,13 15:00 other posts of iwanttobenaked 
Princeton,indiana here,,,

By BorisTopo at 01,Dec,13 09:59 other posts of BorisTopo 
from Venezuela here!

By northaz at 30,Nov,13 05:24 other posts of northaz 
San Antonio Tx

By #392751 at 28,Nov,13 21:03
San Diego , message me if you are also in SD! Want to meet a friend in San Diego who can show me how to suck a big dick!

By curiousguy760 at 28,Nov,13 11:55 other posts of curiousguy760 
*******Southern California VICTORVILLE! Anyone else?!******

By Athickstumpyone at 27,Nov,13 06:28 other posts of Athickstumpyone 
new romney in england

By Jimmiesdick at 26,Nov,13 13:52 other posts of Jimmiesdick 
Augusta GA

By #381838 at 26,Nov,13 13:51

By #316057 at 22,Nov,13 01:49

By #441492 at 21,Nov,13 20:22
saint paul, minnesota

By #401572 at 08,Oct,13 07:41

By #147052 at 07,Oct,13 10:36
From what I see here from Montana, I feel like I live on Mars.

By Rocksalt at 06,Oct,13 03:02 other posts of Rocksalt 

By tallon77 at 05,Oct,13 13:22 other posts of tallon77 
North Oregon on the Coast

By _avg_ at 05,Oct,13 12:40 other posts of _avg_ 
Planet Earth, most of the time

By billnj4u at 30,Sep,13 15:59 other posts of billnj4u 
Clifton, New Jersey. Senior up for most.

By bella! at 12,Sep,13 18:39 other posts of bella! 
Sometimes I feel like I live in my car. My commute to and from work adds an additional 3 hours ( at the very least ) to my day......

By #124819 at 12,Sep,13 18:30
Destin FL here...very bi curious and love pussy!!

By Peeweebeefed at 10,Sep,13 14:28 other posts of Peeweebeefed 
Northwest Florida

By jacknoff1962 at 10,Sep,13 02:25 other posts of jacknoff1962 
Fremont California

By CreativeOne at 30,Aug,13 18:31 other posts of CreativeOne 
New York (upstate - out in the country)
By 3fdfd at 06,Sep,13 14:44 other posts of 3fdfd 
I can tell that there's some pretty damn good dick in New York (especially Upstate - out in the country).

By JeffinKS at 08,Sep,13 17:33 other posts of JeffinKS 
nice pics.... I used to live in Upstate New York as well
By CreativeOne at 09,Sep,13 11:12 other posts of CreativeOne 
Sweet ! So nice to know "Lonewolf ICT" !

By #416569 at 08,Sep,13 17:29
Reading or newbury I want to suck a cock a I like all that Spunk or just a good wank if anyone around for one

By #408905 at 06,Sep,13 18:27
San diego , CA
--------------------------------------- added after 33 seconds

By *kmadeau* at 07,Sep,13 11:25 other posts of *kmadeau* 
I have to take a first plan to...

By #21095 at 07,Sep,13 11:17

By #315268 at 06,Sep,13 14:20
Anyone in Seattle beginning of next week that might want to meet up???

By #147052 at 04,Sep,13 10:11
Montana and it is very scarce here

By Olddude at 04,Sep,13 03:38 other posts of Olddude 
West Virgina

By mickey192 at 02,Sep,13 16:45 other posts of mickey192 
I am in shirley Birmingham uk

By #393930 at 29,Aug,13 04:41
By CreativeOne at 30,Aug,13 18:36 other posts of CreativeOne 
I love the "Big Apple" ! I used to go there every weekend for 3 years ! Hopefully you got to go up in the twin towers ... I was up a few times and the last time I went was about a year before they fell !!!

By *kmadeau* at 30,Aug,13 18:01 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By dalsto675 at 30,Aug,13 17:18 other posts of dalsto675 
Pa. cum get some dick

By malecall4 at 29,Aug,13 05:00 other posts of malecall4 
U.S.A West Coast

By suprpumpr at 27,Aug,13 20:41 other posts of suprpumpr 
Arizona Here

By #315268 at 27,Aug,13 14:08
Alaska but will be visiting Seattle in a couple weeks if there is anyone down there that might want to meet up???

By boy at 22,Jun,11 17:19 other posts of boy 
That's what your profile can be used for. And, by the way, horny older, you can even upload pics here,

By oldbugle at 22,Jun,11 11:27 other posts of oldbugle 
True,...but then quite a lot of us here don't live in a "state", apart from a state of horniness that is,...... nor do we want to swallow sperm or have our own swallowed by other guys.......

........Just bear in mind that this site is for ALL persuasions

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